Cinema revival? Stop fooling yourselves please

It’s almost a decade now that an effort to revive the ‘long forgotten’ film industry is underway. It all started with Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘Khuda Kay Liye’ back in 2007. It made a huge impact on the whole society. People were all encouraged and amazed as after an extremely disappointing period, they got a chance to go out and have a buzz at some cinema house. The wave of terrorism was on its peak and no real sign of relief was there for common man. After Shoaib Mansoor’s stunt, filmmaking got a rebirth of sorts; all those who were a part of this great industry were somehow reached out to and many tributes were arranged; all the greats (living) were invited and channels telecasted them to let youth recognise their legends. All drama channels started making their own short films and documentaries. Education also opened its doors towards this art and many programs were introduced in universities.

But after that short period of enthusiasm, nothing really came off and the next big thing was again Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘BOL’ in 2011. These two movies were not for everyone; they had discussed serious social issues yet they did amazingly well on box-office. The only reason was that they were the only properly made movies during this time. Efforts were made but they did not leave a mark on the audiences.

After Bol, many tried to pull off a cracker. But to be honest, it was all in vain. Nobody gave a real time effort to consider and no exceptionally good movie was made. Yes, some of them somehow managed a watchable composition.

The purpose behind writing all this is to make people realise that so far we have failed to make good enough movies. Films right now are getting released in great numbers, considering the fact that in recent past there were very few movies made and those were not for general audience, only appealing to a particular class. Now many are being made and none of them is worthy enough.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, a person who belongs to the same industry, once said in a Facebook rant that the industry is currently in the revival mode; “the movies we choose are going to become a trend. So audience should try to watch such work which they want to see in future”. Though he was talking in a different sense but he was right. If someone is thinking that they are new and eventually they are going to learn it, this thinking is the recipe to disaster. It’s like saying that a bowler is having an action that can cause him injuries and his coach, even after knowing it, doesn’t ask him to change it, thinking that he is new and will learn it someday. No, he will be finished; he learnt all of it with that action and now changing it will be a huge demand.

In the same manner, these filmmakers should understand that they need to make movies for the audience and only audience can make them realise this. Movies they make are usually drama-like journeys. Even actors don’t realise that they have to put it all in these limited hours as no episode will follow. Even though the right amount of budget is in place and techniques + equipment in usage are good enough yet they fail to make the right thing.

We should not just go and watch these disorganised series of clips or shots just because of patriotism that always blows in our heart but to help it we should criticise them so that they change their methods and learn how to make a film. Foreign movies can also prove vital since if cine-goers have an option they would eventually choose a better one and this will help our filmmakers to set their standards higher. For now, we can only hope to find a better show on screen next time we go to cinema.

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