Let’s celebrate womanhood

I’ve written a poem on Femininity that bashes the stereotypical approach that we all carry at a certain point of time regarding the beauty of womanhood, since this is how we have been raised by the society. My poem intends to change the mindset of those who don’t want to liberate a woman from the bar of standards. This is what my poem enumerates:

Sexy is not the word that you should use

To describe the nooks of a female body,

Since it confines the whole concept of femininity

To your sense objects—

Limiting it to the finitude of your sight—

Something which imprisons the cognition of a person,

Enslaving it to an extent that it starts fostering white slavery

Just to savor upon the sabotage of a woman’s emotions,

By proudly enshrining its own frenzy

In the name of so-called religious beliefs,

That always hint upon the repression of women,

Femininity is not what has always been inculcated in our hearts

By painters, writers and poets;

It is not a flower as a flower gets decayed,

While it persists in its entirety,

Being a torch-bearer for those who wants it to carve an image

Of fierceness, aggression and passion—

The qualities that make it potential enough

To slay a hundred oppressors,

But it doesn’t—

Not because it is afraid of the consequences

But of the forgiving nature that inheres within it—

Preventing it to exhibit its strength

In front of those who know it

Draped in love, sensuality and beauty.

Instead, it is an endless sea

That forms the ferocious waves of compassion

Swirling the whole universe around it!

The beauty standards that have been set for a woman are unyielding and constant since ever. None wants to raise their bar of beauty standards to celebrate womanhood the way they should. I hope my poem will expand the cognitive horizon of the people by making them realize that a woman’s significance is not only confined to her looks but something more than anyone can perceive.

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