May I dare ask few questions from Moulana Tariq Jameel

Moulana Tariq Jameel, a well known religious figure and a patron of Tableeghi Jammat, has a huge following around the world. He has been religiously uplifting the youth and men by delivering sermons on a variety of subjects addressing their issues and daily routine affairs.

I owe him great respect for his lifetime contribution and services for Islamic preaching but it always triggers questions in my mind whenever I listen to his views on the philosophy of “social change” and the factors behind “system failure” in Pakistan. It does not go smooth through my mind whenever I listen to his views on this specific issue as it collides with what I have read in Islamic philosophy of bringing about social change and the Islamic doctrine that sheds light upon the fight for system change. Also, it opposes Iqbal’s vision, rejects the revolutionary ideals of history and sadly proves to be shelter to the corrupt system.

In his speeches, he highlights the darker aspects of our society which he ascribes to be the fundamental cause of system failure. He firmly believes that it is the character of a nation that ensures a progressive state. He tells that it is useless to think that corrupt and incompetent leaders are a cause of bleak condition of our failed system but our social sufferings are a result of our deeds and moral corruption.

His philosophy of bringing about social change starts with “I”. His suggestion to the listeners and to the entire nation is not to mock leaders but to start the journey of change from oneself. I have heard him telling that we as a nation have to mend our ways and should walk towards the path of Istighfa’r in order to seek Allah’s pleasure which he believes will fix the issue entirely.

I have numerous queries over his approach to address the issue. I second his endorsement to build character of a nation and instead of blame game one must start a journey within. I also agree to the fact that leaders are a face of the nation so whatever we see them doing is actually the representation of ourselves. The moral degradation is the reason for the social evils prevalent in our society.

But why did Holy Prophet (PBUH) continue a long struggle along with tableegh until Makkah was conquered and the Islamic system was placed instead? How does incident of Karbala set precedence for a fight against the corrupt Yazeedi rule if merely the attribution of praying Istighfa’r would have done it alone with no practical effort along with? What argument would completely nullify the revolutions in the history of today’s successful nations that have proved to be the milestones? Does rule of law and a strict accountability not ensure a control on crime and regulation of affair effectively? How do same morally corrupt people act in accordance with the law when they are abroad under strict rule of law? Imagine if the rulers are held accountable by the system at their corruption and are disqualified on their unconstitutional behavior, do you think the termite of corruption would shatter the economy the same way? And will rulers dare to continue with their fearless corrupt acts with the same audacity? If the rapist is punished for his conduct, will anyone dare to repeat the crime knowingly that he’d have to face the circumstances? Will the criminal not fear before committing the crime if he knows that nothing will help him escape the justice?

Unless the system starts working the issues cannot be fixed. The change has to start from the grass root level, I accept. But not by mere praying Istighfa’r but with a collective effort aimed at changing the system. If the system starts working effectively, it will ensure better economic conditions, a powerful political system, a healthy social fabric and a strong nation. When there will be devolution of power and wealth than poverty will not strike a poor to opt for illegal means of earning.

George Bernard Shaw precisely sums up everything when he said that “You have to make the world honest before you honestly tell your children that honesty is the best policy”.

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  1. abdur rehman says

    I think so, you have found your answer through very polite comments that how people from different sects are abusing each other. So, first of all try to unite people then talk about what we should do against corruption. its not only Tariq Jameel who should fight against corruption but we should also. There are also many other points which can be discussed here but I think so above mentioned are enough.

    1. Tallat Mahmud says

      I happened to have heard a little bit of Mr Tariq’s teaching on how Quran was compiled, what were the conditions attached to the acceptance of a verse or verses of Quran to be authentic.
      And there were only one 1⃣…… Which was a testimonial of two ✌️ witnesses from unrelated sources.
      Except for one 1⃣ of which there was only 1⃣ witness, whom we may reffer to Mr X.
      Now the reason as to why this verse was added in Quran decpite not having ✌️ witnesses was becouse in the life of Mohd SAW, once Prophet was travelling back to Mecca he happens to see a who he took a liking to and asked the price of the animal only to find out that he was a little short of the money the trader has asked for, so he gave him a advance and promised to pay the remainder of the agreement upon reaching the Mecca.
      As they were enroute to the City some of Prophet’s Suhabaa also saw the and not be knowingly of Prophets deal offered more than Prophets bid.
      Greed took control of trader’s moral but still he thought fit in his mind to inform Prophet of the up offer and asked Him if He could match the offer.
      Prophet unfortunately did not have more than that to offer.
      He called upon to the moral of trader’s words to be the trader’s bond.
      Upon which the trader said that is there any witnesses to this of what the Prophet claimed.
      By this time a scene has been created by the bypassing pilgrims and of those who knew of Prophet.
      Infact from amongst those who have offered to the trader of more than the amount Prophet had dealt with the trader upon hearing the demand of the trader to provide one more witness other than of Prophet himself stepped foeand said the he would stand as a witness for Mohd SAW, and naturally Prophet upon hearing that said to the Suhaabi Mr X but it was not so in truth as there was no other witness of this deal. But that of the trader, MOHD SAW and the animal, who clearly was not able to testify.
      Upon ❓ questioning the Suhaabi of the logic to what to make of his lie to be accepted as a true fact…. How could that be acceptable to the Prophet so how can then be so that we have a few words to make up for being the same as the the other words verses of Holy Quran.
      The reason why they accepted it (he claims) and not a logic he puts, (meaning dictated as a whole truth, as compared, to could very well be assumed, meaning that just a suggestion to be made to justify that)….
      The Suhaabi in reply to Prophets remark that how could Mr X stand up to be a witness for their dispute when he was not there.
      The X Suhaabi said ” yaa Rasool Allah when you claims to be a prophet and a Messenger of a GOD That we can not see, we say that we believe that and we stand by to be a witness to that to be honest and true…. Then what’s wrong with testimony to be a witness to your trading deal with the owner of the camel.
      And there Forth it was declared that the testimony of this Suhaabi Mr X will be considered as a testimony of two ✌️ people. So of course as you can see that this verse, aayat, these words were to be added to the Text of Quran.
      Is it possible???
      I mean…. What on earth is that????????
      Is it only me who sees this and has issues with this issue or any other can see too.
      What can I do to make it a bit more simple to make sense of it.
      Option One 1⃣ to assume(and really believe that), he is lying in his teaching which is asking for a new explanation for the reasons for this.
      Option Two ✌️ to be taken into consideration this is a fact associated with the history of Quran and the collections of all the verses that you have as a part of the Book.
      No wonder how the devil (and that to be Satan as we know it is) has made the mockery of the Word of God and not just another God in the list of the gods that we can Google and find a number of people from all over the world as the following of this googled God.
      But has fooled the following of the one 1⃣ true God ALLAH Itself.
      Is that so……? Or… What’s the truth of the matter in this….. Can you please help me.!!!!

      1. Mike Angelo says

        Maybe you haven’t yet understood the whole context and translation of and explanation of that verse, maybe you need further studying to understand that what your statement of question is saying, “of your confusion”

    2. Tallat Mahmud says

      I happened to have heard a little bit of Mr Tariq’s teaching on how Quran was compiled, what were the conditions attached to the acceptance of a verse or verses of Quran to be authentic.
      And there were only one 1⃣…… Which was a testimonial of two ✌️ witnesses from unrelated sources.
      Except for one 1⃣ of which there was only 1⃣ witness, whom we may reffer to Mr X.
      Now the reason as to why this verse was added in Quran decpite not having ✌️ witnesses was becouse in the life of Mohd SAW, once Prophet was travelling back to Mecca he happens to see a camel who he took a liking to and asked the price of the animal only to find out that he was a little short of the money the trader has asked for, so he gave him a advance and promised to pay the remainder of the agreement upon reaching the Mecca.
      As they were enroute to the City some of Prophet’s Suhabaa also saw the camel
      and not be knowingly of Prophets deal offered more than Prophets bid.
      Greed took control of trader’s moral but still he thought fit in his mind to inform Prophet of the up offer and asked Him if He could match the offer.
      Prophet unfortunately did not have more than that to offer.
      He called upon to the moral of trader’s words to be the trader’s bond.
      Upon which the trader said that is there any witnesses to this of what the Prophet claimed.
      By this time a scene has been created by the bypassing pilgrims and of those who knew of Prophet.
      Infact from amongst those who have offered to the trader of more than the amount Prophet had dealt with the trader upon hearing the demand of the trader to provide one more witness other than of Prophet himself stepped foeand said the he would stand as a witness for Mohd SAW, and naturally Prophet upon hearing that said to the Suhaabi Mr X but it was not so in truth as there was no other witness of this deal. But that of the trader, MOHD SAW and the animal, who clearly was not able to testify.
      Upon ❓ questioning the Suhaabi of the logic to what to make of his lie to be accepted as a true fact…. How could that be acceptable to the Prophet so how can then be so that we have a few words to make up for being the same as the the other words verses of Holy Quran.
      The reason why they accepted it (he claims) and not a logic he puts, (meaning dictated as a whole truth, as compared, to could very well be assumed, meaning that just a suggestion to be made to justify that)….
      The Suhaabi in reply to Prophets remark that how could Mr X stand up to be a witness for their dispute when he was not there.
      The X Suhaabi said ” yaa Rasool Allah when you claims to be a prophet and a Messenger of a GOD That we can not see, we say that we believe that and we stand by to be a witness to that to be honest and true…. Then what’s wrong with testimony to be a witness to your trading deal with the owner of the camel.
      And there Forth it was declared that the testimony of this Suhaabi Mr X will be considered as a testimony of two ✌️ people. So of course as you can see that this verse, aayat, these words were to be added to the Text of Quran.
      Is it possible???
      I mean…. What on earth is that????????
      Is it only me who sees this and has issues with this issue or any other can see too.
      What can I do to make it a bit more simple to make sense of it.
      Option One 1⃣ to assume(and really believe that), he is lying in his teaching which is asking for a new explanation for the reasons for this.
      Option Two ✌️ to be taken into consideration this is a fact associated with the history of Quran and the collections of all the verses that you have as a part of the Book.
      No wonder how the devil (and that to be Satan as we know it is) has made the mockery of the Word of God and not just another God in the list of the gods that we can Google and find a number of people from all over the world as the following of this googled God.
      But has fooled the following of the one 1⃣ true God ALLAH Itself.
      Is that so……? Or… What’s the truth of the matter in this….. Can you please help me.!!!!

