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“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided”. (Sura Al-Imran, 3:103)

For the past many years during Independence Day celebrations, a very common SMS is shared between Pakistanis viz “In 1947, a nation was searching for a country and today our country is searching for its nation”. I just cannot forget that moment from August, 2014 during first ‘Dharna days’ near Imran Khan’s Lahore residence where there was the Lahore canal between the supporters of Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif. All of them were carrying Pakistan flags and throwing stones at each other outrageously. There is dire need of finding what went wrong in between creation of Pakistan and today’s mess!

All India Muslim league was formed in 1906 as a necessity to represent Muslims of united India. Against all odds and with sheer commitment, our forefathers were able to form beloved Pakistan for us. Until now, Pakistan remains a unique entity along-with Israel created on religious ideology. Unfortunately, we lost our founding father soon after independence while we were trying to set up a direction for a new born nation. Since then, we see lack of a comprehensive/visionary process to build nation.

At the birth of Pakistan, there were not many political parties. Political parties started to emerge as constitution was put in place along with a democratic system of elections to run the country. As a result, today we see hundreds of parties having their own supporters against their rivals chanting variety of slogans all over the country. Political romances and breakups take places as per situation and need of time. If today, 2 leaders are hugging each other, there is no guarantee of tomorrow. Similarly their supporters will either shake hands or deal with fists and kicks to the other side as per orders of their leader.

I have a firm belief that application of western democratic system in our society is a biggest mistake ever made and political parties are biggest obstacle to our national unity. I can openly challenge a happy family of 5 persons sitting on the same dinner table; if you start taking sides and supporting different parties and their leaders in your discussion, you surely will end up with outrage and argumentative fight. Such phenomenon is very much evident in daily talk shows. This is ‘jamhooriyat ka husn’ we are facing today.

Referring to a recent example when anti-Pakistan speech was made by MQM chief, Pakistanis all over the world condemned it with a solid “Pakistan Zindabad” response. Pakistan Zindabad response is clearly evident whenever we win some world sport and event when faced by natural calamities like earthquake or floods. After the Peshawar APS tragedy the whole nation backed Pakistan army to achieve the incredible goal through Operation Zab-e-Azb. Our best responses come when we act as Pakistanis.

Human beings live on earth in different groups; depending upon your intelligence/maturity level you can visualize as many sub divisions as possible. One party based on brotherhood was formed by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by preaching Allah’s message to complete Islam. Religion surely was the biggest recognition and ideology at that time. Talking of today’s era, various nation states exist, over 200 of them, and there is a history attached to each nation state.

Nation states interact with each other at state diplomatic level, not on further sub division parties or tribes’ level. In United Nations, heads of countries represent their nation as a whole not as fragments of their society. That’s how interests of a large group are being presented and defended before all other countries. I believe that nation states form realistic political parties representing their nations today.

Coming back to Pakistan, today we see dozens of political parties and hardly anyone of them carries a unanimous national respect. Parties in Pakistan are mostly supported based on provincial, linguistic and ethnic bases. Notable individuals often form their own party to participate in so called Democratic process, forming a sub-group who feels they can bring Pakistan back on track and whose manifesto, flag and electoral sign are different from the others. Hence dividing a great nation into so many segments.

We can see intense debates on social media where supporters of one party just rip off other parties. Interestingly, when I pointed out few blunders of Imran Khan on social media, one of my friend said “I have followed your posts since a long time, I know very well you are a supporter of PML(N); can’t you see what wonders Imran Khan is doing in KPK”. Believe me, it took some time after that friend was somewhat satisfied as I shared some critical posts regarding PML-N and Nawaz Sharif. Overseas Pakistanis are considered all fans of Imran Khan and all living in Punjab are considered buddies of Nawaz Sharif. Interior Sindh’s population is considered pro-PPP and generations of migrants from India are believed to be supporters of MQM etc.

Let’s take a deep breath and imagine which party our army is working for; was it electoral democratic process that brought up a gem like General Raheel Sharif? Which party Pakistan cricket team is playing for? Which party are we representing on all international airports while carrying green passports? Against which party our internal and external enemies working? That single party is Pakistan. So why we further go down the hill. Is there any further need of any other flag after Green Flag? Why consider our own brothers and sisters our enemies based on Political/party affiliations?

So can’t we get rid of such things which make us oppose each other? Can we not stop opposing each other on party basis? Can we hold to that party which binds us together? With a clear mind, one ideology, one identity; can we become die hard political workers of a much bigger and meaningful party that is our beloved PAKISAN! After that it is Allah’s will how He generates self cleansing process for our country.

Fellow Pakistanis must be mature enough to realise their binding forces, hold hands of each other so that we can have a different SMS during upcoming Independence days “Nation and Country stand together; NO POWER ON EARTH CAN UNDO PAKISTAN”.

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided”. (Sura Al-Imran, 3:103)

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