Remembering that soothing voice of Junaid Jamshed

The sad news of Junaid Jamshed’s death in PK-661 crash sparked not only shock but great grief within and outside Pakistan. The heart-throb singer was once applauded for his youthful voice when he sang for the band ‘Vital Signs’, which included Rohail Hyatt and Shahzad Hasan too. The melody of ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ in his voice still reverberates in the hearts of young and old.

When he rose to fame, album after album, his songs became a matter of shared love. With the passage of time, Junaid became a public figure who was praised for his good looks and exceptional singing ability. It will not be any exaggeration to call ‘Aitebar’ as one of the most loved songs of its time. Just notice the loud cheers from audience in the beginning of this heart-melting song.

However, Vital Signs came upon a split. But that didn’t stop Junaid to pursue his musical career. Even though he went solo, his album ‘Us Rah Par’ received praise from the music critics and became a bestseller. Most of the songs were written by Junaid himself. ‘Ankhon Ko Aankhon’ by Junaid Jamshed can still be heard as a contemporary beat.

His vocals were among the originals, his style was beyond elegance. Not to mention the good looks which are evident in ‘Us Raha Per’.

The real shocker came when Junaid shifted from singing to be an Islamic preacher. In the traditional Pakistani society, this change was welcomed with open arms. Junaid put the same energy of music in presenting himself as a simple, humble human being. The scholarly discourse with a touch of in-depth religious knowledge about the Islamic affairs did no harm to his already spectacular personality. The same fascinating voice had consequently begun to praise the Creator.

Being named in The Muslim 500 as one of the “World’s Most Influential Muslims”, Junaid never let go of his modest character. After getting close to God, he was hardly seen badmouthing about anyone. The news of his tragic death has saddened the people from all walks of life, including his colleagues from charity work, actors, journalists, cricketers and other prominent celebrities. Till date, he is praised by everyone who has met him.

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