Top 12 Fragrances: Ramazan 2016

The blessed month of Ramazan has begun and Muslims across the world cherish the associated perks. The religious harmony is on the rise and congregational prayers are being offered.

As I walk across the mosque hall, a whiff of extraordinary scent reminisces my aesthetic sense of smell. Something really not cheap; ecstatic. As I proceed to the ablution area, a puff of air comprising of pleasant oudh resonates with my spiritual existence.

Here is a compilation of 12 favorite Perfumes/Colognes a man needs to adorn this summers specially long lasting enough to enchant through the 20 Rakah Taraweeh in the evening.

1. Givenchy Gentlemen Only: Only de Givenchy, is consistent in smell. Deep and intense woody character is provided by the heart of cedar, patchouli and vetiver. The base captures incense and animalistic notes.

2. 1976 Aramis & Company: A vintage fragrance for classy men.

3. Drakkar Noir: This is a classic men’s cologne liked by our superstar Fawad Khan.

4. Hermes: Find your perfect scent, if you are classic and elegant. Dedicated to serving noble men across the globe.

5. Eternity: I can not help think of high-school every time I smell Eternity. Eternity is classified as a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance.

6. Paul Smith Portrait: A woody spice scent is a British label. Portrait for Men is a woody – spicy scent with musky finish.

7. 4711 Colonia: Carries wonderfully vitalizing effect of its secretly selected ingredients and essential oils.

8. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille: True manly vibes as you put it on. A rich, spicy fragrance.

9. Reiss Black Oudh: No man has just one single outfit in his wardrobe, so why just one Eau de Toilette.

10. Jean Paul Gaultier: A.k.a JPG has a sharp oriental woody fragrance.

11. 1 Million: Mellow and good for early Sehri mobs.

12. Burberry: Iconic mellow tune for late aftaars.

The etiquette is to pull off a certain quantity of fragrance in the morning which may not feel pungent later in the evening.

The idea of Ramazan is moderation so make sure you do not go against the basic principles of conservation.

Spread the flora and cherish the memoirs as you create them by selecting one or multiple of perfume options provided this Ramazan.


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