Biological weapons and today’s world – Are we safe?

Science has benefited mankind to a great extent since its origin. Without scientific discoveries and theories, life we seek to spend today wouldn’t have been possible. Biology of living things is a basic necessity for understanding the possibility of life and the way all the processes are going on in living beings which make them able to go on. While the biological studies aided the mankind in scientific breakthroughs for providing benefits, it, on the other hand, was also used in a negative way. Like every rope has two ends, everything in this world also has two sides – the beneficial one, and the harmful one.

Biological weapons are one example of the harmful aspects of the biological sciences. Biological weapons refer to the living harmful entities like viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. These entities may produce toxins or may cause biological process disruption by blocking vital organs resulting in the death of the host.

First ever biological weapon started to be used in 400 BC where people, during battles, used to dip the arrow heads in the blood of the animal carcass and often that blood was mixed with other decomposing materials. Such arrows used to kill enemies within a matter of hours after painful sufferings. The trend of biological warfare then spread around the world. With the passage of time, the trend caught more heat and human beings started to devastate each other using unnoticeable warfare agents. Soldiers and common citizens who suffered from an infectious disease were utilized as weapons for the invading enemy. Plague and smallpox were the most used sources of bringing down the enemies in medieval times.

Today in Pakistan, many common fatal diseases originate from almost nowhere. Anthrax is a bacterial disease that kills domestic animals like cattle, goats, sheep, etc. This disease remains undetected and one of the major symptoms of that disease is the sudden death of the animals. Such animals are buried immediately for avoiding the spread of bacteria to humans, but once caught by humans, the result is death only, as it remains undetected. Bacillus Anthracis is the bacterium responsible for this disease and it is common in Balochistan province. This anthrax is an ancient and by far the most common biological weapon to weaken the enemy from within. It has been used in World War I and II and is still a common weapon.

Biological weapons are nowadays being commonly used in wars mostly by economically stable countries. Many new diseases, fatal for mankind, keep on originating from, again, nowhere. I think you can figure it out for yourselves.

All those diseases, not only the human diseases but also the plant and animal diseases, the end result of which is only death, have their links with the products of labs. Why do you think, when new epidemic outbreaks in any country, only some international companies come up with a cure for that epidemic? AIDS, Hepatitis, Anthrax, Rabies etc., one may see them as natural diseases but why these diseases didn’t originate before? They might have been developed in some unknown labs, you may never know. It all now depends on how you see this world around you. It’s you now who have to decide that whether to expose such acts or to bury them.

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