Strange names of our TV dramas

It’s been a long while that I read an interesting story in children’s magazine, the writer narrated that once when she was immersed in watching TV, her elder sister interrupted and asked her the name of the play. The writer was annoyed but replied with the word “khamoosh” but that mere word was enough to welcome the wrath of her grandmother who was sitting beside her.

Her grandmother gave her a smack on the back, for she was angry that the new generation was ignoring the true manners to talk with their elders but once the crying writer explained that “khamoosh” was only the name of the play, the grandmother regarded the name of the play nothing more than a stupid work from a writer.

Unlike the writer of that story, I’m not very fond of watching dramas but these days when there’s a bombardment of plays on television, I can’t help noticing the concept and names of different plays.

The world is changing and so our concepts and terminologies. Mustansar Hussain Tarar once wrote that in his childhood the word ‘yaar’ was considered something very bad. He explained that as a child he had that imagination of the word that a person named ‘yaar’ always appeared as someone whose hair were long and oily and his face looked evil but with the passage of time the concept related to the word got changed. Tarar further wrote that these days he himself called his children by ‘yaar’.

Perhaps it’s more like a show of an intimacy between friends and that reminds me of the play named ‘Mera yaar mila day’ which is being aired these days on television.

I’m sure that the word ‘yaar’ has been used in its true sense here.

It’s only been yesterday that I was watching an old PTV play named “Ek hasrat-e-tameer” and found the name quite tough. In the absence of any glamour, the scenes seemed long. Thus, yawning, I changed the channel and was enjoying another drama when my elder sister from the kitchen asked the name of the play. I stuttered for a second and looking at my mother who was busy reading a book. I looked back towards the TV screen and mumbled, “it’s besharam”…

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