The plan to besiege Islamabad

Prior to the Islamabad Lock Down, Imran Khan said “It has been principally decided that we would not let the government work anymore “.This is not something which is unheard of and this narrates his sheer political immaturity. It seems like Imran Khan has learnt nothing for years even after 126 days sit-in which led to his unpopularity.

Before I go any further, I should definitely make myself very clear about the chairman of PTI. He is the most inspirational, charismatic, carefree, committed person that the people of Islamic Republic of Pakistan have ever witnessed. Nothing can defy his endurance. He proved to be the silver lining ahead of those dark clouds that were ready to clasp, engulf and overrun the present political system. The ones that had gone astray from the right path, he came to them as a Messiah. He was taken to be a Messiah for those, who had been shattered, manipulated and wretched at the hands of this present system but that iron man is no more. It leaves me dull and perished to see him stray away in these years. His diplomatic and political stature has always been either too short or stretched too far.

2013 General Elections on one side were rigged to some extent and on the other side there was an overspill of ineptness in certain institutions. Instead of working on the grounds, taking some concrete measures in the Parliament in strengthening these institutions and restoring the trust of people, he always preferred big rallies and street politics. With huge mobilised crowds and passionate supporters, Khan always threatened to paralyse the government. His impatience and comrades have time and again overshadowed his scintillating aura and now he seems to be a restless man. Here is a man who, by any means, only wants to climb the helm of premiership. Over the years, he has become less democratic and Parliamentary. A man, who offers no method to his madness but only knows that he should be Prime Minister of this country, he does not realise that by being in the opposition he has offered so much for this country. His inexplicable attitude towards the mandate and immaturity in political circles has always been like a hanging sword that could wrap up this system in a jiffy. He does not realize that by taking millions out in the streets he can take the government down but the backwash of this blunder can then never ever be washed away and would continue to sting the democratic process in the coming years. The same system has given him the government in KP despite all those shortcomings but here he is, each and every time orchestrating something to paralyse the system that seems nothing short of paradox.

Recently I was part of Youth Parliament Pakistan. We were given a task to work on electoral and political reforms along with the Parliamentary committee members. It came to us that immense carelessness and superficial measures have been taken regarding these reforms and almost nothing significant has been achieved since 2013 and in the end, much of this will come to haunt PTI. With the present loopholes that are part of ECP, its certain that Imran Khan would be on the streets after 2018. This is something that seems undemocratic to me. He never ever realised the true worth of an institution in a democracy. You would have strong democracy only by having independent institutions but instead, he opts for streets and agitation politics.

Did he ever make sure that the mantra of ‘change & youth’ which he was lingering on prior to the General elections in 2013 was in full restoration in his party? No, never. People acknowledged him because the Iron man was taken to be an alternative against those who are known for their dirty norms. He assured people that he stood against status quo. The very reason for people standing with him was that he would honour them with something that has never been accomplished before in the political ranks. They thought he would provide a pedestal for those young aspiring people to come out and actively participate in politics and challenge the colossal status quo. What happened after that? It became an assemblage to fraudulent traditional politics. The same old horses, known for their dirty practices, became a part of this change. His quietude on issues regarding the second tier leadership in different districts has indented his political future.

It’s unfortunate that on one side we have been blessed with a prime minister, who is not courageous enough to present himself before the public, is the owner of millions of dollars but more than half of his population is below the poverty line. On the other hand, we have an opposition under a man who always falls short of expectations. PML-N is very fortunate to have an opponent who always loses his head the moment he is to sting them. It is because of his political slackness and comrades that each and every time PML-N weathers the storm and comes out much stronger. His utter madness at certain defining moments has added more misery to the common. What Imran Khan has done in recent years that those who had a glimmer of hope deep inside them, has now fallen deep sleep and lost its way. A kindled desire, fire that was ablaze, has now turned to smoke.

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