Response to the supporters of Molana Tariq Jameel

I wrote a blog few months back asking few questions from Moulana Tariq Jameel – an eminent religious figure – titled “May I dare ask few questions from Moulana Tariq Jameel”. The response I received was a mixed reaction including both criticism and appreciation. I gathered that there arose few misconceptions regarding the take of this topic. Considering the sensitivity of the subject I thought to clear the ambiguities and reply to the questions that were repeatedly asked.

Firstly, the title of the blog gave heads-up to a lot of readers that the blog has an intention to criticies Moulana Tariq Jameel or is written as a hate speech against him. I must tell that I am a frequent listener of his sermons and by all means respect and regard his work and scholarly efforts. Also, not through a single verse of my blog I tried to prove that Tableegh should be replaced by politics. I am a firm believer that societies are constructed on moral values and love for humanity for which Islam practiced the tool of Tableegh, through which the real essence of Islamic teachings can be inculcated among the people. Considering the case of Pakistan it could be analysed that during the course of time in which Tableegh have spread and penetrated in the grassroots level the result that was expected didn’t actually appear and the graph of morality smoothly declined. Crime rate has gone up, public unrest has multiplied and the political system has deteriorated. This doesn’t suggest that Tableegh as a tool failed to serve the purpose but subject needs a deep analysis of the entire case. To my understanding of the case, I found that the reason why the desired results weren’t obtained was because of our common narrative that keeps religion and politics aside. One should not forget that politics is a segment of Deen like tableegh. Separating the two or practicing a single in isolation impacts the effectiveness of both. That’s the core point that explains why unfortunately the regions with maximum Tableeghi network didn’t improve as a society as expected.

Politics is a heritage of Prophets and Holy Prophet (s.a.w) himself is a role model as a politician, whose life if viewed through this lens, tells that He (s.a.w) kept Tableegh as a continuous factor throughout his life through which He (s.a.w) taught people about their rights to live freely according the commandments of Allah and not to surrender to any unjust rule. His movement of social awareness and struggle against injustice was a pivotal part of His tableeghi mission. He (s.a.w) led through the expeditions as a part of the struggle to replace the corrupt system with the one that Islam brought. The struggle continued until Makkah was conquered and the system was placed instead of the status-quo that prevailed for centuries. The practice of Sharia Laws made society a real depiction of the character that Tableegh aims to build in oneself. The expeditions that were made afterwards during the times of caliphates would not have been possible if Makkah was not conquered. This reveals that we have partially adopted the purpose of Tableegh by focusing to mount up personal deeds and not caring for the world around. Tableegh have been attributed apolitical which have done a lot to damage the result ratio that was expected out of it.

I respect the viewpoint that he should be encouraged to keep the momentum of Tableegh so that good values multiply in our society and that his responsibility in the specific sphere must not be brought under criticism because he is doing a great work in his capacity. I have a basic theory of correlating every bit of our society in a single knot. I firmly believe that there is a link of each step which any individual takes with the overall view of any society and that there is a need to keep one moderate according to the change in the external environment. Constructing my arguments on this basis I really find it hard to grasp the concept of isolating any particular field of life from the other and especially when it comes to a religion like Islam which is a “complete code of life” but we find this easy to pick a single tool and restrict ourselves to that. Adding to my arguments to defend that isolation is not a wise option, one must not forget the common story each one of us has heard about those who were destroyed by Allah as a penalty for not struggling to improve the societal conditions and keeping themselves isolated from the majority.

Few of the readers felt that as leaders come from within a society there should not be a blame game and that leaders are a true face of nation. I believe in this fact but the interpretation of it differs in what most of the people think. It should be noted that when people find their leaders as not to be a true representation, it is then how social outburst results in movements against those leaders. Revolutions become inevitable where the leaders and the system fails to satisfy public needs. So pacifying the sentiments by believing that the situation is given and one can’t alter in anyway doesn’t provide solution to the problem but instead this mindset strengthens our corrupt leaders.

For those of you who adhere to the fact that merely seeking repentance from Allah is how the system will change and the society will work as a perfect model, how is that going to work when a huge population belongs to other religions not believing what Quran preaches? And mainly to the part of society that doesn’t believe in the existence of Allah? The atheists. How would this convince those to our narrative? It was the reason that I previously quoted George Bernard Shaw’s statement that “You need to make the world honest before you honestly tell your children that honesty is the best policy” but it’s sad how most of the readers criticised “who” instead of “what”. In this criticism they lost the message it had.

