Are we really aware of our health? – SSI in Pakistan

Imagine someone having a bad flu. Imagine borrowing their handkerchief. I’m sure you’re already disgusted by that thought, but really look into it and imagine all the bacteria’s transferring from one individual to another through that handkerchief. Now imagine a loved one going through a dramatic surgery inside the operation theater. You’re awaiting the doctor’s words of a successful surgery, and it turns out to be a successful one. But just a few months later imagine your loved one no longer being in your presence due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’.

Little that you are aware of it that it could’ve been due to surgical site infections (superficial infection that occurs at the site of a surgical incision). The upsetting fact is that none of us is really aware of this term, because of which we fail to understand that it can strictly be a cause to ‘unforeseen’ situations.

Healthcare is taken as a crucial field all around the world. Certain standards are followed in order to maintain it especially in hospitals as patient care is of great significance. But what we are not aware of is that, unfortunately, healthcare is not our main focus when it comes to our country. A research article ‘Surgical Site Infections after Elective Surgery in Pakistan: SURGIPAK Study’ mentioned that “SSIs are responsible for 77% deaths of surgical patients with NIs.”

The investments done in healthcare are comparatively less, which is likely to be the cause of low standards of hospital and patient care. However, since many countries give attention to healthcare development, the procedures and guidelines of surgery are noted to be correctly and carefully followed specially by hospitals located in the United States, even after which more than 20,000 deaths per year are due to SSIs as reported by the Drexel University (Department of surgery). Now by that you can have a vague idea about the unreported deaths that occur in Pakistan due to these reasons. It is essential for every individual to be alerted with the healthcare procedures of Pakistan because it is their right to put their lives and the lives of their beloved in good hands.

The main question is how can this be prevented? Just as the first example given, instead of someone’s handkerchief you are more likely use a tissue which you can dispose, similarly by increasing the standards to disposable and properly sterilized material/equipment should be followed in t he operating theater.

Everything can be changed just by educating individuals, so the next time you sit stressed behind the cause of an infection, you have the right to question whoever is responsible and impose it. You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t waste it.

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