Review: ‘Mom’ depicts the feminist and anti-feminist aspects of society

‘Mom’, an Indian thriller movie was released worldwide on July 7th. It turned out to be a Bollywood hitandreceived appreciation in both Pakistan and India.

This movie was a mixture of Pakistani and Indian actors like Sridevi, Sajal Ali, Adnan Saddiqui, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, etc. This blend of cast can be considered an initial step towards elimination of hatred between the two countries. It is quite difficult to decide whether males or females dominate the cast.

In the movie, a school going teenage girl is shown, whose stepmother is also her school teacher. Their relation is distant from the side of the daughter. She wants to go to a Valentine’s Day party, which is first refused by her parents but later they agree. At that party, she is offended by her class fellow and his friends, which ultimately leads them to gang rape her and throw her in a drain. Searching for her daughter, the stepmother starts to investigate and finally finds her. The entire family is shattered and goes to the court for the justice of their daughter but can’t win against the criminals.

Coming towards feminism, in the first half the family is completely devastated and the court considers all four rapists innocent. In this part, the male dominant society of India is shown, where men can easily rape an innocent girl but can’t be taken behind the bars. Thus, first half can be considered as anti-feminist.

Further in the movie, the stepmother takes the help of a detective and starts taking revenge from all four of them. One by one, she steadily plans to punish them. This planning goes on until the fourth one turns out to be dangerous and takes a step towards the killing the family. Feminism can be seen in this part, it is in the form of motherly love that is eager to avenge her daughter. She also succeeds in getting the love of daughter at the end. This movie, being a mixture of casts is also a mixture of feminism and anti- feminism.

Coming towards the reviews, Sajal Ali got attached to Sridevi as if the later was her mom. Ali’s mother passed away a few months back, which brought her close to Sridevi. Sridevi confessed that without Sajal and Adnan, this movie wouldn’t have been a success. Such movies that promote family love and social norms of a society should be made, and influence the mind of people who are into such criminal acts.

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