A throwback to the 1967 blockbuster ‘Insaniyat’ – Has it stood the test of time?

Shabab Kiranvi directed the Pakistan blockbuster Insaniyat, which was released in 1967. It became one of the super-hits of Waheed Murad who played the role of a young doctor having a nice romance with Zeba till he decides to go abroad for education.

As he is leaving, the young lady is obviously apprehensive about him getting ensnared by a gori, and begs him not to get involved with someone there.

However, judging from the way he is acting there looks like he had all intentions of doing just that. And as soon as he leaves he sort of disappears in thin air.

Sure there was no Facebook or Skype, even email or internet did not exist, but why no phone calls, no letters, not even a telegram!

And as the young lass desperately waits for a word from Waheed, her parents decide to get her married and like any chaste desi girl she is unable to tell them that she loves someone else and thus she is married to Mr Tariq Aziz of Neelam Ghar fame.

On the wedding night Aziz does not present her with a Kawasaki or Suzuki from his Neelam Ghar but instead tells her that he has terminal cancer and is counting his days.

So why on earth did he marry this poor girl knowing that he is going to die soon? Well your guess is as good as mine.

Still unlike every modern woman alive today, who would have reacted by calling him by every abusive name that exists, Zeba pledges her total devotion and commitment to Aziz! Now do such creatures really exist?

Anyway, the newlyweds decide to make the most of what little time they have. Tariq Aziz, besides being a cancer patient is an expert sitar player. He is so good that as you will see in this song he can not only produce sitar notes but even a tabla beat from his sitar!

Still, what a beautiful song by Mala:

And what beautiful words:

Jeet hooti hai mohabat mein sabhi kuch haar kay
Dard mein doobay hoaye hootay hain neghmay pyar kay

[Victory in love is achieved only by losing everything
The songs of love are dipped in the wine of pain]

As Zeba and Tariq wait for the end, strangely without any noticeable weight loss visible on Tariq, they are told that a new doctor has just returned from abroad and opened a hospital where he is performing miracles.

Zeba wastes no time in getting her husband admitted to this hospital and no prizes for guessing that the great doctor is none other but Mr Waheed Murad.

When Zeba realises this she is petrified that her affair will become known to her husband and begs Waheed to return her photo which he is staring when he is not working – you see Waheed is still madly in love with her and is now quite mad that she married Tariq while he was away trying to pass his post-graduate exams.

Instead of giving any explanation as to why he did not contact her while over there he blames Zeba for being unfaithful to their love. However, he pledges that he will do his best for her husband and after a few sarcastic dialogues burns her photo indicating the end of their romance as another great song by Mala plays in the background:

Well this is the climax of the movie, Waheed performs another miracle and cures Tariq Aziz of his cancer (no indication is given as to which type of cancer he had), and Zeba and Tariq Aziz live happily ever after.

I don’t know what happens to Waheed after this and I am not sure who is being projected as showing humanity here.

I mean, was it an option for Waheed to let Tariq die or even facilitate his demise?

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