India – the major power in South Asia

India is already on the path to become the major power of South Asia, or more accurately, the sole major power. The state achieved independence in the mid of 20th century along with Pakistan, but it has showed outstanding fluency towards development and a remarkable growth. Meanwhile Pakistan is left far behind in the race. India’s pace of advancement was very fast as compared to Pakistan’s, partly because of the uneven asset distribution at the time of their independence that led India to receive already built factories and mills, whereas Pakistan had to start from the scratch.

The assets’ factor aside, India played its politics right throughout. It focused on its domestic development by staying isolated from the rest of the world. On the contrary, Pakistan started choosing sides from the very beginning. As it was the time of ideological warfare between USA and USSR, Pakistan chose to ally with USA. India, however, was more cautious and chose to stay non-aligned along with 3 other countries, all from the third world.

India has made more progress by staying non-aligned than Pakistan has made by alliance with the West. In a way, Pakistan made weak and sudden choices, while India played sensibly. The results are that India, who did not choose USA at the time of Cold War, is closer to it. It is considered to be a “responsible” state that goes by international laws while Pakistan is always targeted with suspicion. It cannot be compared to India in terms of development and importance. India fulfills quite the criteria of becoming a new major power in the region.

Domestic development aside, it has made a lot of progress internationally. It is investing in several international projects like Chabahar with Iran. It is set to become the giant of the region in no time. It has a stable economy, supported politically, and is developing socially. Besides, other smaller countries of South Asia are already falling under its umbrella including Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka. If things go as they are going, India will soon be enjoying the status of being a major power in South Asia, and that will be a serious concern for Pakistan.

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