Muslims don’t have any monopoly over terrorism. The Western media needs to get its facts right

The term ‘terrorism’ has overly been debated to underline the significance of its threat worldwide. Terrorism came into focus of the world after the incident of 9/11 in the United States. It has surged to a matter of grave concern. According to the Oxford dictionary, the term is defined as the use of violence for political aims, or to force a government to act, especially because of the fear it causes among the people. Unfortunately, the international media portrays that the act of terrorism emerges from the Muslim world due to its Islamic belief of sacred ‘Jihad’, which has spread like wildfire. It has miserably failed in differentiating between Jihad and the menace of terrorism. This is despite the fact that there have been several commentaries written by renowned Muslim authors as rebuttal, with a view to segregating the concepts. Hence, the partiality of the international media by the western propaganda against Muslims has great been exposed worldwide.

What is saddening is that whenever a newspaper carries the headline of terrorist attacks anywhere, the brainwave of the world immediately takes the lead to the Muslim miscreants based in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Pakistan, even before peeking into the indigenous people of the site of attack. Undoubtedly, Muslims are irresponsibly predicted to be the mastermind of all attacks. While on the other hand, whenever any terrorist attack occurs in a western society, not orchestrated by Muslims, the international media shrouds it by using the violence or shooting euphemism for terrorist attack. So much so, a psychological ailment is readily diagnosed as a driving factor in the prediction of the culprits or perpetrators. Is it not enough proof of the irresponsible use of the term to concoct the nature of culprits terrorizing the reader or audience by the electronic media? It is evidently.

Media is the great power of the 21st century. Freedom of expression has become the need of the hour even in the communist world. The world seems restive to know about the ongoing situation of every hemisphere of the world in every passing moment. The rise of digitization has contributed to the essence in the demand of media. Even without media, any gadget loses its purpose of glorification and utility.

Media is the tool embraced by the west considerably to propagate ‘Islamophobia’ across the globe. Attributing the worst attacks to Muslims has watered the seeds of abomination against Muslims. The snooze is gradually shrinking for Muslims to lead a blissful life in accordance with Islamic injunctions, especially in the west. To allude, Muslims are being given suspicious jaundiced stares at length in France, Germany, U.S, U.K and other countries. Thus, every militant attack anywhere generates itself a fear of discrimination or reaction in the heart of Muslims living outside their states causing fatigue, distress and paranoia. This displays that the unfortunate time has come when a man fears his fellow beings on the basis of religious, sectarian, communal, ethnic, lingual, and tribal dichotomy.

Terrorism no longer remains an issue of the Muslim world alone, but has impacted the world all around. It is due to the fact that a unanimous consensus on the definition of terrorism has yet to be achieved. The international newspapers do not take adequate time to investigate in the wake of militant attacks in the Muslim countries or elsewhere, while they start hurling blames on all Muslims to be responsible for heinous deeds, despite the fact that the Muslims have lost thousands of lives in the unabated militant attacks. This shows that a sound of cracker claiming no lives but a swirling smoke is considered by them a militant attack carried out by Muslims in a row.

Terrorism seems to persist as an existential threat following phony democratic norms, social injustices, economic recession, religious insinuation, the scourge of drone predators, invasions, foreign interventions, unprovoked border shelling corrupting the sanctity of religion, westernization through corporate culture and so on.

One cannot ignore the fact that a retaliatory phenomenon of psychological disorder comes about after a Muslim family loses the life of breadwinner, house-keeper (wife), and children particularly in the wake of drone attacks or aerial strikes. This is all happening in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Libya on the pretext of combating terrorist bands. This emotional disconnect calls for clamour and also it generates the sense of reprisal which cannot be deniable in terms of facile tendency of human nature.

The US has led a decade long ‘war on terror’ in Afghanistan to eradicate the spectre of terrorism. It believes that terrorism can only be committed by the Taliban in Afghanistan rather than Afghanis. Has anybody brought this into the view: what is the cue or mark of identification of Afghan Taliban to be a terrorist before hunting them down? Could the Nato troops segregate the common people from the Taliban despite staying in Afghanistan for more than a decade-long epoch? What is truly meant for the Resolute Support Mission under such a situation when Afghanistan suffers spate of terrorism? Does not the international community agree upon breaking the silence, particularly after the failure of the US in Afghanistan, despite the fact that thousands of innocent people including women and children lost their lives? Did the US care about the importance of the patriotic loyalty principle, which is missing in the Afghan forces due to a high desertion rate, notwithstanding the untrained capacity? No matter if a soldier can be a supporter of militant outfits, but who knows it? These questions have been awaiting answers in the same way for long.

Presently, the Pentagon has decided to send almost 4,000 additional American forces to Afghanistan under a Trump administration official contrary to the former administration’s legacy. It is also being viewed that the tentacles of the IS would be turned towards Afghanistan after getting defeated in the Levant. The fight against terrorism, likewise, seems to be extended with more reinforcement. In this context, the US can no longer afford to give up its ties with Pakistan. Yet, the war looks to be a never-ending phenomenon.

There is a horde of rumors in the air that America wants to impede China’s rise. For this, India has been considered by the US, a strategic partner. Pakistan may face a volley of skirmishes across the LOC in consequences.

In addition, the Muslim world has been facing the tyranny of invasions, human rights violation, phony democracy, political turbulence, rivalries and covert foreign conspiracies. Despite the fact that they were rich in natural resources, they could not ameliorate the socio-economic situation due to political fracas and bedlam. It is somewhat truly argued that the emergence of nation-state concept has given rupture to the Muslim countries which have now been divided on the basis of sects, territories, cultures etc. This is despite Muslims being supposed to live amicably with convivial solidarity without bringing in the western phenomenon of territorial supremacy and sovereignty. However, after having turned them into 57 territorial states, the west now argues about maintaining harmony among one another especially after the end of ties between the KSA and Qatar.

Moreover, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Iraq are suffering from acute terrorism. These states are presently governed by the callous leaders installed by the bigwigs. They lack in the sense of self-belonging to the destitute nations and their fertile soil. In this way, a pursuit of power for them remains to be ultimate dream which they want to achieve willy-nilly.

Unless the definition of terrorism is approved of with unanimity of consensus by the global leaders, blaming any community for it will be a frivolous approach towards a global cause. The international media should be responsible for news because of the fact that discrimination against any civilization would unleash a clash of civilization. The world can no longer afford to witness clashes among the civilization especially after the surge of globalization.

Apart from it, the Security Council is best looked at in this context of regime of International Organization. And the regime is not democratically intact as long as the P5 states enjoy finite potential veto right. Nothing could be so injuring to health as the stoic repression of desire of acquiring a permanent membership in the SC by the growing states. Let there be no growing state in the completest solitude. After all, mutual needs beget mutual aid which eventually results in thriving global governance. And for it the world goes on into oblivion!

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