I am a Lion of City Housing Society Jhelum

How does one feel being trapped? Trapped in the middle of nowhere, far away from the motherland to this land of unknown, I feel traumatized, I feel trapped. Isolation within the hustle and bustle of people is the craziest thing which could happen to someone. Being the king of Jungle and attracted to so many springs is an unbearable pain. Surrendering my freedom is too big a cost to be ignored. They fear me, yet they mock me.

I was born to roar, I was born to rule. My freedom is sold for cheap.  Few bucks and I have been flown to the land of unknown. My life at stake, my desires crushed and me being subjected to the cruelty of human beings has been the story of my life.

Rich people trade my freedom for their own benefits. They buy my freedom to sell their commodities, to attract people to mesmerize them at my cost, to create the world of their dreams.

The men of power and greed break into my peaceful life and my natural habitat is replaced by the artificial cage. With no real resemblance to my natural home, I am forced to live in the cage. My sole function and purpose of existence is to appease my owner by demonstrating that I am alive and healthy to attract crowds to sell a piece of land. I witness the other members of fraternity as clueless as I am. They look perplexed as they can’t fly, roam around the beautiful treacherous paths and terrain of jungle, snowcapped mountains, flowing streams and changing weathers. The hapless and hopeless, we continue to spend each day as it is. We have stopped differentiating between the days and nights. All have become more or less same for us. I overheard the visitors asking my keeper, why they don’t get up, every time I come, I find them sleeping. He replied, promptly, “they are wild animals, they have no timetable”. I completely object it. I had a timetable, it was the pre-encroachment period. I had a certain plan to spend a day from dawn to dusk, I had different tasks from hunting to working in groups to protect my cubs.

What really fascinates me is the continuous excitement of the children as they get to see me. I feel like an object, they wish to play with. I must confess that I really get bamboozled seeing the mankind indulged in the creepiest of the activities. They were categorically told off to refrain from accumulating and hoarding too much wealth. But, the development around my cage reminds me of the utmost greed and self-indulgence of humans. They are constructing houses and equipping them with marbles imported from around the world; Italian marble is their favorite. I feel their curiosity levels have declined; they no longer think of the life hereafter, shortsightedness has taken over their dreamed long-term goals. They take life in earth too seriously and rather repenting on their unlawful acts and bad deeds, they heap praise on gatherings sighting their mischiefs and wrongdoings. Though, the population, and construction is still to take a huge stride forward and is yet to boom, but a charmer like me and other animals are enough to attract hundreds of visitors every day.

Few even try to wake me to take selfies. I know they love me, but then deep down I have developed a feeling. Had they loved me so dearly, they would have lamented the authorities on my capture. I wish misery in my hallow eyes reminded them of my helplessness & how much I miss my freedom.  This society never seems to care about me, despite showing so much love. It clearly reminisces of their double standards. Had they campaigned about my release to relevant authorities and for my safe passage to my home in Africa, I would have really believed in their true love for me. My presence merely appeases their children and thrill they have seeing me captured in cage makes them happy. I wish, the super-rich could develop a soft corner for me and let me off to my homeland. I wish they had valued their freedom to understand value of my freedom.

Sometimes lying in my not so homely cage, I wonder why we? Why only animals can be picked out of their lands and put in cages? Why can’t one of us take any of these free walking and ruling human beings and put them in jungle, where we can mock them and they can entertain us?

These beings have gone astray; they have long forgotten the purpose of their creation. They no longer obey their God. Yet we being animals obey our divine destiny, we obey the rules set for us, we don’t cross the line set. If human was made superior then it was solely due to their intellect, so they can differentiate between wrong and right but I see they are failing to do so. I see humans around me but no humanity.

Days go by, and I lie here powerless in my place waiting for the dawn to amaze. Waiting for the day, when this temporary prison will break, and I will no longer be available for another capture.

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