Narendra ModiThreat to Indian liberalism and secularism

Few minutes after the attack in Uri town, Baramulla District of Indian Occupied Kashmir that had left 17 Indian soldiers dead, yet again the Indian media and Narendra Modi’s ministers started blaming Pakistan for the attack. It was not the first time that India reacted recklessly without any substantial evidence. Similar blame game was carried out from Indian side each time there was a terror attack, notable of which are Pathankot attack January 2016, Mumbai attack in November 2008 and Indian Parliament attack in December 2001.

India-Pakistan relations have always been on a roller-coaster ride however; ever since the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office, the bilateral relations between the two neighbouring countries seem to become rocky and more tensed.

Narendra Modi belongs to the rightwing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and BJP victory in General Elections 2014 was the result of Anti-Muslim and Anti-Pakistan slogans during the election campaign.

Astonishingly, in Indian constitution after 42nd amendment passed in 1976, the description of India was changed from a “sovereign democratic republic” to a “sovereign, socialist secular democratic republic”.

World knows Narendra Modi as a great leader of world’s largest democratic country but many people are unaware about his history or may be world is intentionally hesitant to talk about it in order to safeguard their own interests.

While Narendra Modi’s government in Kashmir is implementing “Doval Doctrine” of Indian national security advisor Ajit Doval, Indian forces continue using lethal pellet guns leaving hundreds of Kashmiri Muslims blind and brutally killing them who are protesting the death of Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani.

Doval Doctrine

Indian NSA Ajit doval, the ex-spymaster in his speeches had clearly mentioned that recent turmoil in Occupied Kashmir was manufactured and orchestrated move by Pakistan. He blamed

Doval had said in 2010 and says it even in 2016 that the protests are not due to an uprising by civil society.

Amid a Kashmir uprising in 2010, Ajit Doval, had said that instead of being coerced into talking to Kashmiri secessionists, India needed to deliver decisive blow to Pakistan

In another speech in 2014, months before Doval became NSA he offered “Defensive Offence” to tackle Pakistan. He said “you do one Mumbai and you lose Balochistan,” He continued that “Pakistan’s vulnerability is many times higher than India’s. Once they know that India has shifted its gear from defensive mode to Defensive offence, they will find that it is unaffordable for them.”

Although there are enough evidences of Indian meddling in Baluchistan, the recent one was the episode of Indian RAW agency’s Spy Kalbhoshan Yadev captured by Pakistani agencies in Balochistan. The captured spy in his confessional video accepted his involvement in sabotaging China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and his role in coordinating terrorist’s attacks in Karachi and Baluchistan.

But when Pakistan raised human rights’ violations in Kashmir at the world forum, Narendra Modi tried to divert world’s attention from occupied Kashmir. Indian premier on 15th August 2016 staged fake drama of human rights violations in Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan.

World recognizes Narendra Modi as a powerful Prime minister of India being the largest democracy in the world but it is imperative to know his background. How he entered in politics, where he served earlier and with whom he was associated in the past?

Narendra Modi was born to lower middle-class parents in northern Gujarat on September 17, 1950. He started politics in 1971 by joining extremist Hindu group RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh).

A US-based risk management and consulting company has put the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in its category of ‘Threat Group’ and called it “a shadowy, discriminatory group that seeks to establish a Hindu Rashtra, a Hindu Nation.”

“The RSS was banned in 1948 following the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by an ex-RSS member, Nathuram Godse. The ban was lifted the following year. Since then, the group has gained popularity. It later began the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), widely considered the political arm of the RSS, which now heads the central government of India.”

The current political right wing extremist party of Narendra Modi Bhartia Janta Party rooted from the RSS.

The Vishva Hindu Parishad abbreviated VHP, is another right-wing Hindu nationalist organization based on the ideology of Hindutva and rooted from RSS as well.

Shiv Sena another far right wing Hindu extremist party has similar ideology as RSS, BJP and VHP.

Man who assassinated India’s great leader Mahatma Gandhi Nathuram Godse was also a member of RSS.

Godse was against the philosophy of Muhatma Gandhi’s fasts in order to fulfill his demands. One of the fasts Gandhi kept was for the release of funds for Pakistan after the division of sub-continent. Indian government had to release the funds as a result of Gandhi’s protest fast. RSS considered this as a great sin of Muhatma Gandhi as he supported Muslims. Gandhi was assassinated due to this hatred of RSS against him.

Stanley Wolpert, an American academic and author clearly mentioned in his book “Nine hours to Rama” the hatred of RSS and Nathuram Godse against Muhatma Gandhi and Muslims.

Extreme hatred against Muslims is the basis of all Hindu right wing parties including BJP, RSS, VHP and Shiv Sena. Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi is product of this hatred.

Narendra Modi was Gujrat’s Chief Minister when the riots against Muslims erupted in 2002 and thousands of Muslims were killed. Gujrat’s riots erupted as result of Godhra Railway Station incident in Gujrat where few Muslims burned a train. But no law of the world gives the permission to take revenge from people of other city.

There were special instructions to police to remain silent spectators when Hindus were brutally killing the Muslims in Ahmadabad, Gujrat.

Narendra Modi’s mentality and doctrine is anti Muslims and they want to take revenge of Kashmir unrest by deteriorating law and order situation in Baluchistan.

There are statements of Gujarat carnage witnesses that are on record and clearly mentioned that Narendra Modi directly ordered the police not to interfere in mass killings of Muslims.

It was the Gujarat’s convictions that Narnedra Modi was banned from travelling to US and European countries for many years. It is surprising that such type of convict and extremist Hindu person became the Prime minister of India.

After he became the Prime minister the travelling restrictions were lifted from him and he received VIP protocol in US. Not only in US but he even addressed the British parliament.

To change the perception of radical personality of Narendra Modi BJP funded two English books on Modi.

The book, The Modi Effect, was released earlier this year by Lance Price, the British author and

Dr. Andy Marino is another British writer who is the author of “Narendra Modi: A Political Biography”.

BJP might fool the world to change extremist image of Narendra Modi but BJP and Modi can’t fool Muslims of India and Pakistan. His hands are soaked with innocent Muslim’s blood.

Indian politics has turned from politics of inclusiveness to politics of exclusion as soon as Narendra Modi took office of Prime minister.

Ever since Modi took office, no minority including Muslims, Low cast Hindus , Sikhs or Christians feel protected and safe in so called liberal India .

Minorities’ right to live is violated on regular basis. No day passes when incidents of killing or abuse are not reported.

The absurd situation is that, until recently, search engines Google listed Narendra Modi name in the list of top criminals. But recently a law is implemented in India named “Geo Spatial Law”. This will make it mandatory to take permission from a government authority before acquiring, disseminating and publishing or distributing any geospatial information of India. And this warning is for all websites including Google, Facebook on the bill called Geo special.

Narendra Modi is political successor of the people who killed Mahatma Gandhi preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement.

Matter of great concern is that Indian politics is at a stage where they couldn’t find any other leader except Narendra Modi.

Europe and US might ignore this concern because they feel threatened from another emerging power China but for Pakistan this is the matter of our existence and survival. We need to recognize this enemy and protect us from the enemy’s attack. India in the leadership of Narendra Modi is trying its level best to create its hegemony in the region but strong proactive measures should be taken to counter the evil strategies of the Narendra Modi.

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