      1. Mike Angelo says

        Maybe you haven’t yet understood the whole context and translation of and explanation of that verse, maybe you need further studying to understand that what your statement of question is saying, “of your confusion”, maybe you are not familiar with teaching of Islam and what is (a believer) Muslim is, maybe you should consult with someone having knowledge of Quran and Islamic history to get your brain fog be clear of doubts logically.

  2. Rahim says

    Only this is power of tabligh and it is till survive that it is not acepting any outer effect i e its followers like to get power as well as it enemies also want once tabligh try to involve in politics

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      That’s my basic question that why does our conventional wisdom sticks to a misconception that politics is an outer phenomenon and has nothing to do with deen? The conquest of Makkah, establishment of Islamic State, spread of Caliphate and fight against Yazeed are few examples to provide my argument a support that fight for system is basic fundamental of deen which creates environment for social and economic prosperity.

      1. Saboor says

        Sister Jaweria,

        I believe you have raised valid questions and raised in the best, respectful, and nice way possible. It’s very common now a days to see students of secular institutions attacking religious scholars without making effort to learn. Your tone and respect has increased my respect for you without knowing you.

        In regards to your questions, although absolutely valid, but not easy to answer in this kind of forum. Myself educated in western country and Alhumdulillah connected with this work of Dawat/Tableegh for past several years, I can tell you that my questions/concerns/doubts have only been answered by involving in this work of deen. I know I’m not answering your questions but this is what my experience is. I suggest you being involved in this work and then understand from your experience. May Allah keep all of us in the right path. Ameen.

        1. Arqam says

          Brother saboor you have given an excellent reply!!! People have doubts because they are not a part of this reforming movement!!! I will also try my level best to post a positive comment!!! May Allah s.w.t. enable us to walk on siraat e mustaqeem

          1. Tallat Mahmud says

            I begg to differ from the view of yourself my friend…..
            I am not sure if this is the case, but in fact the most common reason for the doubt or to disagree with the Moulaanas teachings is because people have this gift of our true God that we knows by the name of Allah (the almighty that is born of no one and is made from nothing) which is called intellect, which develops into a characteristic of the most basic of human development over the period of the time ⌚ since its been created by Allah.
            And still even for the ones that are not of an age of wisdom, something of a much simpler and less complex nature that is known as common sense.

      2. Niaz says

        Dear Sister!
        Saying of GB Shah refers;

        “You have to make the world honest before you honestly tell your children that honesty is the best policy”.

        Is it means one should not say “honesty is the best policy” to our muslims/children until and unless we first make the world honest?

      3. Rustam Khan Marri says

        You are right when you say that system plays an instrumental role in any society for its peace , prosperity and development. But, question is that how that system can be built up? It is ultimately people who make, run the system. You give examples of Fatah Makkah and Karbala. See who these figures are to stand against the corrupt status quo? One is Prophet divinely guided the other is his Grandson for whom the Holy Prophet said He is from me and I m from Him. They first stood against their inner self before changing the system.

      4. saqib says

        tariq jameel and tablighi jamaat are hypocrites.there was a time when i used to go to one of tablighi mosques and gave thousands of dollars to them because I believed they were what they claim to be but it’s not true.I give you some examples:
        1-we were trying to start Sunday school for kids and when looked at some of his notes on sahaba he had put the name of ameer muawiya as a “prominent” sahabi.i objected to that because even though we Sunnis don’t condemn him like shia do he still is very controversial figure in Islamic history and he didn’t even accept islam after conquest of mecca so he could have chosen any sahabi from thousands who made a lot of sacrifices for Islam on his list of 30 but he put muawia in there so how can we end sectarianism if we cannot be unbiased and hide our dark history.unfortunately all sunni clerics do that because i think that tradition goes back to the time when clerics were paid to praise muawiya and curse ali.they dont curse ali anymore but they still praise muawiya and hide history.these kids will most probably grow up hating shia without knowing the reasons for our divide.
        2-we were doing a library project and he refused even the books by many Sunni scholars.he didn’t even like tafseer ul quran by mododi which is a famous and widely accepted book.reading a book doesn’t mean we agree with all the content in the book and we can agree or disagree with the author of the book and make our own judgments but these religious people cannot even tolerate each other.i don’t believe these people are capable of changing the society for better .what they do and what they say are completely different things.when you don’t agree with them they will ridicule you and give a fatwa against you.even mickey mouse have a death fatwa against him by a cleric so I don’t care for fatwas and as long as we give importance to these people they will keep creating problems.the best option is to stay away from them.
        maulan tariq jameel, tablighi jamaat and almost all religious organizations are two faced and very dangerous for pakistan.tariq jameel is a wolf under sheep’s clothing.

  3. Ul Haq says

    Please Stop following George and Start following Holy Prophet (P B U H). Inshallah your mind will change and you will love the speeches of Mulana Tariq Jameel or other scholars without concentrating to take out bad points from speeches

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      I request you to please go through its text first before you comment. I owe great respect for his scholarly efforts and contributions in service of Islam. The questions I have raised before him doesn’t in any way distract his image but are important to be addressed in the wake of current circumstances.

      1. Faraz says

        I agree Jaweria. Nice article and valid concerns.

        It’s a vicious circle, most people vote for leaders out of hunger pains, while others vote and promote their leaders to get themselves money as well as authority over others, especially their own community! Once elected, the leaders don’t strive to bring in education and social welfare, but they make sure people remain in the same state, unchanged. Because this is the only way they have to ensure conitinuity of their authority over this uneducated (or little educated) and norrow-minuted majority.

        It’s selfishness which needs fighting, which can only be fought through education, and finding humbleness, and to be thankful to our Lord for what we have, not what we want. Apparently this message was send down as the first Wahi on our beloved Prophet’s heart. Below is English translation of Surah Alaq:

        Good work Jaweria. You’re young and there’s a lot you can do. God bless you, keep educating people and keep reminding them. InShaAllah, the change is due. Lets be part of those few who strive, and ‘try’. The very core of Jhad-al-nafs.

        1. Jaweria Waheed says

          Thank you so much brother, you actually got the point that I tried to raise. God bless you.

          1. Tanvir Rouf says

            I want to known whether Moulvis and or Moulanas are entitled to salary etc for leading Namaz ? i want to know the original Islamic / Muslim laws and not what our Honble Supreme court or other High Courts have directed.

      2. Muhammad Waris Shehzad says

        Miss Jaweria Salam
        You wrote a very well article. You bear a very clear and sound mind. Every thing has a context, and same goes for Molana Tariq Jameel Sahib. Tableeghi Jamaat is the extension of Deoband School of thought which was established in India. Deoband was purely established for saving the Religion of Islam from the atrocities of The English rulers. Deoband were against the involvement of their followers in politics. Their whole emphasis was on teachings of Deen. Tableegi Jamaat has the same vision. They don’t want to interfere in politics. They are only concerned with the reformation of people at individual level. Moreover, they want to bring more and more people in their circle of ideology. Tableegi Jamaat don’t have revolutionary ideology. As our society is suffering from moral degeneration, sins, hate and corruption, and masses involved in such practices are terrified by other religious scholar to be punished with Hell for their deeds. Molana Tariq Jameel Sahib, instead of terrifying people of Hell for their deeds, gives them a hope, says things from his heart, and teaches them that they can go to paradise if they do ‘istafgar’ and commitment of leaving bad deeds in future. As he is honest with HIS mission, he has large scale acceptance.
        What You are talking is a completely different question. It does not match the ideology of Tableeghi Jamaat. It is the question of replacing the corrupt rulers with good rulers. For this revolution, there is no need of mass reformation. We will have to adopt Pakistan’s Movement’s Model. Only a few sincere religious scholars should come forward, they will have to convert the aspiring elites of politics into sincere and practical Muslims. Critically analyze what role Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Molana Ashraf Ali thanvi, Pir Jamait Ali shah, Molana Usmani etc. etc played during the Pakistan Movement. They guided the political elites, and a small group of sincere and honest, and politically educated people was shaped. Masses always follow. When the masses saw the sincerity in their leaders, they trusted them, and a country came into existence.

        What Molana Sahib is doing, that can’t bring political change. Decades and decades are required for revolutionary change which you suggested, if we follow the methodology of Molana Jameel Sahib.

    2. Adeel says

      Very well said.

  4. Syed Abdul Basit says

    I don’t know who are you ? Where you got your education ? But from your blog i concluded that u don’t know enough about islam. What the great Moulana Tariq Jameel said is totally in Islam. You should go in depth. And do some research and please don’t follow George etc. Shariah is the only solution of pakistan corrupt system.

  5. Sohail Arshad says

    I just want to ask you how many speeches have you listen before writing this article…10,20,30,…..100,200 and have you ever attended his speech. Sorry to say this article seems to be based on just YouTube videos of tarim jameel and nothing.
    I must suggest you to visit tarot jameel and dare to ask these question live and get answers of these as well.
    If you are willing I can arrange you meeting as well.

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Its sad that you got a wrong impression. I do listen to his sermons on ptv and other channels. Its inapproriate to malign the author with one’s own wrong interpretation of text.

      1. Khalid Naseer says

        Respected jaweria u should have a sitting with moulana Tariq Jamil to find your answers, I m 100% sure InshaAllah u will b satify after meeting with him.

