Can PPP withstand PML-N and PTI development rhetoric?

It seems that the ruling party has spread tentacles of its development rhetoric in Sindh where the incumbent Prime Minister looks resolute to breach Zardari’s castle. However, the question of whether this gamble would pay off holds a significant importance.

PPP’s politics of populism revolving around the legacy of charismatic late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is dying and a power vacuum is being anticipated in the land of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai either sooner or later. Launching of Bilawal as the rightful heir of Bhutto has yielded devastated outcomes while Murad Ali Shah has failed to impress both masses and critics. Ostensibly, just like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, there seems a clear absence of a timely decision, power and narrative in PPP’s arsenal for upcoming general polls which offer PML-N and PTI the best opportunity to grab seats with the aggressive onslaught. While PML-N and PTI are placing their achievements parallel, PPP is still pondering how to get rid of Karachi’s garbage.

Admit it or not, PML-N has economic attainments in stores and its policy makers know how to cash them efficaciously. In recent visits, the premier has announced several uplift projects for various areas of Sindh. Nawaz is cunningly gluing failure of Sindh government with Zardari’s unbridled corruption while masquerading himself as saviour. Either directly or obliquely, Nawaz in his speeches labels Larkana throne the sole reason for miseries of Sindh.

Arguably, the performance of Imran-led PTI team in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa has also caught critics’ eyeballs.

Police reforms are the biggest jewel in the PTI’s crown apart from positive transformations in educational and judiciary sector. Think tank of Bani Gala has successfully established the perception that PTI is real opposition and there exists an undisclosed alliance between PML-N and PPP. Panamagate, came as a heavenly gift for PTI which used the leaks efficaciously to fortify its case in 2018 polls.

But all is not well. PTI is committing a mistake as party feels content in targeting urban areas which are considered stronghold of MQM-P. Despite PSP’s incessant onslaught and dynamic leadership of former Karachi Mayor Mustafa Kamal, it seems plausible that MQM-P would win the majority of provincial and National Assembly seats from urban areas. Even minus-Altaf formula failed in jolting Muttahida. Therefore, PTI must also focus on rural areas.

As far as Nawaz is concerned, he is following Modi’s policy which has earned the latter a sweeping victory in UP. Nawaz is ensuring Sindhis that a strong central, as well as provincial government, can cure PPP’s afflicted distress. Categorically, he is deploying careful caste management and social engineering formula and is using errors of Zardari against Sindh government. If PPP is thrown out of Sindh’s government, these outcomes will surely redefine Pakistan’s politics by introducing new healthy trends.


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