Obscene display of fitness by our cricketers

The recent remarks of a political leader of the ruling part on the choice of method the Pakistani cricket players make to celebrate their victory have me stunned. It pains me to know how difficult it must have been for him to take precious time out of his tightly packed schedule dedicated to serving and addressing the innumerable problems that are the plight of the common Pakistani man to address this problem. I am sure it must have been a real challenge to comment on this critical issue which is a testament that Pakistan is indeed under able leadership who go beyond the call of duty merely for the welfare of the people and because of their undying love for the motherland. Indeed, such are the selfless and visionary leaders this country needs and whose names will be remembered in times to come.

You ask me how? I wish this altruistic act of the minister only had a single advantage so it could have been easier for me to write but fortunately for my readers, who I am sure endorse this leader as much as I do, it’s more complex. Imagine the level of thought and brainstorming involved in finally commenting on the awkward celebratory style of our national cricket team! How embarrassed must our leadership have been to finally speak up and break the silence on this “issue”? No one should be tested beyond their limits because even saints like him have a limit to their patience.

Push-ups? Do the players not know any way better than this to humiliate us internationally? What could even cause them to do such an outrageous thing? Do they not know that they are representatives of this country and that an action like this could have serious implications, perhaps even isolate Pakistan? Even though I am highly disappointed in the players for acting this carelessly but being an optimist, there is a bright side to this; yes, to an issue like this too. For one, this preposterous act of the players has mobilised the leader into courageously telling the players that this country is administered on rules and laws. These rules are not to be taken lightly and the failure to comply will lead to exemplary punishment (vitriol in this case) without making any exceptions, even if you are a cricket star who has earned the country a place in the international rankings and therefore brought it prestige. Because of course, no one is above ‘the law’!

Secondly, and most importantly, according to this brave leader, what kind of messages are these players trying to convey and to whom? Now you might question his wisdom behind this question but I don’t. And the profound reason behind this made me emotional. Well, we are a nation of tolerant people who respect everyone regardless of their religion, ethnicity, colour, race etc and most of all their physical appearance. We are known for being very accepting of people because we don’t judge people on their physical form so naturally we do not encourage flaunting physical fitness publicly by doing push-ups because that would be plain inconsiderate! How must those less privileged people who cannot exhibit such fitness feel about themselves? It could cause low self-esteem because certainly what more do we need than to be in the best form physically? Because obviously according to the actions of this leader, security of life and property, provision of the basic amenities required for living and economic prosperity aren’t the least of concerns for us commoners. As long as we feel good looking at ourselves in the mirror and don’t get complexes regarding the failure to do push-ups.

Here’s to celebrating and cherishing leaders like him who have surely set the priorities straight in furthering the splendid cause of ‘national’ interest.

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