The Hotel of Doom

The Hotel of Doom can also be pronounced as ‘Ryugyong Hotel’, one of the world’s strangest landmarks. It was poetically built with some help from Egyptians. It is being built in North Korea for last 30 years. It is an undone 105-storey, 330-meter tall, pyramid-shaped seventh largest skyscraper in Pyongyang. It is considered as the tallest unoccupied building.

The so-called “hotel of doom” is known as one of the biggest mysteries in Pyongyang. Reports claim that the building could have up to 3000 rooms.

Its construction was actually started in 1987 under the regime of Kim Jong-Un’s grandfather, Kim II Sung. Since then it hasn’t shown signs of life. It has seen a number of halts in construction over 30 years. The plan was to open this breathtaking hotel in 1989, just after two years of the beginning of its construction. It was hoped that it will definitely be completed after the work of two years. But its construction was halted because of the economic crisis which North Korea entered after the collapse of Soviet Union.

It has undergone many terrible situations. For over a decade it has sat vacant, without windows and some other things. In 2006, North Korea ran out of money so the construction again stopped. In 2012, the new aim being officially opening the hotel to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of “Eternal President” Kim Il-Sung. The landmark year came and went and the hotel remained shut – but window panes and a telecommunication mast were added by Orascom, an Egyptian development company, giving hope that it might eventually be ready for guests.

The longer it stood empty, the more international ridicule it attracted.

An inspection by a European delegation in the Nineties concluded that the shell was irreparable and it should be torn down because of its poor-quality concrete and crooked elevator shafts.

An American magazine described it as ‘the worst building in the history of mankind’. Others labelled it the Hotel of Doom and Phantom Hotel. The name has stuck.

After decades of delays and rumours that the building may not be structurally sound now finally the alluring building might be seen as a complete structure of Hotel. But the officials haven’t given any fixed date about when this hotel might finally be ready.

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