Edhi – Messiah of the masses

If there was a scale to determine devotion and respect rightfully earned by an individual in this country of ours, Abdul Sattar Edhi would be on top of it by all means.

Edhi was a man who lived an exceedingly simple yet elegant life. The thought of spending a few thousand to influence his unorthodox way of living from the many millions he collected through funds for his charity organisation each year never occurred to him.

He was a person who strived day and night to bring ease in the lives of thousands of suffering men, women and children while compromising on his own health and well-being – and never once complained about it to anyone.

He neither enquired about the religion, the belief, the faith of those he ever had to treat and comfort nor was he ever bothered about their skin-tone, their poor financial conditions and related information. Serving humanity for him was an obligation; a task bestowed upon him by none other than God alone to inspire the best of His creations who walked upon His land while living a life He granted them yet were so busy in plotting against one another.

Edhi served as guardian to thousands of children who were abandoned by their parents out of reasons which he was never interested in knowing about. If a baby was placed in an Edhi jhoola in any one of the many Edhi centres operating around the country, it was up-to Abdul Sattar Edhi and his organisation to ensure the upbringing of the child in the best manner they were able to afford.

From running the largest ambulance service in the world to operating a massive network of rehabilitation centres along with looking after the child-care centres and several hospitals, Edhi’s services to the many mentally and physically distressed ones in Pakistan weretruly heroic as the organisation that had its inception from a tiny dispensary in Karachi currently ran hundreds of Edhi centres across the country.

Working along with his wife, Bilquis, Abdul Sattar Edhi was immensely successful in spreading his message of love, peace and care towards humanity across Pakistan. His charity services are parallel to none other in the country.

In an age when old men usually prefer lying around in the bed all day, reading the paper, occasionally having a chit-chat with their grandchildren and having their meals and medicine on time, Abdul Sattar Edhi himself made frequent public appearances, asking for donations for his organisation – an attempt of asking from us all: ‘If an old man like me is at his toes at this stage of life to make sure somebody else would be at peace, what’s your excuse of putting public service behind your back?’

A true gem of a person, Abdul Sattar Edhi may no longer be with us but let his work serve as an inspiration for us all to work in harmony for the uplifting of our feeble, afflicted and grief-struck society. Let us forget individual differences and join hands to ensure a better future for our coming generations as Edhi has taught us that religion, caste, colour and creed matter not when it comes to saving the life of a person.

To carry on with his mission of loving humanity and helping others to live a better life would be, in my opinion, the best way of bringing peace to the soul of Abdul Sattar Edhi – Messiah of the masses.

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