Pakistan’s healthcare needs treatment

Doctors are said to be blessing in a society. They make real contribution to a national cause. They also personify an institution. But at the same time, they are also considered to be anathema, especially after the revolution of ‘antibiotic’.

Doctors undoubtedly have a busy life. They act like fire brigade, to be available round the clock at the disposal of patients. Most often they find little time to make excursion and extinguishment of fatigue. Thus, they are amenable to erratic behavior with patients who desire to let doctors speak more and more, vulnerable in a do-as-you-please kind of way. However, wise doctors keep themselves in the spirit of brevity, since brevity for them is the soul of wisdom.

After the advent of modern age, disease has multiplied, particularly in the society of glutton. The Information Technology provides an access to ostensible panacea for all ills. The online doctors are available there to catch a trace of ailment. The netizens first get to know about an illness on internet by matching syndromes before going out to see a doctor in person. At the same time, the vendors at pharmacy try to act like doctors, to give unwarranted advice against the prescription of a doctor, solely for the sake of selling like-minded medicine. This results in a bewildering situation for a patient who is incognizant about the terminologies of medical science. In the light of this fact a worthy aphorism speaks as ‘an apple a day keeps a doctor away’.

Medicine is the only profession filled with such social responsibility. Doctors take time to become experts not at the cost of machines, but on the life of human beings. They start their medical education studying from insects to the level of human beings. Frog is the best available form of human model to help understand the functions of organs. They break the function of organs, particularly of frogs, and then get it mended momentarily without fearing of their revitalization, in order to acquire an experience for playing on the human pitch confidently. Usually, a doctor needs time and space to grow mature in his/her field, since there is something beyond puncturing human body. Certainly, it requires a repository of knowledge, experience and information. That is why, doctors have to keep themselves abreast of advanced knowledge as is required for engineer, but in less intensity. Stakes are higher on the part of doctors when it comes to human life. There remains no cushion for risking human lives.

Pakistan is one such country in the world where doctors and engineers are available at a large number. Gone are the days when they both were desperately needed in the country. Now the time is up for experienced or specialized doctors.

Undoubtedly, doctors entail higher significance relative to that of engineers. Because they have to work for public good, while engineers have to work for private good. Thus, both streams have ample space in challenges.

What havoc has come to us is that inexperienced doctors are usually like the burden in societies. They are even less admired. They are found to be indulged in memorizing the names of some antibiotics to get their work done. Even though they are less concerned about the fact that a wrong intake of medicine can lead anyone to death. There are hordes of such cases in history. It is painful when dreams of a slain man are perished while getting improper treatment.

Blood test is the best suitable way for pertinent diagnosis prior to appraise predicted by doctors a patient is affected from. But unfortunately, it is sometime ill-afforded by the lower stratum of society. Evidently, it is the most important exercise to reach the proper diagnosis of the disease. Likewise, it calls for adequate budgetary allocation and subsidies to be provided by the government to the healthcare sector, which is immensely deprived of basic facilities. Keeping in view, saving the lives of people does mean saving precious lives and their dreams as well, that could be beneficial for a country. Those suffering from chronic disease can be visionaries.

According to surveys, Pakistan spends a paltry percentage of GDP on health. In this way, an unhealthy population with severely diminished capabilities cannot substantially contribute to the economy.

Despite the fact that health policies were devolved to the provincial subject under 18th Amendment in 2010, yet the sector displays dismal picture. This shows provinces are yet to realize the fruits of devolution.

Pakistan is already coping with the appalling health sector challenges such as tuberculosis, Hepatitis, malaria, AIDS, missal and polio. Pakistan ranks towards the bottom among other countries when it comes to infant and neo-natal mortality. This is why, 44% of all children are stunted and 9.6 million experience chronic nutrition deprivation.

Under such a situation, the government needs to increase its spending on health sector which is imperative for social development after education. Annual conduct of examination must be held to keep doctors attuned to advanced information, since they are the makers of a nation. It is expected that healthcare system serves the population with efficient and transparent mechanism guaranteeing universal medical access.

Last but not the least, accountability of doctors must be conducted at every health sector to avoid the abyss of ignominy. Let us hope for that to be materialized soon.

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