Sadiq Khan’s victory and our identity crisis

Mr. Sadiq Khan became the first Muslim mayor of London and this news was broken as a major headline especially on Pakistani media as his father was a Pakistani immigrant bus driver. Looking closely at the tempo of information storming, there was a feeling as if a Pakistani has won London Mayor-ship. Sentences like “Englishmen used to rule whole world from London but now its biggest ruler will be of Pakistani origin” were a norm. Such news about achievements of Pakistani origin or dual nationality persons are greatly highlighted in our media and some people cheer such triumphs as their own victories. But do such accomplishments really mean anything to us?

In the past, famous British boxer Amir Khan’s successes have been treated as if a Pakistani had won whereas in reality he was representing Britain for all his fights. Many take the professional success of British singer Zayn Malik integrated with popular looks/style as a Pakistani hit due to his Pakistani background. Similar celebrations have been noted while dual nationals such as Ms Sharmeen Obaid-Chenoy and Ms Nergis Mavalvala achieved their respective milestones.

Coming back to Sadiq Khan, can anybody please review his manifesto and figure out what good he is going to do for Pakistan being a London mayor?  How does Pakistan benefit from him being a London mayor? If the answer is NOTHING; then why and what are we celebrating for him? He will surely be working to raise the living standards of Londoners as their elected representative; not for Karachi or Quetta.

In the midst of many of my friends and acquaintances getting foreign nationalities and existing dual nationals, I have observed the nationality crisis and other things tied with it.  How can anybody be loyal to Pakistan and any other country at the same time; there are pauses and uncertainties while you discuss various interlinked ideological, moral and social factors with Pakistani Americans or British Pakistanis etc. The condition of the next generation is more miserable as they get disconnected from Pakistani society and the foreign society never accepts them completely. Individuals use their foreign passport status on their CVs to attract employers and keep Pakistani passports also as an option when and wherever required. I firmly believe that Pakistan must BAN dual nationality to avoid such confusion and clearly define Pakistani citizenship criterion. You’re a Pakistani or you are a foreigner, nothing dual nothing mixed/in between; a clear approach will resolve many things for sure.

The purpose of writing this article is certainly not to devalue the achievements of Sadiq Khan and such others but to seriously reconsider if we are celebrating a real thing? The main question is why people leave Pakistan and run behind other nationalities? What factors in Pakistan stops people to magnify their true potential? Why not correct our own system so that these brilliant individuals do not run behind other nationalities and bring such a time where there are no suffixes or prefixes to success stories; a time to celebrate genuine Pakistanism. Instead of celebrating such individuals whose forefathers once belonged to Pakistan and now their offspring are satisfying western interests; why not glorify our very own heroes who do not search for other passports and put all their energies to raise our Sabz Halali (Green flag) only?

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  1. Imran Khan says

    You should be ashamed of writing such non-sense close minded-illeterate things in your blog. Sadiq is a practicing muslim and Pakistani through , he is showing a true Muslim idealogy which your Mullah’s and Pakistani corrupt leaders are tarnishing. Every muslim should be proud of Sadiq.

    Before asking such question why do not you answer yourself, why are you working in Foreign company, just a hypocrate!

    Today, I feel ashamed to call myself Pakistani, because of illeterates like you, corrupt Pakistani leaders and Mullahs. At least go and read Quran or your Iqbal to understand what is Islam.

    To DunyaNews management please at least read your blogs and edit-delete such things which are not good.

  2. sahi says

    Whatever the author has written is absolutely correct. Desis have no right to go gaga over the achievements of foreign residents. They never care for the intrests of they fellow beings back home nor will they vouch for their intrests in their chosen country of residence.

  3. Sultan Shah says

    First read and understand what is written mate Imran Khan Sahib…I am a proud overseas genuine Pakistani working abroad considering myself as embassador of my country first before anything else…the language you have used in your comment is not even worth replying.TC!

    1. mk. Bokhari says

      What kind of patriot Pakistani are you; as you have stated about yourself “Madly in Love with Pakistan; Karachi-based Civil Engineer working for a private firm in Qatar nowadays”. I assume that you have got your Civil Engineer degree from Pakistan? First of all what have you done for Pakistan the answer is nil. So what is the difference is in between you and Sadiq Khan’s father who migrated to Briton, and you as well migrated to Qatar for better future, but unfortunately Qatar does not offer citizenship, and Briton does, otherwise your future generation could have become Qatari prince or so on, now sadiq khan’s father migrated to briton, and his son became London’s mayor. According to Sadiq Khan “I am a proud Muslim, and a Proud Pakistani. So please do not feel jealous if he has achieved something that you have not. Most of of our politicians live abroad invest abroad, rule Pakistan so who is better Asif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif Altaf Hussain or General Pervez????????