The questions that I raised are still there to be answered. Why did Holy Prophet (PBUH) carried out such a long struggle along with tableegh until the Makkah was conquered and the Islamic system was placed in its stead? How does incident of Karbala sets precedence for a fight against the corrupt Yazeedi rule if merely the attribute of praying Istighfa’r would have done it alone with no practical effort alongside it? What argument would completely nullify the revolutions in the history of today’s successful nation that have proved to be the milestones? Does rule of law and a strict accountability not ensure a control on crime and regulation of affair effectively? How do same morally corrupt people perform in accordance with law when they are abroad under strict rule of law? Imagine if the rulers are held accountable by the system at their corruption and are disqualified on their unconstitutional behavior. Then do you think the termite of corruption would shatter the economy the same way? And will rulers dare to continue with their fearless corrupt acts with the same audacity? If the rapist is punished for his/her conduct, will anyone dare repeating the crime knowingly that they’d have to face the circumstances? Will the criminal not fear before committing the crime if he knows that nothing will help him escape the justice?

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  1. Haseeb says

    “To my understanding of the case, I found that the reason why the desired results weren’t obtained was because of our common narrative that keeps religion and politics aside.”
    Couldn’t agree more with this.

  2. aisha says

    Well analysed.i do agree with what u postulated.

  3. Ahsan Khan says

    Respected Ma’m, The Tableegh that is being done currently is in its preliminary stage. All your concerns will exactly be addressed and tackled when it advances gradually to its ideal stage. Lot of effort/endeavour/work is ahead to be produced with the current endeavour.

  4. Talha says

    One ov the reasons of bannu israel’s destruction was their irrelevant and meaningless questions :p

    1. Tariq says

      And I guess questions by the writer are very genuine
      Islam encourages genuine questioning
      Its Sunnat e Sahaaba
      Islam is indeed a code of life
      Anyone who believes in dividing it into segments and follows one while ignores or suppresses others… he does a disservice to the religion
      Someone is sticking only to jehaad
      Someone only to politics
      Someone only to tableegh
      And all discredit and undermine each other

      Isi liye baira gharq hay hamaara

  5. muhammad says

    That’s good to know that you are positive about him as well
    You talked about rise in crime rate and public unrest despite people doing tableegh this is seriously unfair to call it the failure of tableegh(God forbide) since it has very weak direct connection with lowering the crime rate and public unrest these two issues you mentioned are directly related to rule of law implemented by the state so poor comparison I say.
    Tableegh jamaat is not a project of the state where u wud expect to give u materialistic results its meant for spiritual results so its giving well..hope u got my point

  6. Qasim khan says

    So you are suggesting that tabligi jamat should start movement against government or injustice . Suppose they step in politics and succeed , now this is what will happen. They will implement sharia laws and others will stand alongside “mombatti mafia” protesting against it. You know rest of the story (sawat conspiracy) . In the end the whole tabligi jamat will be banned.

    انقلاب (revolution) word comes for arabic word قلب (heart), which means changing of hearts. They are working on it , this will take time but

  7. Aliza Khan says

    I agree with your analysis. The reason why Tableegh is not giving expected results is because it is being kept apart from politics while it is evident from history of bright Islamic era that Scholars also participated in politics. Tableegh is not just religion it is a system covering all aspects of society including politics. There is even no single official tableeghi member in our Parliament. Moral values are decreasing and number of poor people are increasing day by day. People want fair politicians, jobs and food. If they have empty stomachs and bad circumstances they will not go for tableegh.

    1. Traveller says

      With respect I would say that you have valid reasons, but solutions are elsewhere and the root cause is that each individual needs to be worked upon, and its happening, at the time of the Prophet (SAW) there were people with empty stomach but did not lack in acting on Deen, today we do not perform 5 daily prayers by which Allah(SWT) will make our daily bread and butter easy, as the solution lie in Nimaz and we are unaware of this? This will improve our economic situation and also many other circumstances is promised with nimaz.

      Life transformed in the time of the Prophet (SAW) surely it will in this time and age, Islam is the religion until the day of judgement and we should not be surfing the ocean but to obtain pearls require to go into the sea bed of the ocean. I hope it is helpful…

  8. Muhamamd Faisal says

    I totally agree with your argument. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, this advice is no doubt is good on individual level but practically, in order to change the society for good on a mass scale and in a timely manner, it’s simply not enough as It may work for some people but will not work for MANY others.

    If today, people are given absolute freedom of action and speech, without any fear of punishment, this world would be a mess in no time. In this scenario even if some people succeed to change a group of people, based on tableegh, on grass root level, that change is not gonna sustain unless some strict legislation system is imposed.

    Therefore, we should feel free to change ourself and other people on grass root level (bottom-up approach) but should also strive to change the system (top-bottom approach) as it is necessary to speed-up and to sustain the change on the mass scale. Otherwise, remember when a tree dies, it dies from the top.

