Big Fat Launching at The City Café & Grill

New Lahore eatery opens quietly serving up delicious food and fresh continental fare in a familiar phase V spot known well to DHA-ites. As I walked into City Café & Grill, the first thing I noticed was its modern and trendy interior with dazzling lights hanging down. The décor was chic, minimalist and quiet edgy. The ambiance defiantly set the tone for stimulating meal to come.

After being seated, the waiter greeted us courteously with menu. The menu was truly a pleasure to go through – plenty of tempting and unique items to choose from.

The staff was friendly and well informed of the menu, ingredients and specialty of restaurant’s dishes with recommendation on some of the Best picks.

We were served with Rice Balls fir starters. The thin, crispy balls made up of rice powder and filled with cheese and spinach really satisfied my taste buds. The combination was so fine that it instantly melted in our mouths. It had a really pleasant taste and one should surely give it a try at least.

Mushroom Pasta was also an extremely pleasant surprise. It was a classic; garnished with mushrooms, Chicken, shredded cheese and white paper. The cheese was finely shredded and blended well with a mildly chunky giving well-balanced flavour. It was cooked perfectly and garnished to perfection.

Another exotic dish was Parmesan Chicken and a visit to this restaurant is not complete without the taste of this steak. The chicken is topped off with sauce and tomatoes. It was both creamy and smooth along with perfectly grilled chicken. Just one bite of it, and I couldn’t stop myself asking for moreeeeee…

Jalapeno Chicken – So this was the dish I instantly thought everyone must have tried because it so common. But what tempted me about it was the fact that this restaurant must have done it up in their own original way. The grilled chicken was served with seasonal vegetables and Jalapeno sauce. It has a richer taste and was quite the treat for my taste buds. From the presentation to the taste, everything about the food at City Café and Grill was delightful.

To end the meal on a sweet note, I ordered a highly recommended dessert – Molten Lave. The quality of Molten Lave Chocolate was so divine that it had me tempted in licking off the plate. The warm chocolate ganache when flows from a moist chocolate cake had us all take out our phones for its picture. It was served with a scope of vanilla bean ice cream. Trust me, it was the winner!!!

All in all it was a delicious, hearty meal full of flavour, using excellent ingredients; it is definitely a go-to place for a unique experience. It is a great meal without a BIG dip in the wallet and I can’t wait to go back for more dreamy food. I can easily rate this new eatery at 9/10.

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