  6. Hassan Zafar says

    He never said that there should be be ni accoutnability He just simply asks that we should be honest with our duties
    And There is no one like Prophet Muhammad SAW and he preaches non muslims
    He preaches Islam 99% to Muslims because we r not gud as a Muslim
    He wants us to be a gud practicing Muslim not just the Muslim with the words
    That’s I get from his Speaches…

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Throughout my text of this article there is not a single point where I mentioned that he believes in non accountability and like. I have briefly put forth his narrative and later, on the base of it I raised some questions. His tableegh is a commendable work and I kept appreciating that but I just questioned that mere that is enough or one should address the root cause of the problem which is a flawed system.

      1. Niaz says

        My Sister!
        System is run by itself or by someone from us as a corrupt Muslim?

  7. Assad says

    Before all these question that have been raised show that you donot know him very well and his contribution. You just wrote people telling stories.

    If you could go and finds facts and figures what social change has come and how many individual lives changes from bad to good, from crimincal to a good person and so on.

    My easy question from you is who are you? Please find out. What yours contribution is in this society or country.

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Brother Assad, I hope you will not get offend if I request you to re-read the article as I think the critique you made shows that you interpret it wrong as I acknowledged his tableegh mission and his life time services. My questions had entirely a different base of arguments.

  8. Saim Rizwan says

    Dear author , tariq jamil is a religious scholar and not a polititian . He knows it far better than you or me or anyone . A religious sermon is only effective when you talk about changing yourself and not the polititians . As soon as you talk about politics , hate speech comes from everywhere in the form of tsaunamis and whatnots . I think Tariq Jamil is more of a peace keeping icon than that of the one following Iqbals ideology . All the sects listen to him with enthisiasm . And last but not least , no matter how honest to God leader or polititians Allah blesses us with , still they are not going to make us better people , and Tariq Jameel essentially talks about you being better …as for the system, the real system was caliphate , which is dead now and even if it exists somewhere , its frugal , self fulfilling and we as a nation would never adopt it . I m really sorry to say but that system will only get solved when we spread education to unprevileged area and its heartbreaking that our media doesnt talk about it . Coz ofcourse , our media too ,is bent.

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Politics is not a foreign element in Islam but it is as noble as tableegh or jihad. Its all upto us how one interpret things according to own convieniance.
      This part of your comment is disturbing “I think Tariq Jamil is more of a peace keeping icon than that of the one following Iqbals ideology ” Iqbals ideology according you you is way violent? -No comments
      Moreover, the caliphate system cannot be implemented in its true sense and here it comes a challenge to revive it for todays world which the Islamic literature refers to “Tajdeed-e-Deen”

      1. Khurram Shahzad says

        If some one do Islam minus politics, the best answer is Changezi

  9. Moazzam Raheem says

    I am not here to argue with you only because I am a fan of Maulana rather I just want to clarify that you did not understand Maulana’s Speeches properly and entirely. Maulana asks not only just to pray Istigfar but he also emphasizes on practical work as well. Also you mentioned George Bernard Shaw quote; there is nothing wrong to quote a non Muslim and get lesson from that but we have to compare them with the fundamental principles of Quran and Sunnat. If it does not match with Quran and Sunnat we will simply throw it away. That was the practice of the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and all our pious predecessors.

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Brother Moazzam, what practical efforts are you referring to? which according to you I didn’t understand. I found the life of Holy Prophet (s.a.w) on one hand in a continued efforts for tableegh-e-Islam for the eradication of social evils and side by side the fight for toppling the system that does not deliver to people.My questions were an attempt to highlight that one should follow both the sunnah side by side as the balance between them is what makes both workable.
      Without spiritual and religious uplift system cannot be established and maintained and without a system a society cannot be transformed.

      1. Zubair Ahmed Mahmood says

        That is totally absurd when you talk about Quran and sunnah. and comment on religious scholars, you have mentioned that you are familiar about islam and our religious ethics code of conducts and way of living but practically i don’t see it you should have cover your head and hair in islamic way. or do you have any reference to justify that ? you don’t. hence stop making analysis if you are not practicing Muslim. you have no right to address to such subject which you dont abide. even the basics. cover your head at least then think about maulana or any other molvi what they are doing.

      2. Niaz says

        Any example, pl of the Prophet SAW for “side by side the fight for toppling the system that does not deliver to people”?

      3. Muhammad Waris Shehzad says

        This is the best answer you gave to this person. I would like to add something in it. What Molana Sahib is doing that is also very, very appreciative. If people will be good at heart, they will accept the good people. I am listening Molana Sahib Since my University Days from 2003 till today. But my instance is same: Tableeghi Jamaat is not for political revolution. Its a religious, reformatory movement.
        We know from the Islamic tradition and sayings of prophet, a time will come when Islam will be revived once again on its original parameters. But I think that time is very far away.
        Now is time of weakness of Islam. Our Prophet said: O my companions, Islam raised from The weak and weakness, and a time will come when it will return to same weakness.”
        The question is: Islam is an abstract ideology, and how an idea can be poor and weak? It means that Islam will be only in poor and weak people of that era. Now look around you, and see how many of strong and influential people are sincere with our deen and religion of Islam. A very few people.

    2. Faraz says

      Quran Surah Al Asr, Ayah 3: “Except those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.”

      In this Ayah we learn: 1) Believe 2) “Do” Righteous Deeds 3) Advise each other.
      May I kindly ask you to re-read George Bernard Shaw’s words again in light and order of the above Ayah.

      In the same order, Shaw calls for “action before advice”. Therefore, I do not find a reason to consider Shaw’s quote against Islamic methodology. I would always support good quotes and teachings regardless they’re coming from non-Muslims, as long as Quran and Sunnat-al-Nabwi s.a.w. is not apposing such content.

      It’s sad to see that most of your readers are mostly concerned about “Who” rather than “What”. Reminds me about a person who points his finger to the beautiful moon, to let his mate see too, but his mate starts talking his finger.
      It’s a sad thing that most people spend their life in thorns, and just a very few of them reach the flower.

  10. Shahid shafi says

    I please to concentrate some points or ideas by you after listening speeches of maulana tariq jameel. This is change that makes your mind to think positively. A true Praying istighfar bring changes in one,s life, when all do this the corruption and u mentioned all social evils will be eradicated, maulana tariq is one example for us he prayed true istighfar so we cannot expact from him to involve in an social evil that is expecting from others and that is possible through dawat using the methodology of prophet Muhammad SAW,a great work of all prophets.

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Brother Shahid, I didn’t differ with all this at any point. I am not criticizing what he is already doing i.e, tableegh. I am asking about the missing effort which should be started aganist the prevailed system .

  11. Hidayat Ur Rehman says

    I can answer the first question…asked that Molana sahb always say that whatever going on is all because of our deeds so thats true… it is not the saying of Molana Sahb it is one of the Sayings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) that if you will leave ur mission that is to invite others to good deeds and stop from bad then Allah will bring cruel rulers upon you who will not respect ur elders….This is not the complete Hadith i just take the part which is related…

  12. Aamir says

    The top-down and bottom-up approaches for solving our society’s problems have been discussed for a long time. If you could please avoid seeing the solution in Either / Or mode! Both options have their own significance and can work in parallel. There is no point in sticking to only one option, and trying to prove the other one is wrong. Hope it gives you some comfort and clarity?

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      I didn’t say his approach to be a wrong one. These two approaches work in Parallel as you said and it is again the same thing I am stressing upon that we should focus on both, side by side. Otherwise, the results we are awaiting will never be met. Thankyou!

      1. Niaz says

        I think Maulana is following one sunna and only max 2% of the people of Pakistan are gathering in front of him to listen/follow him, you are requested to unite the 98% of the Muslims of this country to address the 2nd sunna to repair the prevailing corrupt system, m I write, please?

  13. Mubashir Mahmood says

    Writer should have done homework before writing. You should have asked any responsible of Tableegi Jamaat. He/she would have told what is the methodology of Tableegi Jamaat.

  14. Mughees Ahmed Chohan says

    How can a morally, ethically, financially corrupt nation can hold its leaders to account? Leaders come from within us and if we are not able to fix ourselves, how can we fix others. Plus, he also preaches to the people that the best Jihad is a word of truth against a tyrant ruler so the authors argument is not valid. The author has not done her research properly. We are no way nearer to those people of karbala or companions of prophet (PBUH). There was no need for this article.

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Brother Mughees, it is not public that has to make leaders accountable but system has to, that is what i kept my focus on but its sad that you interpret my text wrong. Secondly,you mentioned a relevant Hadith which tells that a best Jihad a aword of truth against tyrannt ruler, here again you a
      are endorsing my viewpoint. Thirdly, your mention about us being at no level to mention about Karbala and companions of Holy Prophet (s.a.w) than its a common sense that comparison to those minarets of greatness is humanly impossible. I believe them to be our role models and as we should follow their footsteps at first priority.There is no harm in mentioning their examples.

  15. amaar says

    Jaweria Waheed strongly has raised a valid point. I would be waiting to know abot Maula na’s views about responsibility of government towards security of ” Jaan, Mal Izzat o abroo” of common man. Why did he never asked the system in place to provide justice to common man at Tahseel Dar level, at SHO level in the Govt. hospital facilities?

  16. Mazhar says

    With tabligh the prophet (SAW) only won a few followers, albeith the best of the best.
    With changing the system and society in Madinah he won thousands and thousands to Islam and established a society that expanded and ruled most of the known world.

    Tabligh is very active in Pakistan and Bangladesh, yet they are the two most corrupt countries. So changing the individual DOES NOT CHANGE society.

    1. Osman says


      Tableegh happened in Madinah and the people accepted Islam. Only then, over the gradual course of 13 years, did the system and society change.

      Modern-day Muslims lack the pre-requisites of a system change – that is, the unwavering unifying connection with our Creator which binds us all and propels us to truth, justice, and the desire for bettering all of humanity in this world and the next.