  9. Rehan Tariq says

    I totally agree with the author as I believe that deen is the combination of both politics and shariah….. one cannot implement shariah, or make the society islamic without becoming into power…… just take an example of abdul.sattar eidhi…..he worked for years for.the betterment of the society specially in karachi…… he got fame, gave homes to many homeless, feed many poor, looked after orphans but today whether Karachi is free from poverty?? Still hundreds.are dying of hunger, poverty level is same………. coz hundreds of NGOs like eidhi even collectively cannot solve the probelms of a society as a government can do…… author mentioned perfectly that the conquer of Makkah was a must for coming caliphs to establish the ideal islamic states……… I wud disagree with the couple of respondents above that some time should be given to tableegh as it is just in its initial stage….. tableegh is in pratice from the day 1 in subcontinent since the muslims are here….
    secondly I also believe that molana tariq jameel and his jamat is doing great affort for tableagh which cannot be ignored or criticised in any mean…… But one should not expect the desired results from tableagh in isolation…..

  10. Ch.Munir Ahmad Kahloon says

    I fully agree with views expressed by the Author in his article.


    You raised valid arguments.If tableegh was the only sole purpose of Islam, then the whole incident of Karbala becomes objectionable.
    Standing against tyrant rulers is the biggest tableegh of Islam.Our Tableeghi/Dawat-E-Islami brothers should realise this fact, and the writer should better be prepared to be abused by Tableegi brothers

    1. Zohaib Rasul says

      It’s ur own opinion brother. Not the reality. Or fact. And lastly, ur opinion shows that u know nothing about tableegh or their jamaat system. Please make opinion after knowing the actual facts. Thanks. Please don’t b offended and no tableeghi will ever abuse.

  12. Abdul Samad says

    I don’t like Mr.Tariq Jameel.

  13. Fahim khan says

    I personally think that Tabligh is the duty of every muslim and it has nothing to do with results…because there are so many examples where prophets did Tabligh for more than centuries like Hazrat Nooh (PBUH), who did Tabligh for more than hundreds years and inspite of all his efforts only few embrassed Iman.So we can’t say that there were flaws in his preaching because we beleive that Hidayat is in the hand of Allah and to whom he want, will give.

  14. Gulzar Ahmed says

    I strongly agree with the author. Islam is a complete code of life and politics is its preliminary component. if we preach that every Muslim must follow the sun nah of Holy Prophet (S.A.W), is politics is not sun nah of Him(S.A.W.)? In Pakistan, Islam is not in its initial stages but has been practiced since centuries and mature enough to executed in its all forms. So all the organizations who are striving for to preach very basics of islam instead they should struggle to implement as a complete conduct of life. By doing so, they can get their desire results in a short span of time. This can not be possible without politics. As a great islamic thinker said


  15. Traveller says

    I agree and disagree with some of the comments given, but coming to the point there has been a lot change in every aspects of life within individuals and collectively within, on local and transnational level, however there is a lot more to do and surely changes are taking place within our society.

    I was born in England, with little knowledge about Islam, initially since contributing time as said and on completion of the duration it has benefited me mentally and physically, within my private and family life, career and led me towards even into Master Studies. This transformation was not restricted to myself or Muslims only, but having to respect others (non-Muslims) as humans and portray a good image built within, and our responsibility with good and clear intention a solution to many problems humanity faces.

    I would urge you to at least spend 3 days in Tableegh effort as stated for the sake of Allah(SWT), performing the daily procedure as organised for everyone and than you will understanding the transformation taking place. Wish you all the best InshaAllah.

  16. Sajid Ali says

    i have Question to all of you…
    what is your activity you people just point out to other do you know personally Mr Tariq jameel??
    some one take his picture and other wrote a column in it we have blind faith on column.OK if she write column so what you all are mature mind but you cant see actual his condition he is looking to tiered due to journey or may be some thing else.
    And if his servants serve him then what he has a right it because he paid them. and one thing please stop to point any one with out any evidence.

  17. psaas bukhari says

    In my opinion,the analysis is good attempt by author.The question are answerable from here if the question is only for to remove ambiguity then it will be answer, not for criticism on tabligue because there is nothing to satisfy the criticism .

