Top 10 Pakistan-India cricket matches

A timeline of the ultimate moments from one of the sports’ greatest rivalries

With the second Pakistan vs. India match of the ICC looming ahead on Sunday the cricket frenzy in both countries is at an all-time high. In this match India will be hoping to take out the last competition and take home a win while Pakistan will be hoping the boys in green continue their string of consecutive victories. Pakistanis will also be hoping to punish India for comments made by former Indian cricketing legend VirenderSehwag (he said at an Indian TV show that Pakistani fans should listen to the match on radios so they don’t end up breaking their TV sets when they lose to India). However this is hardly the first PakIndia match that has caused tensions to rise and tempers to flare. Our country’s cricketing history is full of such moments. Let’s look at the most memorable matches over the years:

  1. Sharjah 1986

Still considered to be one of the most historic moments in one day cricket history, the Austral-Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan made headlines when Javed Miandad shot the ball into the crowd for an unanticipated sixer.The final shot allowed Pakistan to win the match (the team had needed 4 runs while the Indians required just one last wicket from the final ball) and made Javed a household name as well as a national hero.

2. ICC Cricket World Cup 1992

One of the most unforgettable matches played between India and Pakistan was during the 1992 ICC World Cup. While the Pakistani team put a valiant effort into the match they were too demoralized by their earlier defeats in the Cup and the Indian team proved too capable. Poor performance from Pakistan side led to India winning the match by 43 runs. Still Pakistan had the last laugh as it won the Cup after beating England in the final match.

3. Independence Cup 1997

The Independence Cup was an ODI cricket tournament held by India’s BCCI in celebration of India’s independence from colonial rule. Although the tournament was not given much publicity in the wider cricketing community for Pakistan and India, the Cup held special significance as both countries had gained independence from the same colonial masters. During the course of the tournament, Pakistan and India had only one match that Pakistan won by 35 runs after an excellent performance by the team.

4. Chennai Test match 1999

The Chennai test match happened during Pakistan’s 1998 tour of India. During the tour, Pakistani team won the first Test by 12 runs. However this match is basically membered in Pakistan as the moment that Shahid Afridi emerged as a cricketer of international fame by first scoring 141 runs from 191 balls and later by claiming three wickets from 54 runs in the same match. Unfortunately perhaps due to overconfidence Pakistan lost the second Test match of the tour after winning the first one.

5. Asia Cup 2000

One of the best games played by Pakistan against India was at the 2000 Asia Cup. The match started with India losing the toss and then everything else. The Pakistani team played exemplary well with each player utilizing his personal strengths to the utmost. Along with that a high degree of coordination within the team made the Indian look completely clueless. An excellent performance by Moin Khan and ShahidAfridi allowed Pakistan to comfortably win the match by 44 runs.

6. Champions Trophy 2004

The 2004 Champions Trophy match between India and Pakistan was one of the most highly anticipated games of the tournament. By winning it Pakistan would not only have gained the pleasure of beating its regional nemesis but would also have been able to get India dumped out of the Champions Trophy. While the match was not easy as the Indians fought to the bitter end some timely action by Inzamam-ul-Haq and a few others allowed Pakistan to win the game by 3 wickets.

7. ICCWorld Twenty20 2007

The final match of ICC T20 World Cup was one of the most highly anticipated matches between India and Pakistan as fans from both countries were raring to see who would be able to win the final. Unfortunately for Pakistan its T20 jinx prevailed as Misbah-ul-Haq wasn’t been able to guide his country to the championship title.

8. Champions Trophy 2009

Just like its 2004 version, the Champions Trophy of 2009 was another awesome match between India and Pakistan. The teams faced each other and began another match as fans from both countries watched on with almost hypnotic attention. The Indian side played valiantly. However a well thought out plan eventually won the game for Pakistan by 54 runs.

9. Cricket World Cup 2011

The 2011 Cricket World Cup match was highly anticipated in Pakistan mainly because ever since India and Pakistan had begun their cricketing ties, Pakistan has always lost to India whenever they have faced each other in the tournament . On this match the nation had hoped that the boys in green would bring home a win. However, Pakistan’s hopes were once again unfortunately dashed. Lack of planning as well as constant mistakes could not withstand the strong Indian defense and India was able to win by 29 runs.

10. Asia Cup 2014

The Asia Cup 2014 match was one of the most memorable ones played between India and Pakistan. Both teams began the match by giving it their all. Many times it seemed as if the match was about to slip out of Pakistan’s hands but then a sudden reversal of fortune would occur and the game would be back on. Eventually Mohammad Hafeez, scrafty innings and Afridi’s usual boom boom style helped Pakistan gain a narrow victory with the boys in green winning by just one wicket.

These are just some of the matches played by Pakistan and India. However whether India win or Pakistan lose, one thing is always certain and that’s that a Pak-India match is always a spectacle worth watching. So whether you support Indian blue or Pakistani green, make sure you schedule for Sunday is clear because like always it’s gonna be one hell of a game.

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