Will bring each child of Punjab to school, vows Shehbaz

Will bring each child of Punjab to school, vows Shahbaz

Education sector is the most important department for the success and development of any nation. Successful countries are those whose nations have high literacy rate. According to the data released by the Organization for Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2014, top ranked educated countries in the world are Russia, Canada, Japan, Israel and US.

Unfortunately for us, Pakistan is the worst in this department. According to the UNESCO report of 2014, Around 5.5 million children in Pakistan are out of school which is the second highest number in the world after Nigeria.

Many children are deprived of education in Pakistan as graph shows.

Sindh: The literacy rate in Sindh is below 50 % which means over half of the population of Sindh is not going to schools.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: According to the recent reports, KP’s literacy rate is 50%.

Balochistan: Only 28% of Balochistan’s population is literate.

Punjab: The performance of Punjab in education sector is quite better as compared to other provinces. The literacy rate of the province is 59% however the govt of Punjab is taking measures to improve the numbers.

On Thursday, Punjab govt took another step for the development of education sector as Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz inaugurated ‘Enrollment Drive 2017’ in Aiwan e Iqbal by entering names of two children. He also gave free books and articles to the students.

Punjab CM said that education is the top priority of Pakistan Muslim League – N (PML-N). He vowed to send each student of Punjab to schools before General Election 2018. He further said that the mindset of elites needs to be changed.

The impoverished deserves to enjoy equal benefit of national development i.e. quality education just like elite, said Shahbaz.

Punjab CM also appreciated the efforts of teachers. He said that the success of the campaign is in the hands of teachers as they are an essential part. CM Shahbaz promised training for the teachers as he believes that only well-trained teachers can get the best out of the students.

Shahbaz urged that the female students must get education with the slogan ‘Punjab ka har bacha lage school mn acha, chahe larki ho ya larka)

Multiple initiatives were taken for the reforms in education by Punjab govt. While addressing to the event, Education Minister of Punjab Rana Mashood ensured that the govt is ready to give quality education to less privileged families of Pakistan.

80,000 teachers will be appointed in different schools of Punjab, added Mashood.

He further said that 22,000 part time coaches will be the part of Punjab Education’s team who will convince the parents of those children who prefer work over education.

Every govt should take initiatives like that because only education can make the difference that the nation needs.

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