Is Noreen the only one?

Pakistan has been under fire from terrorist threat for a while now; operations have been underway to eliminate terrorism from our soil but despite strong efforts, we have not been able to eradicate terrorism completely.

A recent case is that of Noreen Laghari, an MBBS student, who had been missing from Hyderabad for two months. After investigation, police and agencies claim that she has joined the Daesh group. It raises the question what is influencing this shocking phenomenon, why would a MBBS student leave her profound degree to join a terrorist group? Noreen Laghari is not alone; there are many women across the world fleeing to join probably the deadliest terrorist organisation in the world ie ISIS.

According to the book ‘The undercover Jihadi Bride by Anna Errele’, there is an online world full of ISIS recruiters over social media that lure young girls into their web by prying on their weaknesses and insecurities, showing them a heavenly world on the other side.

It is likely that Noreen Laghari has fallen victim to one of these recruiters. According to ISPR reports, Noreen and fellow terrorists – one of whom has been killed – have been arrested in efforts to thwart a potential attack on a church on Easter Sunday. She has confessed to the crime, leaveing many of us confused as to why a girl with such potential would fall in such a trap.

She went missing in 2010 and upon reaching Syria she messaged her to inform her brother that she had reached the land of the caliphate. Vice Chancellor of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences is confident that Laghari was approached by an ISIS recruiter online. He states “we don’t think that she was approached by anyone within the university. We believe that she was contacted through social media…”

The recruitment of women into ISIS has been growing in the western world where women have been promised empowerment, the joys of family life, a loving husband, children, and anything else the recruiter may feel will assist in alluring them. Such cases are also on the rise in Pakistan.

Had Noreen been successful in her attempt to cause destruction at the Easter celebrations she would have been Pakistan’s first female suicide bomber, officially at least. It is likely that she had been brainwashed by an online recruiter promising her heaven and what not but the question which arises is how many more women similar to Noreen are out there?

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