News analysis: Delusional Bilawal & increasing hate crimes in Europe

Delusional Bilwal

A speech including some gestures of hands, of course for the specific reason of augmentation of the impact of the message being sent – this is what Bilawal is doing nowadays. Speech after speech, and it may not have the desired effect on the PPP audience or general citizens of Pakistan – but after all, he is getting better in terms of Urdu language.

The PPP of bygone days, when Mohtarama was alive and fully indulged in national, regional and international politics, is now akin to a romance, not available anymore but always a pleasure to reminisce. This party had seen its zenith then, but now the time has changed and so have many other things.

Bilawal, the chairperson of PPP, looks a promising young enthusiastic man, who with no experience at all, dreams of something which in these days even the most cunning of politicians would rarely dare to.  In the last tenure of his party a lot of things could have been done, but sadly the situation remained depressingly otherwise. The senior leaders of the party, with no fear of being nabbed, had filled their pockets to the brim, acquired properties with illegal means –in short, they took the corruption scene to a whole new level.

Now, the problems are many. First of all, thanks to the responsive and more empowered media, the scandals of that time keep revisiting the prime time talk shows and they are fresh in minds of public – credibility was lost and to this day it hasn’t been recovered. A party worker suffered and the hardcore fans were ignored. They are the strength of a party; you can ignore them for a while but not always – the recent episode of the main leaders tilting towards another party is enough as a sign. The delusion is dangerous, maybe contagious, in which PPP now abides. Secondly, the main problem, the sum of all the other dozen or so problems, is PTI, stronger than ever, popular in circles in which once PPP was, i.e youth and liberals.

PPP needs to form a practical strategy to get out of this stagnation.

As the author of The Golden Scripture of Eternity puts it: “‘That looks like a tree, let’s call it a tree,’ said Coyote.” Bilawal, instead of getting fed by the opportunist courtiers around him, should rely on his own understanding of the new unfolding events and try to figure out the plight in which people of Sindh have been living under the aegis of PPP for many many years.  Next general elections are approaching and it is the perfect time to devise an elaborative plan, including in it every senior party worker and leader – otherwise, PTI will replace PPP altogether.

Wave of hate crimes in Europe

Recent terrorism incidents that happened in Europe, sadly in which the participants were Muslims, have coined a brand new narrative regarding Muslim immigrants. Viewing it from the point of natural human instinct, everybody who is a law abiding citizen wants a peaceful environment around him and would denounce any kind of hindrance which may arise. Europe is the target of ISIS for quite some time now, from bombings to the vehicle ramming attacks – people are living in constant threat.

An article which appeared in University of Pennsylvania Law School’s blog feed suggested some alarming figures of hate crime. It reads:

‘Last year in France there were more than 400 anti-Muslim hate crimes reported, representing a 223 percent increase, according to the French National Human Rights Commission (CNCDH). And, from July 2014 to July 2015, in the United Kingdom, there were more than 800 anti-Muslim hate crimes in London. By November 2015, when the terror attacks in Paris occurred, there were 878 reported anti-Muslim attacks in that city alone.’

Just a week ago two cousins were attacked in broad daylight with acid and a girl was slapped with bacon on a street full of pedestrians. Owing to a few other acid attack incidents in which the victims were Muslims, the UK Parliament introduced a new law according to which acid can only be sold to a person with a valid license for it. Such steps are encouraging, but the problem is they would not be able to stop hate crimes.

Muslim clerics living in Europe, with a huge following, are now supposed to play their role and should try their best to take out the hardcore version of Islam which recently was being injected by the likes of Zakir Naik. Muslim neighbourhoods have to keep a sharp eye on the dwellers so that a radical in the making could be hinted at and reported to the authorities. This hostile environment demands more cooperation and vigilance – that is, now, the only thing favourable for the immigrants there.

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