Cybercrime wrecking e-store business in Pakistan

Online shopping market was boosted up to USD 30 million in Pakistan after 2010 but this ratio was too low to compete the traditional markets and that’s why it remains as the secondary option for consumers to get the goods of daily routine. Unawareness, low quality products, computer illiteracy are some of the major factors that pull down the e-shopping trend in Pakistan.

Cybercrime is the biggest threat for online marketers and buyers nowadays. Unethical hackers steal the credentials of consumers as they place orders on local sites. These websites are locally operated and are not well protected which gives the hackers a way to interrupt the functionality and steal the credential information of users. These hackers misuse the critical information that results in losses of hundreds of dollars on the account of user while the local website also disclaims such losses that affects the market negatively. Meanwhile, different local online shopping stores are also involved in the fraudulent activities. All such stores are the black sheep of the industry and are causing the general public to lose trust in online shopping and the whole E-commerce industry of Pakistan has to bear the loss.

Government of Pakistan recently noticed the online fraudulent activities and ordered a crackdown against all such frauds. Government also approved cybercrime bill 2016 to empower the law enforcing agencies against all such culprits. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is now targeting all such fraudulent organisations and personnel who are involved in cybercrimes to help the industry regain the trust of public. FIA some months ago banned an online shopping store due to its fraudulent transactions.

E-shopping is convenient, low price and hassle free mode of shopping and it should spread in Pakistan. Here are some tips through which you can shop online without allowing your security to be compromised.

  1. Shop From Official Sites Of Renowned Brands

Many local marketers are registering their small online stores that can deceive you anytime. So it is suggested that you should shop from the official websites of the service provider rather than shopping from such local stores.

The official sites of big brands are secured for transaction as they have QA departments that check the website for security breaches on regular basis and they can never deceive you as they also own physical outlets along with the online stores, so you can shop here with full peace of mind.

  1. Use Anti-Virus

Use proven anti-virus like Kaspersky or ESET to keep your banking details protected. These programs also protect your computer from malware, hacking, and keep your data protected on the machine and also while using it on the shopping websites.

Government is taking action to make the online shopping secure in Pakistan but these steps need some time to be implemented. For now, you should follow the tips stated above to securely shop online in Pakistan and it is anticipated that if we successfully make the online shopping place secure then we can increase, the online business market up to USD 600 million by 2017.

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