  17. Gul sher says

    Actually the point you have raised is very logical but you didn’t approach molana Tariq jamil. He could reply in context of whatever he said. Don’t pass your comments just on listening his speeches because it happened in India with Dr.Zakir naik Indian media is picking up half of his statement from his speeches and he is undergoing media trial in India. We must stand up for our rights but this issue is interconnected with what “MOLANA” said. Secondly this is only one point not few. You seems hiding something not willing to find exact answer. Go to him and questions these points in front of him if he didn’t reply then you have the right to raised these in points in the media.. Thank you

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Brother Gul Sher, I didn’t refer to any single statement from his speech but I talked in general about his approach on the phenomenon of social change and revolution.

  18. Mohammed says

    Salaam. Interesting article.
    The issue of perfecting oneself before tackling society is flawed in my opinion.
    We are not angels – when will be perfect enough to address societal affairs. This is a whisper from Satan – to stop us enjoining the truth and forbidding the evil – which is a command from Allah.

  19. Mohammed says

    We asked the Prophet, “O Messenger of Allah shouldn’t we refrain from calling others to goodness if we don’t practice all good things ourselves, and shouldn’t we refrain from forbidding wrong things until we ourselves have abstained from all the bad?”

    Allah’s messenger replied “No, you should call others to goodness even if you don’t do all good, and you should forbid bad things even if you don’t abstain from all of them yourselves”. (Tabarani) Related by Anas

    We must encourage others to do what is right and if we see a wrong doing then we should forbid it.

    A concious effort has to be made to recitify oneself with around others and enjoining the good and forbidding the evil.

  20. Muhammad usman ghani kamboh says

    Assalam o alaikum!
    Dear Sister !

    I respect your views and opinions .But, I want to make some point about the above confusions.
    Suppose, people remain on same conditions as now but the leaders have been changed; and they order to obey the laws but the people are not ready to accept because their insight have the same nature of breaching laws, dishonesty, lying, rights harassment, no respect, distinguishing of levels in society etc . In the reaction leaders will tackle them strictly and a chaos will happened in society and government . As a result, all the country will indulge in civil war. As in our society , the government want to take action against criminals in court but lair witness is being made by the people and the killing or threatening to true witness happened, etc.
    For instance, there is a machine of best quality but raw material used is of bad quality, how will be the product and vice versa. in both of the cases product will be of bad quality that is undesirable.

    secondly, honest nation will never elect corrupt leader and corrupt nation will never select the honest leaders.A corrupt leader never done rule over honest nation and an honest leader never rule over corrupt leader.
    Look ,very basic things that are about 90% of imbalance in our society, that rulers have never said to do;
    tell a lie with each other
    be decisive
    be dishonest
    Snatch each other rights
    breach laws of the state
    occupy each other lands
    not pay Zakat (it is the basic thing for the balance of wealth in society AND TO REMOVE POVERTY IN SOCIETY COMPLETELY )

    BUT BUT BUT, We do all the above things on our own intentions due to weak believes. Then why we blame leaders for their wrong doings, a leader do wrong as his approach as well as poor do, in our society.

    The great sacrifice of Hazrat Hussain and his family against Yazeed ,but we should keep in mind that do we have a single group of people in Pakistan that have a such level of belief like they people have.They did not leave their prayer in the battle field but what is happening in our society .
    Betterment will come in society by following them as a whole but not just coding them in columns. As a Muslim if we want success,prosperity,Peace,we have to follow whole Islam. We have to choose our line either Islamic or non Islamic not in between as for own purposes.IF we want to search a single state where there is honest leaders and corrupt people having peace , never found.
    Similarly, we do fulfill each other rights, be honest , be truthful, be respectful , be faithful, be patriot then automatically , people selected for government will also have the same attributes,it is the law of nature.
    In Pakistan you have observed the strike against zardari government by Dr. Tahir ul qadri calling them “yazeed hakoomat” at noon but what happened at eve when agreement have been done. I am just coding example not pointing a single body.
    So, as a Muslim if we find Grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY by adopting His Orders and by following Prophet Muhammad PBUH teachings,then there in no more time when there will be a model state like 1436 years ago. We have a belief on all the things ,but i could not understand that why we become loose to do things practically in our lives.
    Avoid the things just by saying that , how can i do this whenever it is the weakness of my Iman. Actually, we have to eradicate this thing from our hearts . As it is our Iman that both of the powers are from Allah ALMIGHTY ,for good or bad. When every body truly DO ISTAGHFAR, and do good deeds, ALLAH will open their hearts eys, and they become able to see wrong or right. And society becomes garden of peace and prosperity.

    Again ,what is Peace ,Prosperity in Islamic state? yes, that’s only Islam in practical not just verbally.
    ‘I can give you the honest leaders, if you give me the honest nation”.


    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      I respect difference of opinion and I am open to critique as well. But here I would like to mention that it we go through Islamic history as well as world history the common thing that we find in all is a continuous “struggle” against the system that benefits few. No matter the nation followed Sunnah or had other ideals.
      Its sad that how we have interpreted the concept ” Rulers are a face of people” according to our own convieniance.History is a witness that corrupt leaders that didn’t represent their people were changed through mass revolts. You can read my other replies to get answer of your other questions. Thankyou!

  21. Muhammad Usman Ghani kamboh says

    No body is saying to eliminate the political or other fields of daily life, but saying just to participate with faithfulness,truthiness. and that is by the will of Allah ALMIGHTY. And that is got by Istaghfar and seeking Grace of ALLAH Almighty.
    it is the basic principle for the prosperity of society.

  22. zahid says

    آپ نے زبردست آرٹیکل لکھا یے ….شاباش قبول کریں ……
    ہمارے نبی نے معاشرہ تبدیل کرنے کے لیے ….تبلیغ …..پھر جہاد اور قتال ….اور ساتھ ساتھ مال خرچ کرکے غریبوں کی حالت بہتر کی ….یہ وہ پورا پیکج تھا جس نے عرب میں ان کی حکومت رائج کی…بدقسمتی سے ہمارے ہاں ایسا نہی ….

  23. Noman says

    I appreciate the maturity & bearing the good ethics of appreciating others work yet conveying your point.

    What I understood is :
    Its philosophical difference of approach .

    1 – Inside to out side ( from single person to system or society , as individual is basic building block of society ) , Molana owes this and works on this primarily.
    while other is
    2 – Out side to inside ( from System to individual ) : Once system is corrected it impacts is huge. You owe this approach .

    Now Our Holy Prophet PBUH, started from approach one moving smoothly to approach too. His PBUH work in makkah falls under approach 1, while life at Madina is totally based on approach 2.

  24. Syed Ahsan Zafar says

    Maulana Tariq Jameel’s view is that for such a sacrifice like Karbala, or for a struggle to change the society one should develop his Eeman to such level first where he prefer his life, his family, his property etc on Allah’s will and Rasool’s PBUH sunnah.. then such group can cause a change..

  25. Kashif says

    We are moving around a ball to find the soft corner to hit it effectively….. close to impossible! Stop fighting on irreverent issues. We must separate religion and our daily life, as long as we try to find solution of every problem from Islam we will be more and more confused. Religion is just a faith, a belief that there is someone, a supernatural power, if exist will not interfere in one’s life, We are independent in our decisions, making rules, and what’s so ever.. No one will stop us or oppose our decision. We make our lives miserable! look at population growth rate and per capita income! just stop following these actors likr Tariq Jameel, Ilyas Qadri and lot more Mullahs…. think about ur life, its ur life, who the f…..k these mullah are to tell u that do this or that and u will get paradise,

    1. Taimoor Khan says

      A very confused soul you are bro. May Allah guide you. Why did you used abusive language in an acedemic discussion?

  26. Omar khan says

    i will only say………..just go and read the Quran with translation and Ahdith ………then ask your questions……

  27. Azmat Noor says

    I respect your freedom of thinking,we all know,that every person had different solution to the social problem according to his frame of mind and his academic background…… As,a sociologist will try to solve the problem based on the ethics and principles of Sociology.The same in case of Politician,Economist,Lawyer……
    As we know that,Mulana Tariq Jameel is Religious commentator,so definitely he will propose solution according to the norms & Principles of religion he is following.But the one who is going to stud hid proposals. He should be rational & neutral.That person should be aware of his personality & his limits of mind.If we study him we will be aware that his mind is not limited merely to religion.He is well from at least every sector of Society.So if he is giving any solution could accepted only after rational study.If he say to pray astaghfar it means he is guiding us to stop our-self from bad deed ahead and let us forget our dark past.

  28. Taimoor Khan says

    Just went through the whole discussion. Jaweria..I am reminded of an incident of our Holy Prophet PBUH where a woman brought her son so that Prophet PBUH stops him from eating honey. Our beloved Prophet PBUH asked her to bring him daily..on third day he asked the boy not to eat honey. When asked for the reason he said that he couldn’t possibly ask the child not to eat honey when he used honey first he quit having honey himself then stopped the child. The message is very clear.. you want to change something..first change yourself. We want to change our system without burdening ourselves with the process of change. We like to evade taxes, not pay our bills, keep our house clean but our neighboirhood dirty, watch girls outside our homes but protect our own sisters.. the list is very long. For many of us the promise of change is just a thrill. So we all requireva soul searching. Hope you find some clues to the answers you seek. Regards

  29. Victoria says

    That’s crazy man, most of you guys I think did not even understood what this lady meant, I am sorry.

    Come out from your loloo land and face the reality, read your history, know the sacrifices our ancestors made for us.!!

    Maulana is best at his work, leave him alone please!! Our society won’t accept him as people don’t want to change, they just wants to discuss change.

    I am sorry to say, even Maulana’s bayan, the effort of Tableeg hasn’t change much of inner selves. We need a struck rule of LAW as in forces by the system of Islam.

  30. Hassan javaid says

    Jaweria , thanks for raising these questions , this is a problem with our society when some one asks a question people try to blame secular eduction and our way of living. The questions you raised are valid , asking questions actually solves problems ,
    changing individual mindsets does not change the system. System can only be changed once moderate enlightened minds setforth on a quest to address the cause of failure. Thousands and thousands of students enroll in various eduction system’s but mere education doesn’t change minds it’s the actions that follow. In our society education doesn’t change our behavior. In your article not one line was directed at Maulana . I have attented sessions by Maulana tariq sb let me assure half the attendees are trying to get close to him take selfies or picture PR whatever I don’t see people trying to understand his sermon’s. He actually likes being quizzed but a lot of the people above are telling you to research on him. Your article seems researched and well thought out . its the limitedondset that actually dampens your efforts

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Thank you Hassan!

