10 interesting words from the English dictionary that you might not be familiar with

The words of any language help you to communicate whatever you want to say; but it is a fact that all things cannot be communicated in the form of words. When it comes to the English language, there is a very concise collection of vocabulary which sometimes doesn’t help you covey the sense of your conversation properly. There are such moments, some acts and emotions associated to them, which need an accurate explanatory sort of vocabulary, the words whose sound as well as pronunciation could convey it all.  Here we have got some cool collection of words you might not be familiar with!


Yes, you read it right! It is not ‘Hungry’ or ‘Angry’, it is ‘Hangry’. The word is made with a combination of hungry and angry which defines the meaning of Hangry as:

Meaning: The anger which is expressed in the state of hunger or due to hunger.


The word ‘Parlance’ has been derived basically from French word ‘Parler’ which means ‘to speak’. It refers to the manner or way of speaking of any person.

Meaning: The manner or mode of speech


Standing together for a group photo? So you have actually ‘constellated’for a perfect picture. This interesting word defines the formation or gathering of persons in the form of a group.

Meaning: To form a group or cluster


If you are a food lover, then there remains no doubt that you will be used to ‘degusting’ your food. It is a word of feel which refers to the appreciating the way of eating food. Usually if you are degusting your food it means you are having it slowly while appreciating the flavor.

Meaning: To taste food in a way to fully appreciate it


Ah! So enjoying a hot cup of tea while working? Oh! Be careful! Don’t ‘jirble’ tea on your laptop! The sound of this word explains the moment very accurately. It means to pour anything carelessly due to hand shaking or a sudden jerk.

Meaning: To spill any liquid from vessel or cup by shaking or unsteady movement



Everyone has to go through an interrogation phase while going out and this job is done best by moms. When she asks questions like ‘Where are you going?’, ‘Who is going with you?’, ‘How you will be going?’, ‘When you will be back?’ so your mother is basically being ‘mollycoddling’which means she is overprotective of you.

Meaning: To treat someone in overprotective or indulgent way


There are so many pleasant feelings associated to rainfall, however some of them are more like a treat for our five senses. The first one is tipping sound of rain which is more like a relaxation therapy and the other one is the heavenly pleasant aroma of rainwater as soon as it strikes the dry earth. This ‘petrichor’ of rainfall takes you out of the world. That’s the reason it always seems something great to enjoy rain while sitting near terrace from where you can enjoy inhaling this pleasant odor of downpour.

Meaning: The pleasant aroma produced as soon as rainfall strikes dry earth.


Another interesting and easy to convey word for ‘the day after tomorrow’ is ‘Overmorrow’. It is convenient to use but not so common in English vocabulary.

Meaning: The day after tomorrow.


‘I know you are hungry but don’t ‘slonk’your food!’ The time when your hunger makes you mad and whatever comes on the table, you jump to slonk it. The meaning of this word can be defined as eating food greedily.

Meaning: To eat or swallow greedily


As smoking can cause lungs cancer, so we should ‘eschew’ from it. This word from English dictionary defines the act of deliberately avoiding or abstaining from anything.

Meaning: To deliberately avoid or abstain from anything.

If you weren’t aware of these beautiful expressional words from the English dictionary, you can now enjoy expressing things more effectively with the use of these interesting words.

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