World’s largest carbon emitter has left it to rest of the world to clean its mess

Trump’s decision of withdrawal from “Paris Agreement on Climate Change” left the world in a state of deep grievance and disappointment. Withdrawing from Climate Change Accord for the US is equivalent to rejecting quality life for future generations. Since we being inhabitants of planet Earth have got only this planet to survive on, and are stewards of environment and everything in its dominion, it’s our responsibility to forward a balanced, healthy environment to future generations. This leaves us with no option other than to compromise on our values, benefits, motives for avoiding imbalance in ecosystem without neglecting the upcoming future generations.

Paris Agreement on Climate Change contributes in bringing 197 states on single platform to derive effective global strategies to combat adverse impact of climate change, greenhouse gases, and global warming for sustainable development. US would be joining Syria and Nicaragua if they remain consistent on exiting from the Paris accord.

The United States is the second-largest producer of carbon dioxide, just behind China. But production of carbon dioxide per person is greater than that of China per latest data circulated by World Bank, for which United States citizens would be more affected by President’s decision. The European Union has warned President Trump of adverse consequences of withdrawal also adding that agreement is irreversible and non-negotiable. US business leaders, including Apple, Walmart, Exxon Mobil and Shell have also prompted President to support the Paris accord to improve efficiency and increasing Job opportunity across America.

The previous year (2016) was one of the warmest years ever recorded. It’s an alarm call for the world leadership to ponder upon and sit together for the betterment of all and reporting progression and deriving better ambition. Other countries however reaffirm their commitment and interest in the agreement with or without US though Trump’s decision against Paris accord may mark a transition of the World’s leadership from America to China.

If we compare Trump with preceding presidents, Obama was the most passionate and enthusiastic US president who urged to fight against all the threats caused by human to the environment and climate change. He stood behind all dices of Conference of Parties, was eager and determined to achieve positive outcome out of the Paris accord. His legacies are being trumped in making America great again which is a tragedy indeed.

US withdrawal from Paris agreement portrays perfect image of Garrett Hardin’s concept “Tragedy of Commons”. Trump administration’s personal political profit will result in loss of the rest of the world. US’s lack of commitment in paying heed towards a significant global threat “Climate Change” and leaving it on the rest of the world is quite a shame. It’s embarrassing for a head of a rich country who tries to be leader of rest of the world, to decide not to care about Climate Change and global warming.

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