The path-breaking movies that Pakistan loved during 2016

2016 was the year which proved that Pakistani Film industry can take risks. In the past, only the movies which had commercial value used to be released in Pakistan, to guarantee the success and high return on investment. In the year 2016, Pakistani cinema witnessed the release of movies which were different and based on realities. For any film industry, the winning edge is to produce movies on multiple topics – topics other than usual romantic, action and comedy genre. Pakistani audience never witnessed a biopic but in 2016 we got a chance to watch a biopic as well. Similarly, a movie based on war and its aftermath was also released which was liked by those who could recall that time frame. These Pakistani movies might not have performed amazingly at the box office but were very nice attempts to make Pakistani cine-goers realise that provided a chance and good script, anything is possible in Pakistani film industry. Following are the 5 path breaking Pakistani movies which were released in 2016.

  • Saya-e-Khuda-e-Zuljalal

Although the movie couldn’t score well at the box office but it had some great scenes and sequences which awed its audience. For instance the war sequence in the movie is the highlight that is nicely directed, amazingly written and brilliantly added in the narration. Making a film of war is truly something fresh for Pakistani viewers.

  • Salute

Based on the real life tragedy, Salute is the finest attempt to bring back the emotional elements associated with Aitezaz Hassan. Shahzad Rafique proved that he has the knack of making a film which is rich on script, direction and message oriented cinema. Pakistani audience will love to watch more like Salute; that’s for sure.

  • Mah-e-Mir

Although last year Manto had raised the bar but this year Mah-e-Mir is another attempt to transform the taste of Pakistani audience and let them orientated with the classic. Mah-e-Mir received mixed response at the box office but if filmmakers continue to strive in the same direction, they will soon be able to make the audience mature and we’ll soon be able to watch some quality cinema in Pakistan.

  • Maalik

Maalik faced many bans and controversies this year, right from the release date till the re-release date. But as they say, a good attempt never goes in vain, Maalik also made a strong impact. Audience loved the movie, besides a few glitches of course. The movie was later released on Youtube and those who cannot access cinema watched it over Youtube and praised it. The idea of Maalik was good and it is time that movies on such topics are made – result is obvious; audience loved it.

  • Abdulllah

Those who can recall the incident, on which Abdullah is based, have tremendously loved the movie and cried their hearts out when watching it. A movie that is based on reality and free from any fake amalgamation is hardly witnessed in Pakistani cinema.

Let us expect that in 2017, Pakistani film industry will continue to produce more meaningful and reality oriented movies for the viewers.

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