Expecting nothing less than excellence from ‘Sammi’

Sammi currently has began on Hum TV Network, and it talks about Vanni.

Vanni, a 400-year-old practice where tribes/families barter a girl, usually 4-14 years in age, in order to settle any crime (murder, money related matters) or dispute. This practice, called Vanni in Punjab, Swara in KPK, Ajai in Baluchistan and Sang Chatti in Sindh is considered unlawful under the Pakistani Penal Code Section 310-A, where anyone who gives a ‘female in marriage or otherwise badal-e-sulah’ is to be punished and given imprisonment from 3-10 years.

After Udaari, Hum TV is back with tackling an important social issue. Set in rural Punjab again, directed by Saif e Hassan, who was recently behind the masterpiece Sang e Mar Mar, and written by Noor ul Huda Shah, who needs no introduction, Sammi stars Mawra Hocane and Adnan Siddiqui – both of whom look convincing in their respective roles.

The audiences are to expect nothing less than excellence from such a fantastic team with such a fantastic track record. The Pakistani entertainment medium must be appreciated in bringing about these social issues forward and because of the fact that the reach of Pakistani dramas is far and wide, we can hope that through these dramas the awareness will surely reach people and help them understand that these archaic and barbaric practices must be stopped.

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