I’m sorry for telling you the truth about Zia

Psychology says that the need of relatedness or approval is one of the fundamental needs of human beings. Our constant quest of validation underlies our attempts to fit in, to project a ‘put together’ image of our clumsy thoughts. The significant amount of energy we spend on ‘impression management’ trying for others to approve of us or like us, is such an example. Thus, I hope you won’t judge me when I tell you I clicked on my own article that I wrote a few days back to know if my readers had approved of what I had to say, if they complimented me, if they liked it.

What I found wasn’t exactly what I hoped for. I expected compliments, I sought approval, but what I had gotten was criticism and some questions. My readers critiqued me for telling the truth; they critiqued me for claiming that Zia’s policies had killed the dream of a secular Pakistan and left us with a confused state of affairs. They favored Zia’s forceful implementation of so called Sharia. They asked,what good has democracy done to Pakistan? They questioned the capability of political parties serving in Pakistan.

Dear readers, I would love to answer all your questions and concerns, as I share them too. I read somewhere that in order to avoid committing a mistake twice, you need to admit that you have committed a mistake. Unfortunately for us, instead of divulging what was wrong with Zia’s era and learning from it, we kept on repeating his actions. Thus, we landed on the debate over good Taliban and bad Taliban.

I am sorry to shatter your false ideals, but Zia’s attempts of Islamisation weren’t actions of a true Muslim enthusiast for Sharia. They were mere attempts to fulfill the promises we made to the U.S. govt. and intelligence to stop the Soviet expansionism. These endeavors were a part of propaganda orchestrated by the mutual efforts of CIA and ISI to stop Russia in Afghanistan. This foreign funded ideology had nothing to do with actual Sharia. It was just a camouflage to western agenda. I am sorry to break it you, but the history books you read in school are nothing but piles of lies, written and crafted to make you learn nothing but deceit and deception.

You ask what good democracy has done to this country? Well, I say nothing, because democracy wasn’t given a chance in this most unfortunate country. From 1947-2017, how many democratic governments were given a chance to complete their tenure? Let’s say that even during the short period of time they have had they didn’t do anything – that’s because we opt for wrong people, we put our faith in wrong ones, and those who were brought up and nourished through dictatorship and feudalism and have forgotten the basics and fundamentals of democracy.

Dear readers, the purpose of both my blogs isn’t to criticize for the sake of criticism. I am not a cynic but a skeptic who wants change, who wants democracy to thrive, freedom of expression and speech to prevail, harmony to be victorious and the country to flourish.The sole purpose of taking this opportunity, to share my thoughts was to finally let my feelings and views be known to the like-minded, and to make those understand who oppose them.I am not ashamed to say that any day of my life I’d prefer fragile, disabled democracy over a strong dictatorship and I am not ashamed to try to persuade you to do the same – because we need to make mistakes, we need to confess that we make mistakes and then we need to learn from them. This, in my humble opinion, is the only way to put the country on the right track.

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