Pakistan must thank Imran Khan for ensuring that crooked politicians will now finally face the music

In some part of the world, they say that the most difficult thing is to start something, to begin – but once you are well saddled, you’ll go a long way. Then in another part of this world, they say to start something is the easiest thing one can do, the real challenge that awaits is to continue it in the long run.

This debate was settled by a bohemian sage. He, after taking a long puff from the bong which was filled with something of green sort, said: ‘Yes to carry on with something is the difficult part, to keep abreast with the challenges of what you have started, but, to do that you definitely have to start it from somewhere, so both things are equally important.’

Imran Khan, the leader of the youth and the hope of many frustrated folks, has pushed the corrupt ruling party in a mess which they had never imagined. He, literally, broke the self-assumed shield which previously protected the ruling elite from any kind of probe, arising due to matters of corruption and using unfair means to garner what rightfully belongs to this nation.

Some find all this chaotic and the investigation being conducted by JIT unreasonable – they may have their own reasons, no matter how much unreasonable they might sound. One thing which has to be admitted is the introduction of this new precedent – no matter how influential you are, in the end, you too have to face the law like any other citizen on committing a crime.

To talk about the past, many corruption charges were leveled against PML-N. Many there who knew what these guys are up to, the horrifying figures they are taking out of this country.Had someone tried to highlight it then, either he would have been silenced or nobody would have given any importance to it. That was the time when they knew they are untouchables – no law, no court and no investigating institute can put his hand in this hornet’s nest.

A mere political party turned into a clan, an enterprise, a house.  As said by the great Cicero: ‘Here is a man whose life and actions the world has already condemned – yet whose enormous fortune has already brought him an acquittal.’

The threatening tone of many leaders, which they are using against the JIT is an attempt to fill their supporters and party workers with a false feeling, as if they have been charged with the crimes they have never committed and are now being dragged into unnecessary nuisance of the investigation. This attitude is dangerous, it is a preparation, that if the decision comes against us, you guys know what to do and whom to blame.

For a while it may appear a mess to the people of this country. The thing here to contemplate is that mostly the mess in question is artificial, the numerous time crashing of the stock exchange, the redundant song of lament from the PML-N leaders that due to this JIT we are unable to proceed with the ventures we had planned for the betterment of people – this all is fake and self-created.

They, at this time, are in a state of mind in which you don’t have any options or plans left for your survival; rather you’ll do everything and anything, no rules.

Differences apart, this man, Imran Khan, must be thanked and his contributions regarding the crook politicians now facing the music should be acknowledged.

At one time, people used to wonder who will stand up against them, they are mighty, no one can dare – now that the initiative has been taken, that is the first step, now the second step, the continuation of it, for that we have to wait and watch.

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