5 things Pakistan should do to bring clean energy revolution

Paris Agreement, also known as Paris Climate Accord, is an agreement under UN between the countries of the world to eliminate global warming from the planet. It is like an allegiance to protect the Earth’s climate and stop the constant rise in temperature. Pakistan is 104th country that signed the agreement with a mission to launch mega projects and programs in the country to minimise the use of non-renewable energy resources and the causes of pollution.

Pakistan has already taken some serious steps to bring Clean Energy Revolution, like shifting the Parliament of Pakistan to a completely solar-run parliament which is the first and only in the world. But there are many things that still need to be done.

  • Embrace electric vehicles:

The international market has already started replacing gasoline-powered cars with electric cars. Elon Musk’s famous Tesla, Inc. that manufactures electric cars of all type has made its distinct place in the market. It is high time for Pakistan that it develops a market for electric cars, especially when China is also keen on expanding its electro-mobile industry.

  • Replace the upcoming coal power projects with solar power projects:

Pakistan has initiated its huge coal power projects with the help of Chinese investment to provide energy to the CPEC projects. These projects are mostly under-construction in Sindh. The climate of Sindh is perfect for the solar power plants. They can serve the purpose of providing clean energy for the CPEC project.

  • Minimise carbon emission:

Subjugating the carbon emission will directly help in eradicating the chances of temperature rise, which is the main focus of Paris agreement. Carbon emission occurs through the chimneys and drainage pipes of the industries in the form of chemicals such as carbon monoxide, green-house gases, etc. It is the need of time that government postulate laws to limit these emissions and keep a check on them.

  • Awareness campaigns:

It is quite a tragedy in Pakistan that whenever issues like animal rights, feminism or climate change are brought under discussion, people start whining about deprivation of food and shelter. They put away the fact that the former issues are equally important than the latter ones. To invoke the realisation in people, government and NGOs should play an active role. They should make people aware of the contemporary issues. People should be taught ways by which they can decrease the consumption of non-renewable resources and find an alternative. People should also be made familiar with recycling.

  • Limit urbanisation:

Pakistan is urbanising at a much higher rate than other countries. In fact, it has the highest rate of urbanisation in South Asia. Increased rate of urbanisation has caused decrease in people’s interest in agriculture. Being an agricultural country, Pakistan should equip its rural people with latest instruments of farming so that they do not look towards cities for opportunities. Increased urbanisation results in increased population density which ultimately leads to more consumption of fossil fuels.

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