  31. Muhammad Idrees Abdul Razzaq says

    Muhammad kareemصلى الله عليه وسلم proved himself as Sadiq nd Ameen in early 40 years of his life. Character is the most important thing in Islam. And you can understand it by reading about the life of Prophet (P.B.U.H) as Muhammad bin Abdullah. He first proved his charachter and then started Tableegh, Jihad etc.
    If you want to produce some reveloutionary people without charachter, off course you can…. but the result will be ISIS. You need to improve your knowledge about the ideology of Iqbal.رحمة الله عليه

    Stay blessed.

  32. Sher Afgan says

    Assalaam o Alaikum, Sister I think ur blog actually highlights the actual essence of r deen. But unfortunately r friends who have not gone through Seerat un Nabi S.A.W themself and have not read about the era of Khulfa e Rasheeden themselves may not b able to appreciate the concept u r discussing. Actually in today’s world every one want fame and want to prosper. Sermons on individual life betterment are always popular in masses and most of the scholars including Maulana Tariq Jameel deliberately avoid the political aspect of r deen in there sermons. Our Holy Prophet’s S.A.W complete struggle was to establish Deen through Shahbas R.A by following three steps 1. Making the individual true slave of Allah SWT in individual life 2. Spreading the message of Deen to masses 3. Establishing the deen both in individual and collective life. Maulana always talk of first two steps and avoid the third step because this would not allow him to b on air so often. Lastly sister I would advice u to first implement deen in ur personal life like Hijaab and Parda. Only then people will b able to get ur point. Only practicing Muslims can change the system otherwise examples of ISIS r in front of us.

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Thankyou so much brother for your endorsement.

  33. Salman ahmed says

    Har kisi ne apni apni qabar main jana ha .religion is a personal matter .seedhi si baat ha .apnae maslaq ko kisi ke kehnae per na choro and na kisi aur ko tang karoe.


    good blog. Will also wait to see if Molana Tariq Jameel can respond.

  35. Atteeque r Abid says

    ”Concept of self accountability is emphasised in islam” and it best suits us in the current circumstances. Otherwise if you think that you can do like Imran Khan and tahir ul padri does then go and try but first singn a contract with containers Wala and have good relations with police Wala’ keon k mar bari sakht parti hai’.
    God bless u

  36. Amir says

    I feel it strange that even though your questions are directed to Maulana Sahib, instead of asking these questions directly from Maulana Sahib you had to go and publish and article in newspaper to seek answers from general public and perhaps also create doubts in mind of others. Think about it…

    A logical and sensible approach would have been to seek these answers directly from Maulana Sahib by writing to him or by talking to him and at the same time ask Allah to guide you in reaching the correct conclusion.

  37. Osman says

    I don’t think there’s a contradiction between the two. When human beings are rectified, they will stop engaging in corruption and ask the same of others.

    However, ultimately, any system of government is only as good as the sincerity of those behind it.

    To respond to Bernard Shaw: If we teach our children honesty, the world will become an honest place. “Peace is not the goal, it is the way.”

  38. Jamil Shah says

    some very valid questions raised by the author but if you pay attention and think about what he says in his sermons. All the answers are there.

    I am sorry my forum discussions days are behind me as I do not like typing tons of stuff.

    What Maulana saab preaches is the first step, what you mentioned about enforcing Khilafat, and fighting yazeedi Armies is the 2nd Step. Islamic State was established after those who became Muslims Sahabah ikrams were (100% practicing) Muslims. Islamic conquests started after those who embraced Islam became (100% practicing). 13 years of Makki life of Prophet PBUH Muslims never waged any war but after Hijrat, once the Muslims number grew and were strong enough holy wars were waged and the conquests started.

    Now are we at that stage as muslims that we can establish an Islamic Khilafat?

    Btw try to listen to Dr. Is far Ahmed May Allah Grant him a safe passage to Bank at up fire is. You will find some answers there.


    1. Jamil Shah says

      safe passage to Jannat ul firdoos.

  39. Junaid says

    Salam juwariah
    Don’t be disheartened by some of the comments. You didn’t hurt anyone and maulana Tariq Jameel in particular.

    Your questions are valid but you will find the answers to these questions when you listen to his different sermons. He has addressed these points at different occasions.

  40. TruthbeTold says

    AoA. Hi jaweria, i have read your question and i too got questions for molana sahib, just like you have yours. I have seen you being cyber bullied by lots of molana sahib fans, throwing statements like; go listen his 10, 20..200 lectures, or vist him personally for answers; read Quran first ; wear a hijab first and what not.. and this clearly shows their understanding of religion and intolerance which is quite ironic as they call themsleves “tableeghi” people.
    let them be as they are jaweria Quran tells us to avoid argument with fools. Molana’s followers are just blinded in his love and when they can’t answer you they simply attack you.
    Stay safe and happy, and don’t expect any “great” contribution towards society from any kind of mullahs of 20th century.

    1. Sher Afgan says

      I think this individual wants to change the topic from intellectual discussion and criticism to cheap way of spreading hate against the ulamaas. May Allah give u more broadmindedness.

  41. Haseeb says

    Great thought process you have, which doesn’t exist in our society.

    In other words, they are preaching partial Islam, whereas in Surah Baqarah Ayat 85, it is told that whosoever practices selective Deen, will face torments in this world as well as in aakhirah (or words to that effect).

    I also raised similar questions with his followers. They responded that they thought being in ‘Makki’ era where everyone was supposed to better him/herself, and later they will focus on other things.
    I objected that the ‘Makki’ era was finished 1437 years ago, to which they say that Muslims are weak so can’t go beyond self correction. They are still waiting for 313 Muslims of Badar, which they are not finding out of a gathering of millions at raiwind.

    I endorse your views and opine that given the strength of Tablighi jamat, (now that they have to split their annual gathering over two weekends), if they want a corruption free and just society, which forms base for strong nationhood, it should not be a problem.
    I recommend that Like minded people should have think tanks to discuss and find solutions to basic problems in our society.

    Once again, many appreciation for big thinking, by a young student.

  42. salman Bhai says

    None of us are 100% muslims, we can just try our best to be. Every body follows Islam , that suits one life and argue within their own mind sets. We need to broaden our vision about Islam and above all before pointing fingers to any one better look inside ourselves first.Thank you!

  43. haseeb says

    Maulana Tariq Jameel is one of very few scholars who earns respect from most Muslims from diverse sects.
    However, Very valid questions. I’ve also discussed this issue deliberately with a number of people from Maulana’s avid followers as well as others.
    I’m also of the opinion that what Maulana preaches is a partial thing, reforms can’t be implemented with personal and passive improvement only. Islam very much encompasses a collective Political system, un-biased Justice system as well as good governance for better of society.
    With majority of people at the helm of affairs working for their personal gains, and ignoring the national interest, it’s an uphill task to turn the tables.

    Educating a generation may play a game changing role for the country.
    What I feel is that a solid base for things to start moving in correct direction will be made, once we implement a uniform education system, while integrating our religious and modern education systems.

    Muslims progressed in middle ages because they had a common education system for every citizen, encompassing Science as well as religion.

    Currently, senior scholars of both streams take their counterpart as ignorant, which is the recipe for rift in the society and subsequently in the nation. Unfortunately, few external powers are also using this rift to their advantage and have converted our country as a battle field for their respective motives.

    The governments move in the right direction after obtaining input from learned people.
    Such clear headed and straight thinkers should form a Think tank for resolving issues of national and strategic interest.

  44. Mohammad Saeed says

    I absolutely concur with Jaweria. She is correct when she raises apt question from pseudo Tableeghi Masters doing lectures on tv and practically doing nothing. Always confusing people simple minded/less or no educated people with Quranic words that scare them away from reality. I am really pissed with these modern tableeghee masters who want to have more followers on social media and don’t want to follow the example of Mother Theresa or Prophet Mohammad.

    In the end, before telling our kids, Honesty is the Best Policy, We need to show them what animal called “Honesty” we are talking about, an animal that at least I have never seen in my culture.

    Well done article Jaweria Waheed!!!!!!!

    1. Niaz says

      u r doing very practical, what is ur contribution, pl?

  45. TruthbeTold says

    @sherAfgan brother, you just invited me to reveal the truth about your “tableeghi” elites, now am going to put a “critical” question up on all of your tables and trust me yall gona learn something today…
    I respect your efforts to spread the word about islam but what i contradict is that..and i say that with utmost care and certainity.. that.. why YOU ALL try to hide a part of the prophet’s (pbuh) last sermon’s statement, knowingly or unknowingly?..
    I am PRETTY CONFIDENT that your molana knows it bcz apparently he knows every minor bit details of his pbuh life, so then how can he skip this pearl of prophet (pbuh), apparently every time in his da’wa, which even a layman like me is aware of..???
    But none of you tho…
    Here it goes..
    Apparently, Your molana refers to the saying of our beloved rasool (saww) at the time of khutba Hujj atul Wida, in order to further his agenda but he never mentions his (pbuh) complete statement…
    You say that prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said in khutba hujjatul Wida that and i quote in my own words, that he pbuh said at his last sermon, who is present here shall tell/convey the message to the absent..but you never tell what he said next… and apparently because that it just won’t suit your tableeghi lifestyle/agenda..
    correct me if i am wrong because i have read that the prophet pbuh said in its continuation that ..spread the mesaage to absentees because the absentee may know better of what he pbuh conveyed to the present audience(in my own words)… now this changes the whole scenario and it should be told in completeness…you apparently eating this statement of prophet pbuh at khutba hujjatul wida, justify your sin of intentionally hiding the “truth” in order to forward your false tableeghi agenda..