  18. sabir hussain sabri says

    dear writer madam jawaria,
    i am just a student of islam but had spent 40 years in tableegh just after my engineering till date.
    you have mixed many questions in your article.first question is clear that mecca was the target of islam and
    law enforcement was only possible after it was conquered.
    second you have just jumped to kerbela event for what ? we are discussing thebleegh, its role in islam,its obligations on muslim,its effects and after effects of doing or not doing.who is responsible and who is not.what is role and aim , target and agenda of thebleegh. After all what effects thebleegh has on society?
    I am not clear that where comes tariq jamil in this entire scenario?what is his role in make or break of our society?he deserves punishment or award on doing thebleegh or not doing he the man behind the
    backwardness ,failure of system, lack of islamic values in pakistan?
    if society is tending to bend to freedom of actions and wants to put aside the ties and bonds,chains and restrictions of religion then tariq jamil is responsible, or it is failure on part of thebleegh or it is tragic end of thebleegh you think this collateral loss of values and breakage of religious limits and ridiculing of islamic education is failure of one man or one sector or one party or one individual?
    my dear madam ,it is every muslim’s sole responsibility to answere to allaha that he has failed to to obey the demand of faith.
    please understand that one party or one individual is not responsible in islam for the deterioration of the system.islamic check and balance is based on collective starts from home , then community then
    city and then country and then global in its entirety.
    each individual has two folds ,bi directional responsibilities in at his personal level and second on collective level.if collective level fails even then he is not absolved from individual’s level.he is answerable as father, as husband, as mother, as imam, as teacher, as head of community etc.
    crimes,moral decay,failure of basic laws of just ,rule of corruption and anarchy is not because thebleegh has failed in its goals or it has proven a foot mate ,or it has lost its worth in masses.
    the man who revived the mode of thebleegh about 80 years ago in 1935 or so , in dehli, moulana ilyas ra, did not declare that he is going to wipe the evils, eradicate corruption,bring rule of law,reinstate the justice stystem of islam,reproduce new society,bring new era to islam or so so…he simply said that our mission is to bring muslims to basics of islam ,….prayer and kelma….so he worked in that and that work is still in same manners and spirit being carried by all muslims.he never issued any agenda of change of government or making new constitution of islam or constesting for the election so that islam can be applied and issued and forced through governmnet machinery.he was not believer of assemblies,counsels,leages,leshkers,jamath etc. even he did not named the workers of its mission as thableghee jamath.rather this name is publically endorsed to these people who go for this mission.
    so it is not slackeness and failure or collapse of thebleegh or tariq jameel or any other person if society has not responded in majority of figures and as a look to those millions here and out side pakistan who have silently and calmly accepted the mission and doing to their best and not announcing any agenda, and not raising any monetary demand in public, not depending on government to issue any law rather acting by themselves.what else change is? what else revolution is? what else revival of islam is?
    thanks and regards.

  19. sabir hussain sabri says

    for madam jaweria…..i have few more words to add to my explanation….
    we must look to positive results of thebleegh instead of cursing and criticizing its role.first of it is not responsibility of any single individual to upright the the masses in one day or in one sitting or in one speech.
    revolutions, changes,modifications,up grading of any society is not achieved in one day nor by one is a collective process and a long termed agenda.
    we have to first do what is to be done and then see the results.we are in most of the cases like match viewers and do not want to play and exert ourself rather we want that someone else should play and i will only enjoy the result. this is not acceptable in islam……islam says first learn how to play…. then play and then let others to play.if you can not play then do not block the playground let others play.that is why when muslims blocked the ways for others to enter too islam then they were removed by the public and then happend what happend.
    regarding kerbella event….
    it is a unique example of fighting for the worth of truth and islamic cause when others are not.both yazeed and hussain were relatives of prophet; one very close and other a little distant through his wife…..
    but cause was given preference and not blood or relation. so it was a lesson for the generations that
    irrespective of numbers,relation,arms or no arms,one must withstand with truth and freedom of speech.
    this is enough for today.
    thanks and regards to all readers and muslims and pakistanis.

  20. HABIB says

    Those struggles in the past were against non-believers but again your point is valid and if you know and see Mulana Tariq Jameel do meet and give dawat to politician include our Prime minister and President.

  21. Saif Urrehman Ahmad says

    Thanks for those who made their points. Actually tabligh effort is not to change corrupt politicians or government. It is effort to change peoples mindset. Those who participate in Tabligh efforts are hardly one percent, ninety percent did not even pray five time a day, Society change when people changed. all prophets did such efforts that changed the people then society change itself. stages are as Imanyat, Ibadat, ikhlaqyat, sociaty (Maasharat), Maashyat (Economic) then sayasyat (Politics). Unfortunately we are trying to sort the society out from our own ideas. May Allah guide us all. Amin

  22. Faisal Shafi says

    Your analysis is totally baseless, sorry to say. First of all, a political religious party areas exists in the shape of Jamaat-e-Islami. Why should anyone wish to see the Tableeghi Jamaat emulate the Jamaat-e-Islami. Secondly, maybe, the Tableeghi Jamaat has not been able to change y lives of many people. It has definitely not brought serve crime rate. However, using that logic, the police department should be disbanded as the crime rate is going up despite their existence. The courts and judges should also be finished off. The Prime Minister should be forced to resign. All political parties should also cease to exist. In fact, all schools and colleges are an exercise in futility as they have not been able to increase goodness in the society at large. Newspapers and news channels should bee shut down. In fact, sir/madam, what have you achieved with your life until now.


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