Afridi and Bucha, I get your get together

I had thought more of Shahid Afridi and Sana Bucha than giving it in to faceless handles on social media over “sister” episode.

Sana Bucha! You look fantastic with all the presumable detox and the definitive weight loss. Like you are at it! I don’t need to scream off the rooftops to find people who’d agree that Bucha is hot.

Shahid Afridi! Your skin; I’d kill for a glow like yours! I wish I could carry a modest t-shirt with a baseball cap like you do. I wish.

Now listen, you two have all the right in the world to see and pursue each other if it’s meant to be. Having said that, the two of you might just share a sibling bond. But why would you put it out there to shun the hypocrite nonsensical commentators who would simply choose a different topic to live vicariously through.

Let me just put it out there, the pictures of your two and the ‘Sahoor gang’ were adorable and people subliminally were hung over for a couple of days.

Such pretty faces are bound to draw attention, and some of it is always going to be rubbish. I’d have loved Shahid Afridi react somewhat like this: Yeah I loved the people at Sahoor. They were as adorable as me. We all were adorable. It was a happy bunch and we love one another, unlike some of the lonely leftovers on Twitter and Facebook.

And in my ‘unicorn island’, I’d have loved a tweet from Bucha stating: Shahid Afridi you beauty, your turn to host a Sahoor for the ‘happy gang’ now. Loved the time with friends.

But instead what they wrote? This:

After bucking up my lovely celebs. I now want to turn to some of the moral gullu butts. Well aunty (I bet she isn’t pretty as Bucha or Afridi’s wife), why would you poke your nose here huh?

His wife’s in pardah because it’s her choice. Ummm……………………….. you know what that is right?

Yawar Azam. Son, in presence of a disappointment like you, spirit and the Holy Father, we at the civil society now pronounce you useless for the nation.

For our third keyboard warrior Alibaba, we’d like to say that marrying an ‘infidel’ Chinese woman and producing a DP like you, did not suit your father either.

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