    Now either tell me that what i read of this statement is wrong or otherwise explain your position which am afraid is not defendable..AT ALL..
    May Allah Guide us All.

    1. Sher Afgan says

      Assalaam-o-Alaikum brother, first of all correct ur self I do not belong to tablegee jamaat. I m a member of Tanzeem E Islami and v r working in pakistan to establish the Khilafat on the lines of Prophet SAW. Moreover i ve not only studied seerat but i had got the oppurtunity to teach it several times.
      Secondly what my views r on this blog u can read it on my comments a week before.
      I totally agree to ur point and u r absolutely rt. Bt the way u ve explained ur point nw seems logical. Bt scolding ulmaas just because tableeghe ulmaas r not serving the purpose is not at all advisable. The writer of the blog has put forward the questions in a very decent way. May be by bulling v may change the purpose of the blog.

  46. kaka says

    It is not the job of one person or a Group to fight against the corruption and nepotism in this country, As the writer Nisar Hassan have declared so many times, that from top to bottom this nation is corrupt by design and by mentality. There are so many so called bright minded activists in this country like Asma Jahangir, Sarmad and many others, who claimed they are working for human rights, have they ever raised their voice about corruption and nepotism, never, never, how Zardari and Nawas Sharif looted this country have you listened any voice from these activists about them, if you closely see these activiists these are standing hand in hand with corrupt maphia in name of fake democracy, getting money from sources who are working against this country. these activists appear on TV to spread wrong information, where as Tariq Jamil in his every lecture talked about corruption, talked about the rights of women I have never heard from any mullah before. so do not comment on any person just for fun, you should ask these question to Molana Fazlul Rehman who is enjoying luxurious life on tax payer money.
    A lot of writers in english news papers are fed from evil sources to create dis-information, confusion and mayhem in this country. If you open net and type genocide of women in India and read the facts , it will blow out your mind how indians are killing women from cradle to grave. Have you ever heard about it ininternational human right groups, never.

    1. Jamil says

      Exactly my thoughts brother you nailed it.

  47. IQBAL says

    It is sheer ignorance on part of author to raise questions. He needs more quality knowledge and experience of Islam and its teaching.

    1. RAY says

      Why don’t you explain Mr. Professor? It is hard to raise questions because in our society it has become an invitation to get killed by people like Mumtaz Qadri……..

  48. Adil says

    Dear sister

    just wanted to know what do you mean by “LONG STRUGGLE ALONG WITH TABLEEGH”.

    1. Jaweria Waheed says

      Struggle to change the system.

  49. Truthbetold says

    This is hilarious coz the ppl attacking comments on jaweria or anyone who puts forward an intellect question , could not even answer a single question i put forward..not even one person lol you tableeghi ignorants smh.

    And sher Afgan fyi i blv that thinking of establishing khilafat is just commiting a unrealistic hopeless romance with it..bruh there is a reason khilafat didnt survive..even with better and more knowledhable ppl living than us at that time..Abu Bakr ra was chosen by prophet pbuh and so was the other 3 khlaifas were hinted to be the predecessors of khilafat by prophet pbuh through his many sayings ..and sorry to break your bubble but now with numerous firka in sunni jamaat or as a whole in islam, will never let this dream hto realise, plus we hv expereienced that all these mullahs do is just propogate their own agenda so now no one has enough trust of an entire nation to succeed as a khalifa and neither the shoora that select is acceptable as it will consist of ppl that the prophet pbuh did not certify about em personally. Every one will make their own shoora and plenty of khalifas will be born..taliban khalifa, propoganda puppet isis khalifa, pmln khalifa, pti khalifa, wahabi khalifa, deobandi khalifa, braelvi khalifa and so on and forth..
    Its up to you bro if you want to stay blinded and enjoy the hopeless romance that may never happen.
    May Allah Guide us All.

  50. Shaukat says

    read your blog. It was nice to read something which touched different aspects of Islamic philosophy. As far as i have observed Moulana Tariq Jameel, he refrains from taking any type of strict interpretation on many topics. He likes to remain apolitical. Your questions basically touches on the philosophy that Islam is connected with any and all aspects of a Muslim’s life. The Moulana also states the same but in a different manner. When one starts generalizing things tend to go in very different tangents. No one can absolve accountability from Islam. Fact of the matter is Islam means total subservience to Allah SWT and follow the teachings of the Prophet SAW, whether it may be political, every day life, moral values, local customs, etc etc. Moulana Tariq Jameel tends to touch on the individual and emotional aspects of Islam. That is why you find absence of politics. If you want to view a more political version and strict interpretations then listen to Dr Zakir Naik.

  51. Shoaib says

    I liked the article and probably these might be the some of the root causes of our poor system.
    1. We don’t bother to understand Quaran rather we just like to recite few verses and get a shortcut to Jannah.
    2.Lack of Education
    3.No Implementation of law. Strict punishments should be enforced (According to Quaran) for better running of our society and reduce crime rate.We all discuss issues but we are afraid to find their solution, because we ourselves might be the first victim.
    4.We don’t want to learn good manners and ethics-main headlines of Quaran, but love to perform Hajj, 5 time Salah, and growing up a beard. Is’t it a shortcut?
    5.Lack of education
    6. …………………….
    7. …………………….
    8. No understanding of Quaran
    9. …………………….

  52. Yasir Shakoor says

    Jaweria Waheed,

    Your questions raised are good to some extent but that shows only one side of his speeches, However daring to write a point on such a character is always appreciable. I wish Molana can read your questions & answer accordingly. Raising a question & dare to answer it is always create a harmony if questioner & answerer has the wisdom enough.

  53. Khurram Shahzad says

    Very appropriate and appreciated. I wonder why we are getting oriented to Sawab, Hoor and chilla.
    Islamic gives us principles of individual life which support social equality, ethics, justice and are easily incorporated and accessible to the whole world. Being a believer of Islam, it is just not required to revolve around all, what is said by TJ sb and others.

  54. Muslim says

    You have raised very reasonable questions. But here in Pakistan people are personality worshipers. When Pakistani people like someone they keep their eyes close from his short commings. They try to defend their weaknesses. Mr. Tariq jameel never condemns even the massacre of Peshawar school properly. He didn’t speak a single word against the terrorists. He is making youth of Pakistan spineless, he wants them to be silent spectators. He has a clear inclination towards TTP. Mr. Tariq Jameel When the enemy is at the gate, hiding behind your door and doing istighfar should not be a momin’s idea. He must come out and show up. this nation is already physically obese please don’t make it mentally obese.

  55. Yaser qazi says

    Ms Jaweria.
    You have raised some nice pinching questions. Good, I had the similar questions in my mind unless I got close to jammat. And than my questions changed. Putting down my questions here would create another discussion so I restrict myself to your writing. If you answer my questions (even in your heart) you will get some information/realization to your pursuit , if at all you have that craving
    1. Why is it the fashion to question the most respected religious figures? Why not questioning people like zardari Musharraf altaf Hussain etc for the dirt they Ve spread? Or the people in power like NS, raheel sharif, dg isi etc do you think they all acting in complete perfection. Is just that we find these real religious as low flying aircrafts easy to hit nothing will follow?
    This is the real face of the nation that we can’t dare to question the threatening n strong and perform our intellectual gymnastics only where we feel ‘its alright ‘ .You have truly referenced to the need of questioning but you yourself have not done it either.
    2. What do you think was the ‘state of iman’ of people in Fatah e Makkah , Karbala etc? Weren’t they the best of their times ? So we need to build something like that and raise our voice for better, or few hooligans under the umbrella of any foreign funded cocaine addict womanizer at old age will be selected as the leader for change n on getting the power may change the country to westernized boot lickers. Why we even call such people as leaders coz of lack of iman’ n lack of real men to follow.
    3. If the best laws and rules are implemented for strict compliance in the country, who would implement the laws in true spirit? Men, people would support them. What if those are not honest? We come back to square zero change from inside is important before you go to change the outside. Changing yourself is important before you start changing the country n other s. Or you will just be using the name of change to pave your way to satisfy your power hunger n ego.
    JaxakAllah khair n apologies if I had hurt anyone s liking or beliefs

  56. Salman Khan says


    Your answer is in last statement of GB.
    Which is basic of Islam.
    Just study proper deen in the same interest as you read GB.

    Salman Khan

  57. Malik says

    Admin you are mently sick.if i am ok and not harmfull for any body and i accept the rule of ALLAH,act upon these rules then comes change. We have to become good individually to make a successfull society

  58. Nauman Ali says

    All the long debates and quarrels. Everybody blaming everybody. Talking about islam and shariah why it is limited to heaven and hell. Islam provides the best social system. Which includea the strict accountabilty as well. But we adopt islam not as a decipline but as a saviour where we get stuck like the only implementation by men is “Man is allowed to have four brides”. Women use islam as a shield after marriage as “according A woman is not bound to serve her in laws. Mulas keep their pockets hot by highlighting punishment and hell. We all are missing the whole point here. There is nothing that Islam has not defined a rule for. Man was not made for Islam Islam was made for man. It is upto us how we adopt it. And dear change always comes from an individual. It the easy way. Otherwise there are revolutions which have blood and death

  59. Mohammaf baber afzal says

    I agree to da thot xpressd by our sincere bro dat our honest n sincere friends in any part of country shud launch movemnt or compaign at evry levl to cop wid law breakrs, corrpt mafia n dishonest officials.v hv to defeat dis bankcorrupt systm by al sides.i thnk mulana s makng hs contribution by reformng indivduals bt he cant plung into blam gam directly r indirctly as he s ambitios to sho hm rite path b4 man s inflictd pnshmnt.
    Bt me strngly blv dat sm solid direct compaign wud b launchd to defeat corrupt social sustm.

