An open letter to my fellow Pakistanis

Dear Friends,

Aren’t you tired yet? I won’t ask how you are because I know how it feels to be afraid each day. These past days, Pakistan has suffered a lot of damage, whether it’s Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Sehwan or any other part. Everywhere our friends, relatives, families have been injured or dead. Today, when I step out of my house for work, my family prays for me to come back safe. They switch on the TV and follow the news. It seems as if the dark times are reaching out again and many of us feel helpless about it. But trust me this is the exact time when we all have to take a step forward. We Pakistanis must raise our voice fearlessly against these terrorists.

We are the common people, the only sufferers of such deeds in Pakistan. Our security forces were not able to eradicate the evil properly. They keep launching operations after operations. The chiefs keep taking vows to diminish terrorism. Politicians keep condemning the attacks. And the common man continues to be a prey of these militants. Each institution seems to be following a separate agenda. It’s like they have forgotten that they all have to protect this country and this can only be done when all of them combine together.

This all needs to stop. We all have to refrain from acting like the mere fragile, who look up to either the so-called leaders or the security forces for protection. It’s time to become an asset for the nation. We have to remember that all the brave hearts of our country were once one of us. The activists we see today are people like you and me. Our beloved Jinnah was a common man too. This is the time to rise against these militants together. The awaam of Pakistan needs to be vigilant. We have to keep an eye on our surroundings. We have to make sure that no innocent is punished and no criminal is left unpunished. We may crticise the government but we have to ask the others too because blind faith on anyone is harmful for the nation.

I urge my fellow citizens to be aware. Let us all join our hands and do whatever it takes to eradicate terrorism from our beloved Pakistan, the land of Pure.

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