Dangal review: Aamir Khan biggest revolutionary in Indian cinema

With Dangal, Aamir Khan proves once again that he is one of the biggest revolutionaries in Bollywood right now.

The film Dangal is about Mahavir Singh Phogat, a wrestling champion from India, who grooms his two daughters to become wrestlers and win the gold for their country. Aamir plays Mahavir – the star gained a pot belly for his role and lost the weight again for the flashback scenes. The weight becomes a character of its own as it adds to Mahavir Singh’s struggle in creating a space for his daughters in a system and in a society that has no place for successful women in a man’s game.

Zaira Wasim and Fatima Sana Shaikh are truly revelations. It is so heartwarming to see new talent show their mettle instead of star children being offered roles much less than their talent’s breadth. The film’s soundtrack is punchy and soulful, the writing is skilful and at the end of it, the performance knocks it out of the park as a sure hit.

Dangal will make you want to turn your daughters into fighters; it will make you want to forget everything you ever knew about parenting girls. It will make you think that your sons and your daughters are equal and it will make you believe in the power of hard work, consistency and honesty. Definitely a must-watch!

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