This Halloween, let’s get scared from some haunted places in Pakistan

Since childhood, we all have been hearing scary stories about ghosts and paranormal activities. However, there are certain places which are famous due to the association with such stories and events. With Halloween being around the corner, I decided to cover places associated with such stories, events and activities. Here are some of those haunted houses of this country that might give you sleepless nights:

Koh-i-Chiltan, Balochistan

Located in Balochistan, there is a haunted mountain called Koh-i-Chiltan, which means ‘forty bodies’. According to legends, a couple lived in the vicinity of this mountain. Blessed with forty babies, the couple couldn’t manage to feed all of them and decided to leave them on the mountain. When the mother returned next day, the children had disappeared. Therefore, even now the summit is claimed to be haunted by the souls of those babies. People claim to have heard sounds of crying babies at night. It is also said that anyone who visits Koh-i-Chiltan, never returns.

Would you like to have some solitary moments here? 😉

Koh i Chiltan
Koh i Chiltan

Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa, Balochistan

Who doesn’t love oases? But sometimes, we do not know what lies behind the beauty. Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa is said to house thousands of 2-feet long fish. If you are interested in fishing, this is not the ideal place to practice the passion. The fish are said to attack anyone who tries to hunt or even harm them.

Machli khaye ga? Machli khaye ga? (Amir Liaquat style)

Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa
Pir Chattal Noorani Gandhawa

Mohatta Palace, Karachi

Mohatta Palace is famous not only for its elegant architecture but for other reasons as well. It is commonly known among people of Karachi that several items are moved from here to there despite finding from investigations that no human ever did it. People living in the neighbourhood have observed moving lights at night without anyone carrying them.

Mohatta Palace - Picture credit:
Mohatta Palace – Picture:

Chaukhandi Graveyard, Karachi

Chaukhandi Graveyard is 600-year-old graveyard of kings and queens located near National Highway Karachi. Despite having ancient aura, no one dares to visit the area post sunset. It is said that apparitions have been observed and screams have been heard along with graves becoming warm as the night falls.

Shireen Cinema, Karachi

If there are cinemas for humans, why can’t we have them for the ghosts? Shireen Cinema in Karachi is known to be the favourite movie and popcorn place for ghosts for a long time. People claim to have seen shadows lurking around and heard noises from inside of the cinema even in the absence of corporal beings.

Forget Conjuring, Annabel or SAW, go to Shireen Cinema for a taste of real time horror film 🙂

Shireen Cinema

House No 39-K, Karachi

As children, we have read stories about women in white clothing strolling around houses and streets. Well, if you actually want to live those stories, do visit House number 39-K, Block 6 at PECHS. It has been heard that a pale woman, clad in white, wanders around the house and disappears by 3 in the morning.

Now this place sounds interesting for some daredevils …

House No 39 K, Karachi
House No 39 K, Karachi

Dalmia Road – Bride of Karsaz, Karachi

Whether you live in Karachi or not you must have heard about the Bride of Karsaz. The legend reveals that a newly married couple was passing through this road when they had an accident. Since then, a beautiful bride in red appears on the road at night. Travellers have faced mysterious events. Therefore, it is advised not to take the Dalmia Road when you are alone.

Bride of Karsaz
Dalmia Road – Karsaz

Hawk’s Bay Haunted House, Karachi

All houses are not to be rented. Well, it is true at least in the case of Hawk’s Bay Hut. The myth claims that weddings of Jinns are performed here and they don’t appreciate unwanted guests. This is one of the reasons why this house never gets rented. Still, if someone is daring enough to rent the house, they can hardly stay for a single night.

Anybody willing to take up the challenge?

Hawk’s Bay Haunted House, Karachi
Hawk’s Bay Haunted House, Karachi

The Sheikhupura Fort, Sheikhupura

The Sheikhupura Fort, built in the Mughal era is in a very bad shape. Despite its poor condition, no contractor or labourer agrees to work as it is believed the fort is haunted by ghosts of the queens which used to live there.

The Sheikhupura Fort, Sheikhpura
The Sheikhupura Fort, Sheikhpura

Shamshan Ghaat, Hyderabad

This 250-year-old graveyard is said to be haunted by the ghosts of spirits which couldn’t leave earth. Hindus perform their burial rituals here. According to some people, children can be seen and heard playing there from dusk to dawn. They disappear right before sunrise and no one has ever seen those kids using gates to enter or leave the graveyard (even writing this is giving me chills down my spine).

Shamshan Ghaat, Hyderabad

Kalabagh Dam, Punjab

It is said that ghost of a gruesome woman looms over the Kalabagh Dam. If she finds anyone staring at her, she attacks the onlooker. Well, keep your eyes focused on the road and stop staring here and there, who knows when you might get attacked 😉

Caution: Don’t stare at any short heighted, shabby woman.

Kalabagh Dam, Punjab
Kalabagh Dam, Punjab

DHA Phase 3, Z-Block, Lahore

It is commonly known by Lahoris that a house in Z-Block, DHA, is spooky. Many exorcisms have been performed but all in vain. This is one of the reasons why the property price is low in the neighbourhood.

Well, post Finance Bill 2016-2017, I don’t think we need such stunts to decease the property prices.

Lala Rukh Colony, Abbotabad

Another personal experience was shared by someone in the comments section of blog. According to the comment, there is a house in Lala Rukh Colony, Abbottabad, which a family constructed to perfection. However, when the family shifted, the very next day their son was found dead on the second floor. Since then, no one has been able to stay there for long as weird and creepy things still happen.

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