Sehwag again shows how ‘alt+right’ is not just an American problem today

Virendra Sehwag has once again opened his mouth, and this time it was for the worse. Tweeting against Gurmehar Kaur over displaying solidarity with two Muslim students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Sehwag once again showed how little does he know about war and how weak his philosophical basis is regarding political thought. Obviously, it is not a cricketer’s job to have a good political understanding, but then again, it’s not a cricketer’s job either to hurl abuse at every fly passing.

What happened this time is that Umar Khalid,PhD student of JNU, was scheduled to speak at Ramjas College of Delhi University on February 23. But the ‘alt+right’ Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s (RSS) student wing Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) threatened the students and the college administration to cancel the event, which the college eventually did, but only after the clashes between the Ramjas College students and ABVP goons, who not only threatened to rape women but also beat many of them up. The police remained a silent spectator throughout, and when they did make a move, it was for the worse as they started beating up a random man standing at the scene. They later learnt that the man was actually a journalist and had to apologise with him.

Gurmehar Kaur, who had released a video last year supporting peace between India and Pakistan, in which she had said that her father, an Indian soldier who had died fighting Pakistan in a war, was not killed by Pakistan but by war, came out in Umar Khalid’s support. All she did was to post a photo of her carrying a placard in her hands that read: I am a student from Delhi University. I am not afraid of ABVP. I am not alone. Every student of India is with me. #StudentsAgainstABVP

The simple photo was enough to kick the bomb as all the ultra nationalists like Virendra Sehwag, Randeep Huda and the Dangal-fame Babita Phogat came up with responses to this one simple message, exposing their love for the extremist ABVP in the process.

Virendra Sehwag took a cheap shot at Kaur by hitting at her video released last year. Bragging once again about his triple century that he had once scored against Pakistan, Sehwag said that it was his bat that had scored those runs, not him.

It was certainly the maximum he could have come up with. It may be suggested to him to spend some time with Kapil Sharm. Viru will still probably fail to make people laugh at his jokes but won’t at least make us laugh at him after some training with the seasoned comedian.

This ‘alt+right’ is not just an Indian problem. It is in abundance in all parts of the world today. Even the United States, once the bastion of liberal thought in the world, is now being ruled by Trump. Pakistan has always been the hotbed for extremists and terrorists of all kinds, though we still ostensibly believe that it is India behind all of it. As Hoodbhoy had put it, liberals are facing an uphill task everywhere. But by attacking Gurmehar’s message against war, Sehwag has actually hit a new low.

There were others who joined Sehwag. Babita Phogat was one of them. She also parroted the same age-old “I condemn rape threats but….” mantra, when confronted by CNN news18 senior editor Pallavi Ghosh.

Randeep Hooda also joined the same camp by coming up with the argument often thrown in by the Malala haters in Pakistan that ‘the poor girl is being used as political pawn’. He took another leaf from the same hate group by bracketing the dissenters with the ‘other’ as he told Shekhar Gupta that he was also probably one of those using Kaur ‘as political pawn’.

I don’t know if it’ll work for them or not. What I do know is that it hasn’t worked in the past for anyone. It didn’t work in Germany, it didn’t work in Bengal, it hasn’t worked in Kashmir during all these years, it hasn’t worked in Balochistan; it just will never work. Liberal thought is what makes humanity a reality. It seems no one is ready to learn, and those who are can at will be declared traitors and ‘pawns’.

Gurmehar Kaur’s video that was a heart burn for every war-lover like Sehwag and made every liberal fall in love with Kaur:

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    U worry about it own country.thousands of shias have been killed and he so-called porki constitution do not even consider ahhamadiyyas as Muslims.

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