  4. Sohail Anwar says

    just think about it what are you doing in Qatar why not you come here and do your part with Pakistan the thing is that Qatar will not give you nationality thats why you are disappointed for that i am sure if they give you nationality you will accept is very happily i am mechanical engineer i did not get job for almost year but still not thinking to leave my country if you love your country then do it with full heart not in the middle of something i proud my country and i will take proud of any Pakistani no matter if he is living in country or not

  5. faizan Afzal says

    Absolutely right author…… i have seen people working abroad start cursing their country this is so this is so but never tried to contribute in the development of the country……. People should be ashamed of them self instead of the country. If you cant do anything stop blaming…….as far as Sadiq sb is concerned he is Londoner and will work for the beneficent of the people over there so we need not to trumpet on this victory……..if he is showing true ideology of Muslims then i think we should start visiting temples for all rituals as he done…..

  6. sahani says

    How USA elected Mr OBAMA as their president and in last 8 yrs we see how convert muslims in each nation rising up and destroying own race and nation they live . Under his presidency we see all convert muslims are moving to peaceful areas to create problems . Soon Mayor of London a convert muslim ( check his DNA not an arab ) will show his true color and his polices how converts in London spread all over to create terror and destruction.
    I never find any muslim specially converts has a good brain to bring peace any where. Mostly Convert muslims are used by arabs to destroy their own land.


    I agree and disagree with the article. Sultan Shah is right that there is nothing to celebrate by Pakistanis about Sadiq’s achievement as Mayor of London when he has not even said a word in praise of Pakistan. We however shall yet wait a bit to see his comments and/or reaction towards Pakistanis passion towards him. Amir Khan on the other hand is different, as he has shown his belonging to Pakistan by many of his actions and speeches. Do you think stripping off a nationality from dual nationals would increase patriotism? Many Pakistanis are even changing religion to get foreign nationality, and some tear away their passports after landing abroad. Yes true Pakistanis are those who stay in there and reject to leave Pakistan despite getting opportunities abroad, unlike me and Mr. Shah…

  8. Faiz A Noor says

    We should regard overseas Pakistanis as an asset. They will invest in their motherland when there is genuine democracy and rule of law. Overseas Chinese helped China to make rapid progress during the last 60 years.

  9. Rizwan says

    Being a dual national myself, I agree with the author that Pakistani media should highlight its own hero’s that are doing good in Pakistan, OR, people from outside whether Pakistan or non-Pakistani doing actually something “tangibly” good for Pakistan, like building a school or hospital etc. I know as myself I send money to Pakistan, but really I ask all dual Pakistanis myself are we “really” more better than the “actual” people that go through Pakistan’s hardship and are making a difference?…Should I be glorified for sending money or being the mayor of say Toronto and just having a Pakistani background. How many time do we see a British, American or Canadian people celebrating there nationals work outside at such a scale as we do. The question of weather the author himself is outside or not is a bit irrelevant.

  10. Sultan Shah says

    Well I would not respond to some sarcastic remarks here. If you read last para of this blog then u will find out its not degrading Sadiq khan or any othet dual national. Dual national are using this option because its there to use.I am mainly concerned about the useless celebration and happiness upon Sadiq Sahibs win.

    As far as personal comments I would say that there is a huge difference in between a simple overseas Pakistani and a Dual national and Pakistani descent people. Many overseas Pakistanis including myself are supporting their families,sending foriegn exchange, representing bright face of pk. and also getting back with quality work experience to serve Pak. Dual nationality has always been unclear. At one place Pk allows it and at the other any dual national can not take any high official designation in Pk; what is this??? Plus ideologically, In Pakistan supermacy is of Allah (also written in constitution) but in Western countries supermacy is of Queen and liberal values. How can one be loyal to Allah and sign dual nationality containing anti islamis laws? Thats why i have questioned this…India(our enemy) takes lead here as it does not allow dual citizenship.

    Another will behind wrting this piece is to raise voice for getting closer to such environment where Pakistani need not to migrate anywhere…All of us can start this change process without waiting for any XYZ leader coming in power…

  11. Nasir A. Bukhari,Miami,Fl says

    In my opinion, most of the people in Pakistan, ( having never been exposed to European or American socities ) don’t really understand why people coming here on any visas other than immigration , right away try to change their status to a national. The same misunderstanding pervades this article. The author thinks we change nationalities because all of a sudden, upon our arrival here we somehow discover JESUS or wine or Pork and apply for US citizenship whereas the actual reason ( in most cases) is because we are Economic refugees. Unless and until you become a citizen here, you cannot sponsor kith and kin to immigrate over here. It makes it relatively easy to buy houses, finance your businesses and establish yourselves here. when one acquires the US citizenship by sacrificing one’s Pakistani citizenship , one is paving the way for hundreds in the future to come over here and live and earn without having to acquire Euorpean citizenship. Just to give you my example, I got US citizenship about 50 years ago and now almost hundred people are here because of that one economic refuge ( First five siblings and parents, then the siblings’ spouces and their spouces siblings and their parents and now grandchildren’s and their spouces.) all very much Pakistanis and we are proud of their achievements as Pakis.

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