Democracy of Minds: A Perfect Democratic World

All men are created equal but their votes sure aren’t. Winston Churchill, one of the major representatives and faces of democracy in the 20th century, was profoundly equivocal about the experiment, and rightly so as it was and is not “the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried” but is arguably the most terrible form of government ever tried. Democracy, in its present form, ranks among one of the greatest threats to human rights and freedom.

Democracies target and aim at rights, freedom, reason, equality, and prosperity ‘of the people, for the people, by the people’ and the term, today, is supposed to mean the maximum attainable freedom so far known to mankind.

This ‘illusion of free will’ is undoubtedly going to be replaced by more stable social and political systems in the future, thanks to ‘entropy’.

Parliaments inside parliaments inside…..

Human brains are like parliaments. They are built of many, overlapping specialists who compete over how best to proceed. Artificial Intelligence pioneer and avant-garde Marvin Minsky once wrote, “Each mental agent (inside a human brain) by itself can only do some simple thing that needs no mind or thought at all. Yet when we join these agents in societies — in certain very special ways – this leads to intelligence.” A human brain is always in a conflict with itself while making any decision even as small as whether to exercise or not. When the idea shows up in our brains, a dilemma arises: some parts of the brain want good health or a better looking body, while others resent the grind and boredom. Parts of us desire the desired aspects of it and others try to convince us to refuse it. So, the final vote of our inner parliament determines which party controls our reaction. Because of these internal multitudes, our brains are conflicted, just like competitive multi-party and multi-candidate processes in a democracy that hold contradictory opinions about the same problems.

Therefore, within the structure of globalisation, the notion that millions and millions of little minds being better and more efficient than a few large ones should replace the outdated ideas and methods of groups that strip people off of their individualities.

Being True to Gaia

People argue with themselves and people argue with people unlike robots, machines, members of parliaments and political parties. In the latter case, I think the missing factor is constructive and collaborative competition among experts who all believe they know the right way to solve the problem. The intelligence, wisdom and growth of our species has stuck because it has so far not adopted the idea of a real democratic and collaborative framework, like that in a normal human mind.

The democracy-of-minds blueprint in which rivals are playing for the same team will be a perfect world and a better route towards a fruitful new age of mankind.

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