Will WWE ever be the same?

On Sunday, WWE WrestleMania marked its 33rd event. It is a roller coaster ride for the WWE fans. It’s all about surprises, speculations, heart-wrenching moments and exhilarating entrance of WWE superstars.

Undertaker was facing WWE’s upcoming face Roman Reigns. Like always, The ‘Phenom’ was featured in the main event as he always used to say that WWE was his yard. He lost to the emerging young man in his last WrestleMania battle. That was the most emotional scene of WrestleMania’s history perhaps as The Undertaker bade adieu to the WWE universe.

He placed his gloves, his coat and his hat in the middle of ring and walked back to the standing ovation of the doleful crowd yelling ‘Thank You, Taker!’

In WrestleMania 33, there were so many big matches on the paper, worthy enough to wake you up at 05 AM.

Triple H had to face what he called his creation. WWE needs more superstars to make their event more colourful. Seth Rollins is among those wrestlers who can be the big thing for WWE but the question is; can he replace the old dog HHH? I don’t think so. To be honest, ‘The Game’ is irreplaceable. The fights that he fought in his prime were exceptional. There was blood, broken bones, and, of course, sledge hammer. He had fought with the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock and The Undertaker.  No one can even beat his entrance. In WrestleMania 33, HHH again had something unique for WWE fans. He came out to a police escort on a huge cruiser along with his wife Stephanie. It was unique, no one has ever done this and no one can in future.

Shane O Mac had to make his contribution for the success of his father’s company. He threw everything in the match that he lost against AJ Styles (which was expected). You can always have high flying Shane in the big events like this. In the match against Styles, Shane did what he always does.

Talking about surprises, this is the thing that I always like about WWE. Bringing back the Hardy Boys was the best idea to me. We had the risk taker high flying Jeff Hardy flying from the top of the ladder to entertain the crowd. It brought me back to the old days when Hardys used to be the tag team champions.

It was huge to see the names of Goldberg and ‘The Beast’ Brock Lesnar on the cards. But the impact of the match was not really huge to be honest. Goldberg has passed his prime. He is an old man with a wife and a kid. The purpose of bringing back Goldberg was to make the crowd excited. However, the result was also expected as Brock was forced to lose against Goldberg twice before WrestleMania.

Ever heard about the Big Match John? Yes, I know who that guy is. But I have not seen that man in the Wrestlemania 33. The guy who we used to call Big Match John Cena was in a mixed tag team match which led him to propose his girlfriend. Imagine the tough guy having ‘aww moment’ in WWE’s biggest event.

But this is what Cena is capable of doing in big matches…

I can only praise Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. They had the amazing match and the right winner. This was the only match of WrestleMania 33 that gave some satisfaction.

I give full marks to WWE for their efforts. They are trying hard to make WWE what it used to be. They are trying to bring back the attitude era when all things were bloody.

The truth is WWE is running out of superstars so they are turning to the old ones. But the sad truth is; the old superstars are not like the way they used to be. Triple H has passed his prime. Undertaker is retired now. WWE has no charisma of Shawn Michaels. They can’t have fight like Stone Cold, The Rock, The Undertaker and HHH used to have. The only old school superstar left in WWE is Randy Orton. But the point is, for how long can Randy carry this old school legacy? For how long Jeff can fly that high? We have to admit that WWE and WrestleMania are not the same like they used to be in the attitude era.

But hey, before you leave, say farewell to ‘the phenom’, ‘the dead man’, ‘the man from the dark side’, ‘the indestructible force’, the ‘man who cannot be destroyed’. Taker lives on.

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