Mommies, don’t deprive your baby of their birth right

Imagine mommies, every single time when you are hungry and all you are craving for is tasty, nutritious and healthful food for yourself. Same is the case with your newborn. Breast milk is that healthy food for your baby. How can you deprive him with this wholesome diet?

Formula milk can’t compete with this natural recipe. The ingredients of this diet are decided by nature in perfect proportions and nothing else can match this in effectiveness. The breast milk that starts just after the baby is born is called “colostrum” and it is usually termed as “the first milk” or “the liquid gold”. It is produced by the mother’s mammary glands during first four days of the baby’s birth. It is yellow, sticky and concentrated liquid which riches in proteins, lipids and vitamins that is needed by the baby right after the birth. It comes in small amounts as it is thick and it starts first bowl movement in the baby’s digestive tract. It helps in starting the digestion process of the infant.

There is no need of any other dietary when mother herself is nursing her child as the mother’s milk contains exact composition of what is needed by the baby’s body. It has specific fats that are required by the baby. No excess water is needed except if your baby is having some illness – for example diarrhea.
It is proved by science that kids who intake their mother’s milk during first two years of their age acquire less chances of chest infection later in life because during the process of feeding the baby such antibodies pass from mother’s milk to the baby that fight against infection germs throughout their life. Such children are able to perform well in educational activities as compared to those who were not breast fed in their early two years.

During breastfeeding the love bond between the baby and mother is enhanced and the baby feels safe and secure under the mother’s arms.

Breast milk is always ready to use. It is more convenient because it will take no time to prepare and the main thing is that it is cost free. You can’t store formula milk in refrigerator for future use but that is not the case with breast milk. There are several hygiene problems related to formula milk but breast milk is always hygienic. Baby gets perfect nutrients through it as what mother eats passes to baby through milk.
In Surah Al-Baqarah, Allah says:

“And the mothers should suckle their children for two whole years for him who desires to make complete the time of suckling.” 2:2333

Breastfeeding is the natural way of birth control. A woman can’t conceive again till the next six months of the baby’s birth as she is continuously lactating her baby. Sucking of breasts causes to release oxytoxin hormone which inhibits the process of ovulation so there are no chances of pregnancy at least till the six months after the delivery. It has also seen that mothers who lactate their babies have less chances of developing breast cancer.

I have seen many mothers saying that their feed is not enough for their baby. It is to inform them that your breasts produce enough milk daily for your little one’s stomach even if you are having twins. Feed your baby from both sides by changing the side after every turn.

Pakistan is unable to accomplish the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) so far, one of which is less child mortality rate. Mothers, don’t bereave your children with the right that nature has granted to them. Pakistan needs a husky and lusty nation. Promote breastfeeding and stay healthy.

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