  60. muhammad says

    I don’t know very much about the author
    Obviously she has asked these questions directly from Hazrat Maulana Tariq Jamil sb and only he can answer to these questions
    I don’t disagree with the writer but I feel pity for dunya news to just copy paste things just to get more views as I went through these very questions in some other post months ago I guess
    But one thing is for sure that the writer has half a knowledge about the views and preachings of Tariq Jamil sb if she goes through the essence and context of his speeches she will surely find it easy to get the answers to her queries
    May Allah bless all of us with wisdom

  61. Badar Islam says

    I asked all of the commentators that If a Traffic police on a signal is noble, kind, and shareef but he is not following the rule of law to control the traffic . Will he be able to control ? there is no doubt that Molana Sahb has done well in tablegh But it is impossible to change everyone first and then the system.
    Rule of law can change every one.

  62. Abdul Rehman says

    Hey Javeria!

    Just happened to pass by your blog and subject of course raised curiosity. Well written, i must say!

    Religion itself is open-end dilemma and i believe Mr. Tariq Jameel is doing a bit of favor as well a problem. Reason being, the mindset of FOLLOWING without your own wisdom. I think Prophet himself was very responsive and accompanying people tactically very equipped, so he probably was in position to be either on Tableegh mood or the other way around given the suggestions

    I recon Mr. Ghamdi has used better words on the issue; We need to be good to be able to select good people from our own

    Having said that, do we need religion to be good or being judged? Interestingly, people of other side (Atheist/Agnostics) are doing much better jobs in world more recently

  63. Baig says

    Respected author, I want to add the the Molana only emphasize on start of change, the base. One has to plough the field before farming. Prophet SAW didn’t start the Islamic system from the day one. First He called the people towards ALLAH, and after Fatah e Makka islamic system was implemented.

  64. Shoaib says

    Well Said Lady.
    I think that Islamic religion is a system that was gifted to us by our Prophet (PBUH).
    In order to Implement the system one has to struggle to get it right through till the end user but once its established one just has to follow it.
    A country like Pakistan has an established system, I guess (may not be the exact replication) so I believe the issues in Pakistan can only be resolved by correcting our self instead of blaming others.
    May be you can say its an evolutionary process. As we Asians, have not still gotten out of the sub continental traditions.
    These politicians rise above from within our community as they are chosen by us. Once the process of self correctness completes, and that generation comes into politics, the system will start complying with the Islamic principles.
    Or the other process is revolution which is deadly and not suitable specially in today’s scenario.
    So either wait or start creating awareness.

  65. Khurram says

    Dear Lady, It was interesting to see a religious discussion culminating on quote of “George Bernard Shaw”
    While I respect ur opinion i respectfully disagree as well. Title was carefully selected to attract the passers-by but it contains answers within.
    I think society, political systems are all human dependent.
    Please don’t confuse us, when humans dont change systems and society doesn’t change either.
    Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH was role model first, you talked of collective change so if u decipher, collective would be a group of people who have to change.
    Stay Blessed

  66. M S Yahya says

    You have asked the logical question. Problem is that they do not follow the Sunnah of The Prophet PBUH in all the aspect of Islam and confine their activities to some individuals aspects only. In this way you will have to wait till Qayamah.

  67. masood ahmad says

    Most of the comments which I read here are very depressing. An article is written about someone who no doubt is a good man but is by no means a fount of all knowledge. Why can’t people question the methods and thoughts of another without being bombarded with the claim that they don’t know what they are talking about because they are not Muslim enough.
    I don’t need to be a fanatic worshiper to use my brain to recognise what’s right for wrong.

  68. faisal says

    “praying Istighfa’r” is the cornerstone or the basic step before doing other deeds.

    If anybody is not “praying Istighfa’r” then circumstances will lead us to the situation which we have

    currently .

    So mulana actually focuses on this basic step to be right so that further coming steps are in the right way

    which also includes fight or war for islam.

    It also means that what level of faith we have on Allah. If we have strong belief on Allah then Allah talah

    will create such situations where muslim dominance will prevail.

    Sorry to say but such queries above reflects bleak iman on Allah and islam.

    Though i am not a very religious person, and does not follow islamic teaching too much, does not even pray five times regularly, does not even fast the whole month.

    But still above are my views after reading the document. thanks.

    1. Teepu Khaliq ur Rehman says

      So far the most balanced reply . Bravo and God Speed!

  69. khurram says

    Ultimate solution is just like what you have talked about in later portion in ur article and definitely moulana tariq jameel will second it bcaz it is according to islam. But sister think like that if he openly start saying this that hang or kill the rapers, politicians who do wrong ….then what we will say about him…..he is sick minded…he is promoting terrorism……so he does not do this….he focuses on building character of nation…..see what happend to iraq after sadaam hussain….he had strick control over his people and they were following a desciplined life on Danda ….after him ….they are fighting….Shia…Sunni fights…….so building a nation with character is also important besides strick rule and law

  70. Response to the supporters of Molana Tariq Jameel - Dunya Blog

    […] few questions from Moulana Tariq Jameel – an eminent religious figure – titled “May I dare ask few questions from Moulana Tariq Jameel”. The response I received was a mixed reaction including both criticism and appreciation. I […]

  71. KB says

    who among us claims to have a character as noble as the Prophet SAW and Hussain RAA?

    who among us has the courage, wisdom, selflessness and sacrifice that our elders had.

    to do a PhD from a good University, one needs to invest in oneself (time, money, effort). have we done that to improve ourselves? are we the best humans walking on the planet? are we the wisest? are we the most knowledgeable? are we experts at bringing about the change we talk about? have we taken a group of like-minded with us? have they been “trained” to support the cause? are they steadfast enough? are they wise and mature enough? do they have a character?

    so, we have neither deen nor duniya aur hum uthay hain system badalnay. let’s change ourselves, system will modify itself accordingly 🙂

    as per MTJ., if we invest in ourselves and build our characters, we will become the change you want to see. if a large group develops character, only the merit of their character will dictate the rules of society.

  72. Tahir Yousaf says

    Dear Sister, The answer of your lot of questions is one that we have to become a complete muslim , if you know my sister to be a complete muslim what i mean? Sir. Muolana Tariq Jameel always teaches to adopt the way of our Prophet (PBUH)’s life & his (PBUH)’s life is complete islam which gives complete solution of every aspect of life either it is Political, Judicial, Social , Metrimonial etc. First we should take all knowledge about a certain thing then speak for a topic. It is not my quality that i have born in a muslim family it is Allah ho has blessed me this religion . We learn formal education but you think how much we have learnt Quran , Have we made justice with it . Allah’s message is with us at our home and we forget to read it although we have degrees of all other disciplinces expect Quran. Mulana sb way of tableegh is way of islam and way of islam is solution of every problem that we are facing now a days i.e corruption, Injustice, Dishonesty etc. But first we have to start from zero then so on and learnt about islam completely along with other disciplinces. Regards, Tahir.

  73. Adan Ramzan says

    Aoa, I think you should ask these questions directly from him.
    If you are looking for answers.

    1. muhammad yahya says

      one more thing should be mentioned here just adan ramzan like brother
      Jews and Christian big scholars change theirs believes by adding good and beneficial things in religion,although thats good and helpful for common people but not acceptable for Allah
      in the name of humanity and goodness as Moulana sahib doing
      not a true picture of Islam , because this is not a Islam preaching,, any where witness in Quran and hadees. you doubt it ,,let it clear by yourself reading and understanding Quran and Hadees by yourself.
      we should follow Prophet Muhammad PBUH as he delivered,, AS IT IS,, we like it or not ,,, we understand it fully or not (due to our ignorance to Islam)
      Muslim Brothers and Sisters , please do recite and understand Quran and Hadees by yourself giving some time to it ,, only then you will come to know , what islam requires or just follow any maulana by using maulana islam not Allah Islam
      ::::::(Allah) i make it easy for everyone ,,anyone want to think and understand it (al-Quran)::::::::
      First implements rules then peoples follow it ,, proven in all aspects of life , like school , traffic, hospital,, police … every where…….
      but you peoples called it extremism ,,, very sad
      Well done Jaweria Waheed,,, very bold step you taken in pakistan society

      1. Masood Ahmad says

        Dear bro you mention that Jews and Christian scholars change their teachings for good as they see fit. You say that the hadith is the way because it is the way of our prophet. Well if you read a little Islamic history you would know that the hadiths are a collection of sayings heard by various people at different times. Lots of them were discarded when they were collated. Have you heard the phrase “Chinese Whispers”

  74. Wajih ul Hassan says

    Aoa.actully ap thek keh rahe ho k sirf istaghfar sy kam nahe chalta balkay aik tehrek ki b zaroorat hy . Effort ki b bht zaroorat hy .. magr kuch haad tak ma tariq jamil sab sy b itefaq karta hun k pehly apny ap ko badla jai . Lakin yeh nahe k apny ap ko badal kar hm beth jain balkay system ko change karny k lia b hum efforts karain jo k wo nahe karty…masla yeh hy k un k nazdek deen aur politics alag chezain hn halan k yeh ghalat hy…politics to actually awam ki falah o behbud ka nam hy…jo k Hazrat Abu baker o Umar (r.a) na ki hy…
    Jab tak hum istaghfar n sath khud efforts nahe karain gay to yeh system change hony wala nahe hy.
    Rasool e Akram (S.A W ) na b makkah ma pehly logun k kirdar ko change kia directly wahan changes nahe laien balky pehly apny ap ko logun na change kia phr 8 hijri ko nikly.

  75. Shoaib Ahmed says

    Dearest Sister!

    Very change and very positive blog from you hope some body proceed your blog in front of Tariq Jamil sahab so he reply you because no doubt he is the master of reply and stratification.

