Review: Baaghi’s first episode not as thrilling as her actual life

Nina Kashif and Farooq Rind’s efforts on the drama Baaghi are unambiguous and clear cut. The drama Baaghi’s first episode which aired on Urdu 1 on July 27th, 2017 is now trending on 11th number, on youtube. The Drama is one of the most hyped TV serials ever produced in Pakistan. The producers have done everything they could in the past few weeks to ensure that this drama stays in the news for some reason or the other.

Qandeel Fozia Batool’s role performed by Saba Qamar is total justice to the character. The first episode of the drama revolves around the early life of Qandeel. Initially, the drama was supposed to be a telefilm but later on, the production team decided to make it a TV serial. An idea of making a drama over Qandeel Baloch is as mesmerising as her biography aired on BBC Urdu.

There was a huge amount of curiosity and people were eager to have its first look and the Baaghi teaser further increased the inquisitiveness. The disclaimer of the drama didn’t really make sense; the events occurring in the drama belonged to the life of Qandeel while the disclaimer in the beginning of the drama was seriously off-putting. On the promotions and everywhere the team went, there were posters and banners of Qandeel while in the first episode of the drama there was nothing as a tribute to Qandeel.

The disclaimer proves that the drama is mere a trick to hit the TRPs and no such incidents really happened in Qandeel’s life as mentioned in the drama; the drama is nothing but merely a commercial stratagem to make bucks. Are the producers really making what they said or are just trying to make sure no controversies are made? Does it mean that the writer is just turning some fabricated news into a biography? The first episode of the drama just stole the thunder; and it seems like a fiasco.

The biography of Qandeel which aired on BBC Urdu shows the mother’s love for Qandeel and how she keeps on crying while talking about her dear daughter; but the drama doesn’t really show so – apparently, Qandeel’s father is the only man who defends Qandeel. Qandeel is a very wise girl and that she takes care of her family by selling Parandas. She’s a success enthusiast and a Noor Jahan fan. All we can say is that Saba Qamar’s role is just perfect for Baaghi.

The story of Fouzia who doesn’t conform to the social norms is overall not that bad but not as thrilling as her actual life. This is the first episode; there might be something big coming up in next episodes.

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