They are human beings: not showpieces

Our ad makers need to understand that women are not just showpieces but they are living beings. Yes, they are using attractive females in ads to stimulate the desire among the audience.

From the advertisement of beauty cream to the advertisement of motor vehicles we can just see women singing and dancing madly on TV. Use of women adds glamour to their product and obviously people enjoy it more because of the “sensation” they add.

The story doesn’t end here. The exposure of thin and fair models in ads is creating gender stereotypes in the society. It produces the feeling of insecurity and guilt among younger girls. Ads showing women using fairness creams for getting married make girls self-doubting about themselves. It is making an image that only fair girls are being married.

Opposite sex is always a temptation and ad-makers know this ploy very well therefore they use females in male products advertisement; for instance body sprays to captivate men’s attention.

This is an Islamic country and if we are following Islamic laws and values then it should not be permissible to show female as a “sex object”. Also according to PEMRA Code of Conduct broadcasting anything like obscenity, non- Islamic values, lustful desires and indecent scenes is not allowed.

Advertisement shapes public opinion and social standards. Advertisement sets trend about what is fashionable in the society. It not only sells products but also the ideas and thoughts. Media should understand what is healthy for the society as what media shows is adopted by the masses within no time. What media shows on TV has an immediate and lasting effect on people’s minds. Media should be bound to keep in view the norms, values, cultural limits and national interest of the country.

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  1. bilal khan says

    very nice of you then

    1. Muqaddas Ilyas says


  2. Rehan Tariq says

    A very nice article addressing a very inportant issue rising in our society…… unfortunately young models and actresses also are interested to do such ads for money……
    If our religion gives the best status annd rights to a woman in a society in the shape of mother, sister, wife and daughter…. then why a woman should offer herself for becoming a showpiece or a sexual object in ads ,etc ….
    Here also comes the responsibility of governments to enforce and implement the islamic laws and prohibit the companies to use women in ads in such a way atleast in a an islamic country….

    1. Muqaddas Ilyas says

      Thank you Rehan Tariq

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