Uri attack: Indian and Pakistani mothers on US soil

I, being a blogger, follow fiction and non-fiction writers across the globe and in the aftermath of Uri attack in Kashmir, I’ve closely observed the feelings of Indian bloggers around the world.

One thing I’d like to mention here is that the bloggers mostly try to avoid getting into any kind of debate that could give rise to misconceptions and hatred between people of different religions. Most of the time they try to look at the brighter aspects of things but in this story of Uri attack and after reading a post from an Indian blogger, I’ve this feeling that common Indian people are also becoming victim of propaganda which Indian media and Modi government are trying to propagate.

The other day, self-published author and a fiction writer living in US shared her interaction with a Muslim mother.

She writes:

In the aftermath of the URI attack, when the tensions on the borders of India and Pakistan mounted, I was ironically making an acquaintance with this lady from Pakistan.

“I first met her when my older son started kindergarten. His mother had come to receive her older boy. She had her head covered like Sikhs but was not wearing Vermilion or bindi like them. I gathered they were Muslims from India. She smiled at me and I smiled back. But the day after the Uri terrorist attack in Kashmir along the LOC, when every Indian across the world was outraged and shocked at the killing of brave Indian soldiers, she happened to tell me that she was from the ‘enemy’ nation Pakistan.”

Now, the blogger explaining her reaction writes that something stiffened deep inside her, although she did not show it. She mentally prepared herself to keep a distance from her.

There’s something more which she writes after explaining her interaction with Pakistani mother but what amazed me is a fact that she was satisfied with a Muslim woman from India but on hearing that the lady was from Pakistan her expression got changed.

Was she of the view that she was standing beside some terrorist? She was on US soil but her feelings towards ‘enemy’ nation were such that she couldn’t help thinking of trying to devise some plan to avoid further interacting with her.

There are many Indian bloggers who are following my blog and I too like to visit their sites but what amazes me is the fact that apparently educated Indian youth which includes teachers and PhD aspirants consider Modi a real life role model and when they think that he has brought hope to politics and country, I wonder how can they give title of favourite personality to someone who finds pleasure in threatening his neighboring country?

On map, Pakistan is a smaller country and when intellectuals on Indian territory suggest that India being a larger country must show some patience, I ask myself a question how can an educated mind ignore the threatening tone of his/her leader when he says that he would work to isolate his neighbouring country internationally?

Let’s keep the things simple and let’s accept some facts. On both sides of borders there exist some hardliners who never want to see peace establishing in this region and when an educated Indian mind believing in the story of surgical strike feels proud of the decisions of their government and army, I ask myself a question: can peace ever be established in this region?

Going back to the story of Indian blogger on US soil, she, like every other good fiction writer, tries to blend her story in a positive way.

She writes that she stole a look at the lady from Pakistan and sensed similar feelings of worry on her face and saw her child holding the hands of the son of that Pakistani mother.

They both looked happy and she wished that the tree of their cheerful ignorance would never encounter the storm of hatred ever in their lives.

I respect her wish and I can understand that living there on US soil, she would be worried about her motherland and in the end I’d like to clear one thing that in order to establish true peace one needs to get rid of that kind of reaction which that Indian lady felt towards Pakistani mother on US soil. That Pakistani lady was in no case involved in Uri attacks, but the way in which that Indian lady tried to associate her with that incident is a clear depiction of the mindset which is a great hurdle in creating peace in this region.

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