    One thing you said Tariq Jamil sahab only giving solution of Astag’far, kindly understand the hidden meaning of astag’far means STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING SAY SORRY TO ALLAH AND DO WHAT ALLAH TELLS YOU TEACH YOU THROUGH HIS FOLLOWERS. ASTAF’FAR not only means to do what ever and just say sorry sorry but do nothing else ALLAH clears says as IQBAL makes that message in his poetry “Kabi bhi taqdeer nahi badalti jab tak ap khud taqdeer na badlain”

  76. muhammad yahya says

    assalm-o-alikum all brothers and sisters

    Jaweria Waheed , well done to show the mirror to concerned,i don’t know you sister, but your appearance is telling that you are not a extremist ,, but you will be very surprised to know ,, all extremist or very much involved in islam (reader of quran and hadees ) also asked him , if he is a follower of prophet , then this is not a way he told,, in simple answer
    FISRT to mention here ,,, no one is more better or guider then my prophet MUAHMMAD pbuh … in 13 years of preaching just 200-300 become muslim ,, then how can an ordinary follower do it by just preaching.
    and when an islamic society was formed then just in 08 years Arab peninsula became muslim, because people witness the benefit of islam and are impressed.
    simple question , y do we implement traffic rules to regulate it ,, if we say please just make yourself correct then does the traffic system become correct for all?,, never ever come true
    if traffic cannot controlled by this then how come a system of humanity implement without rules and regulations

    once again well done , you did best of your work with truth and courage
    this is reality you try to exposed

  77. muhammad yahya says

    Dear Masood Ahmad
    yes its true Hadees are collections of some Sahaba ,, in previous time ,, many fake including with original ,, thats why only Sahee Bukhari is most correct Hadees book as all facts with Sahaba references available ,,as you said many discard at the collection time of sahee bukhari
    beside it,, Quran mainly fulfill required information ,,as discussed in article
    so Quran is safe as Allah claims ,, so go through Quran for your own knowledge ,,,
    need further information ,, Sahee Bukhari,, is available for best of Hadees
    but need to learn and understand Quran by ourselves as Allah said in Quran.

  78. KAY KAY says

    AM I WRONG ?????/


      Yes, totally wrong. You know nothing about them. Please spend time and do some research.

  79. Muhammad Haris Waqar says

    I totally agree with you Ms. Jaweria Waheed. Actually system develops from society and society develops from family and family develops from us (every individual in family). So what we have to do is we have to improve ourselves and our family in the form of honesty.

    Actually there is a universal law:

    “Whatever you give to the universe it will come back to you”
    “Give respect take respect”
    “Honesty is the best policy”
    “You Sow You Reap”

    Time to think in a positive way.

    Muhammad Haris Waqar

  80. M Rizwan says

    I would like to advise you to see Molana personally and get clarification. When a person shows up personally and seeks knowledge this shows good etiquette.
    Secondly Molana work can’t be understood unless a person spends time with males’ jamat or females’ jamat. spending of this time got all your answers.
    I am also unhappy with the editor of this blog who didn’t publish my comments I made earlier.

  81. Naveed says

    I like Maulana sb. speeches but your article is good and Iqbal covered it in his poetry like:
    “Nikal Kar Khankhahon Sey Ada Kar Rasm-e-Shabbiri”

  82. Hanzla awan says

    I think you are barelvi that,s why talking that way about him

    1. Naveed Anjum says

      I really respect maulana sb and my comments are same for Mr.Ilyas Qadri sb. ☺
      This is not your fault hanzala our society have made up our mind like this.

  83. Fazal Ahmad From Sargodha says

    I want to ask a question sir. when a man retires from any service, he gets a handsome amount .if this amount is deposited in qoumi bachat scame and man gets some amount every month. his basic amount is safe.May I know the amount which he gets every month is halal or it is haram (sood) . Because it is fix amount like sood.

  84. ayesha says

    Assalaum-u-Alailum. My friends husband died on 5th March 2018 on Monday. When will her iddah end?


    Dear Jaweria Waheed,
    Though I also do not entirely agree with TablegeJamat and its approach, but, merely just strict laws, and or constitution cannot guaranty a dazzling society, the very reason is, it needs the society itself to implement it, unless we as a nation do not develop the sense to be ruled by law.
    Your argument about corrupt people of our society when go abroad where rule of law is taken seriously they also follow it the same way, is basically a number game, or we can say the democracy of more good vs bad ones, there more people as a society have surrendered allegiance to rule of law, so a few black sheep from abroad will not change the chemistry.
    We as a nation never educated ourselves, when I say educated it absolutely does not mean engineers, doctors, and other professionals, we have a lot of them and mainly they are the one who is ruling elite and quite often foreign-educated, I mean the education which polishes character, creates the sense of wrong versus right and which ignites the spirit of fair and just struggle.
    As per my interaction with society I found we are generally absolutely ignorant of the term education, on the contrary we consider corruption as a skill, so, there the Moulana is quite right unless we do not work on ourselves to build the right character till then the rules, laws and constitution are just fancy words without a soul.

  86. Muhammad Usman says


    I think the question which has been raised by Miss, Javeria , is valid. She is not against the teaching of Molana Tariq Sab, she only raised a point on which we all have to ponder over. The fact is, to ISTAGHFAR, is necessary to seek Allah’s pleasure, when HE will be pleased, HE bestows HIS blessings and Support us. It is not the teaching of Islam, to do ISTAGHAFAR only and set idle but Keep doing ISTAGHFAR and struggling simultaneously to get ALLAH’s help and support. And if we collectively successful in getting ALLAH’s help and support by doing ISTAGHFAR then no power will defeat us in spreading of Islam. May be when molana sab was addressing he was much worried about the miss deeds of Ummah, Therefore he stressed only on ISTAGHFAR, Being an educated and sensible we should pick the golden words then ponder over them and do the best rightfully. “You have to make the world honest before you honestly tell your children that honesty is the best policy”. This practice, we all are ought to do, for I think it will take almost a century to root out the wrong beliefs and miss deeds from our lives, we should be very careful in bring our children up, for unconsciously we are teaching our children to lie, how? for instance, sometime we are at home and somebody knocks at the door, we ask our kids, go and tell that papa is not at home, sometime we are talking on phone and telling that “I am out of City, while we are staying at home”, it is common, but should not to be.
    Have you ever noticed, that, we all have a very soft corner for our” Maqboza Kashmiri brothers and sisters” but when on EID or any other festival any indian movie releases there is a jam pack in Cinema Halls, “Stop cheating own-selves”, Do not consider that Pakistan has four Provinces but Consider it as a house of four rooms where we all live together, if there is fire in a room and no body goes to put our the fire assuming that it is a duty of the very next room mates then the whole house will be on fire soon. Come and make such platform where we collectively fight against the anti islamic forces and do something the best for our country, for ourselves, for our children and for our graves. I am Muhammad Usman not belongs to any political party, doing job in Concordia College, and yet working alone for the well being of society from the platform of “Pak Union” Anyone who wants to do something better for the country as per Islamic values may contact me at 0321-6573845 or May ALLAH keep us safe and strengthen us to abide by our Holy Deen…Ameen.

  87. M Zahid says

    AoA, sorry for the late comment. well, I would like to say .. understanding the meaning of correct our deeds is the only way to success in this world and here after ,if oneself thinks himself obedient of Allah ( swt) would not lead him to make a good system or become a good ruler in the eyes of islam unless he/she starts offering what islam said and whats islam advice. doing the vice versa will definitely raise and have been raised people of corruption and typical inhuman nature & culture.

  88. Syed Omer says

    Ms Jaweria… Assalamualaikum you have put forward something interesting o think nd ponder over however Your questions/ grevience require expert attention… I dont think im that expert… but can only share my thoughts and experience/s.

    Tableegh jamaat is a social organisation whose focus is to make people aware of their Deeni obligations and hence focus primarily on being a good muslim and a good human being.

    Your argument that Huzoor (Saw) brought in political order and then that order was restored and flourished for 14 centuries. Unfortunately most muslims (including me) are unaware of the beautiful way of life that our Noble prophet Huzoor (Saw) brought and we the muslims of today Lacking basic islamic knowledge to fulfill our duties as a banda, ummati, father, mother, brother, neighbor, citizen and also responsibilities of fellow human being… and therefore Muslims across are bearing the consequences of current and past mistakes.

    To put it in genric terms we are unaware of Allah kay Huqooq aur Insaan kay Huquuq. The objective of tableeg is to make people aware of these responsibilities and help people to set their lives in order rather to cause any turbulence to political life of a already turbulent political society of this day be it of any country… In short Tableeg (in my opinion) wants stable people who are aware of dunya and akhira and lead a.pious life to the best of his or her abilities and lead a simple Life that’s rewarding in this world or in thr hereafter… Jazaak illahi khair . Allah hum sabko sahi samaj ataa karay.

  89. Soghat Javed says

    Aslamualikum mufti sahab. Mein ek 22 saal ki parhi likhi larki hun,
    mere mama papa ne 17 saal ki umar mein meri mangni krdi thi mere khala ke
    bete se, us waqt ma choti thi to mjhe itni smjh nahi thi or meine kehdia ke
    jisme ap ki khushi , is rishtay ma sab khush thay abhi bhi sab khush hain,
    siwaaye mere. Larka bht acha hai hafiz e Quran hai, shareef hai. Lekin mujhe
    koi or pasnd haii. 2 saal se mujhe ek larka pasnd hai bht zyada. Shadi krna
    chahtay hain hum. Maa baap ko ghr ma btadia hai ke mujhe khala ke bete se
    nahii balke us sy shadi krni hai jo mere sth parhta hai. Ghr waley kisi surat
    nahi maan rahey. Mein nahi chahti ke mein esa koi qadam uthaun jis se unki
    izzat pe koi baat aaye.. wo log isliye wo mangni nh torh rahe ke khandan
    walon se toot jaenge. Mufti sahab kya apni pasnd ka izhar krna koi naa
    farmaanii hai? Ya mangni torhna koi gunah? Mujhe is surat e haal ma kya karna
    chahye ?

  90. Waqasahmed says

    God or Allah send me in this world without my permission without ask me so why I have pain in my life
    Every where every one just crying
    Why ???
    Is he enjoy when people cry even he is the one to send us we did ask him to send here
    Owner must be take care his employees

  91. Zarq says

    Is it gunah to be single?

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