Malala’s #GirlPowerTrip is truly inspirational and motivating

Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Malala Yousafazai visited Nigeria after her brief tour to Iraq to empower and support young girls. The 20-year old activist was greeted by Nigerians with immense gratitude and respect. Malala spoke about determined young girls wanting to pursue education despite humanitarian crisis. She condemned the abduction of young girls under Boko Haram’s regime.

‘This is part of my girl power trip, visiting many parts of the world,’said Malala Yousafzai.

‘I am here now because of the Nigerian girls. Fighting for them and speaking up for them.’she continued.

Initially, Malala began her Girl Power Trip in America’s Refugee Capital, Lancaster, Pennsylvania in April this year. She visited Mosul and Kurdistan, Iraq, as part of her iconic venture on June 10th, 2017to enable other countries to recognize the genocide of Kurdish Yezidi women and young girls. Malala empathized with the victims and shared her experience living under Taliban’s reign in her homeland.

She was adamant to raise awareness on education for these girls and hoped for a better future.Recently,on July 17th, 2017, Malala went to Nigeria and received overwhelming support from all her fans across the globe. She has also been getting a lot of support from her fellow countrymen and other prominent public figures: Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan, who congratulated Malala and sent out a heartfelt tweet which stated, ‘Happy birthday Malala! Show us the way. More power to you. Pride and love always!’

Bill Gates also had good things to say about Malala. ‘You continue to inspire me, Malala. Thanks to you, young women around the world can dream of a brighter future for themselves.’

In Nigeria, Yousafazai went to many violence prone camps in Maiduguri; the natives of the region continue to bear the brunt of many social injustices including extremism. Even today, Boko Haram inflicts pain on innocent civilians in view of countless suicide bombings. Since Malala experienced a similar situation when she was shot by the Taliban at 15 years old, she believed that her visit to Nigeria was significant to advocate humanitarian rights in the region. She not only supported the victims but visited many rescued natives in the capital.

Although she was happy to see them smile and laugh, Malala wanted the girls to reunite with their families and live normal lives. She met the acting President, Professor Yem iOsinbajo on Monday expressing her concerns for over 10 million Nigerians displaced at the hands of Boko Haram. Yousafzai received widespread support from many natives.

‘Her story gives us hope, that’s why we too want to go to school and become something in life,’said 15-year-old Fatima Ali.

UNICEF’s country representative Mohamed Malick Fall lauded Yousafzai’s symbolic visit and said, ‘We will do everything in our power to make sure all children can keep learning.’

In a recent interview with The Lily News, Malala spoke about her upcoming visit to Latin America saying that ‘it is the only continent in the world where child marriages are increasing instead of decreasing.’ That said, Malala’s Girl Power Trip is truly inspirational and motivating.

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