Is La La Land destined to sweep Oscars

The last time any Hollywood movie was nominated for a staggering 14 Oscar awards happened for the 70th Academy Awards, taking place on March 1998, as James Cameron’s Titanic took the star-studded event by storm and equaled the record for the most number of Oscars won by a Hollywood film, previously held by Ben-Hur (1965), with 11 accolades to its name. This time, however, La La Land seems to be all set to create equally enormous waves and make history.

Released in November 2016, La La Land is a tale of two lovers — two dreamers, in fact — who look to follow their own diverging destinies with the hope that fate does not make them part ways. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone star as the lead characters of the film as the twists and turns the film entails not only make one fall in love with their brilliant acting but forces the viewer to hum along the many beautifully composed songs that are part of the movie.

What makes La La Land different from other productions is its musical approach that initially surprises the average viewer who is not quite used to this diverging take on rather traditional love stories. Once settled, the film takes the audience on an epic journey of ups-and-downs concerning the lives of a couple which is the embodiment of true love.

Nominated for 14 Oscars for the 89th Academy Awards due to take place on February 26th, 2017, La La Land is predicted to bag quite a handful of the iconic golden statues primarily owing to all the vibrancy the film entails along with the energetic performances of its main cast, and surely due to its much praised songs that were, beyond any doubt, executed magnificently.

The film has been named for the Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Original Music Score and the Best Original Screenplay – to name a few of its many nominations. Stone and Gosling have also been named for Best Actor and Actress, respectively, whereas Damien Chazelle has his name in the list for the award of the Best Director – none of these individuals have an Oscar to their name at the time of this writing.

La La Land took 2017’s Golden Globe Awards by storm and won all seven of its nominations, winning the titles of Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Original Song, and Best Original Score – hence setting a new record of the most number of Golden Globe Awards won by any movie.

Out of the its record 11 nominations for the 70th British Academy Film Awards, La La Land was able to win five awards, including that of Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, and Best Film Music. The movie has been given a rating of 8.5/10 by IMDb, is considered to be 93% fresh by Rotten Tomatoes, and has been given an equal score of 93% by Metacritic.

These statistics solidify La La Land’s chances for greatness at the Oscars as well. Other movies that are predicted to give the movie a bit of tough time, specifically for the Best Film category, include Arrival, Manchester By The Sea, and, perhaps, Lion – due to their powerful stories.

Movies like La La Land are somewhat a rare piece of production owing to the many aspects they carry. Whatever might be the outcome for the film at the Oscars, it evidently deserves at least one watch by any individual claiming to be interested in Hollywood productions. Provided that one does not have a bias against Gosling, Stone, and good music, it can be said with quite some certainty that La La Land will prove to be a wonderful experience for any viewer – or at least will make one hum City of Stars, out of sheer affection.

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