Iqbal – A lost dream

You wanted to see us on a progressive path; you wanted a separate country for the Muslims. You dreamt of a heaven for us but as you said “Khuda ny ajj tak qoom k hallat nahi badli…na ho jisko khayal app apni halat badalny ka”

We have gone back in to the dark ages, we “the youth” is unable to find a way out. The more we try the more we are pushed back.

O man of vision! We are caught in the shackles of unemployment; we are facing health, education, law & order issues. Despite all we want to grow, this greed for all this has made us blind and now we are self-centered more. We want to see our self successful but as individual, sorry we are no more honest for the community because we want to fulfill all our desires.

You were born and raised in Punjab and buried here too. Our federal government canceled the holiday of ‘Iqbal Day’, barred us from paying tribute to “Poet of East”. We didn’t bother, no voices raised against this, because we are self-centered in our lives and problems. Sindh government celebrates ‘Iqbal Day’ and we observed a “Trump Victory”.

Embarrassing your creation, now no one dare dreams about the country.

Accept my apology!

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